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½ January 17, 2013
What impressed me to start with was all the name actors - Nicholas Cage, Samuel Jackson, Helen Hunt, etc. You are alternately distressed at the hopelessness of fighting organized crime and hope for the hero.
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½ January 9, 2012
A whole host of great actors that were so much younger and greener in 1995. David Caruso plays an excellent part as a informant to a Distrait Attorney, and who he is informing on is a tough Little Junior Brown (Nicolas Cage, mean while he's putting up with the cop who was shot in a prior crime Samuel L Jackson, Plenty of action and very well written for a 1995 movie that is worth watching more then once. 4 1/2 stars
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½ September 28, 2009
An overlooked and underrated thriller with a great cast and some memorable lines.
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½ March 5, 2007
Forget the other well known actors in this film, this is a David Curuso film, with the smaller parts being played by others. Curuso himself plays quite a good role, unfortunately I think Nick Cage ruined this film, his attempt at playing the pshycho, was less than believable and he just looked like a corny action star.
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February 6, 2007
Remake of the classic forties noir, but this aptly titled version is probably more famous for being the first David Caruso's big screen looked okay.
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½ May 29, 2007
A rather run of the mill thriller that could've worked if Caruso wasn't the lead. He's not THAT bad, but he's just so "made for TV"...but it has got some decent moments, mainly involving Nicolas Cage's enjoyably psychotic gangster.
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February 17, 2007
Excellent thriller with a great lead cast. Cage is brilliant in his role.
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½ December 28, 2006
Don't bother yourself with this one. Stick with Victor Mature and Richard Widmark.
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November 16, 2006
Caruso killed this movie before Cage could save it. Cage is great but the movie isn't.
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August 29, 2008
Utterly boring and stupid. Seriously this film was going nowhere and was just dragging everything on. Crap and overused storyline. What a shame, there were a few good actors in here. And Nicholas Cage for once developed his character, as all his others are the same, unlike this time.
Don't bother wasting 2 hours of your life on this crap, unless you have absolutely nothing to do.
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September 27, 2006
This flick was actually geniunely fun to watch. All the actors were great, but I must say that Cage was the most entertaining. He was both scary and ridiculous as Little Junior, and had me at the edge of my seat wondering what he was going to do next whenever he came on screen. Jackson was also good as the hardened cop, and it was interesting to see him go from hating Caruso's character to actually considering him a friend. The flick also spanned quite a few years and went from one spectrum to almost the complet opposite in terms of story. I wasn't expecting that, but it was a pleasant surprise. This is not a great movie per se, but it's definitely worth at least one viewing if you like cop/criminal interaction.
½ April 2, 2013
After seeing all of the good reviews below, I may have to check this one out again. It may have been overhyped at the time because Caruso was just coming off of leaving NYPD Blue.
January 29, 2009
Tries to be tough, but just misses. Only effective when the feds start to screw over Caruso & family. Otherwise kind of a waste of cast.
½ August 13, 2008
Should be reloaded and put back on the cineplex local venues...reveals dimensions of Caruso's not seen as in this roller coaster ride of a movie
February 23, 2008
So Carusos choices were: Stay with NYPD BLUE, the #1 cop show at the time....OR star in mediocre movies that should've been straight to dvd??? He made the right choice.
February 5, 2008
I know, I know. Go ahead and make fun of David Caruso, but this is one of Nic Cage's best performances.

Jr.....a psycho killer thug. With asthma. Yeah, that's what I thought too.
June 19, 2007
Decent cop movie i will give it that. Nicolas Cage honestly doenst make a good gangsta...see Face/Off. Still worth seeing on a day off from work on a weekday.
May 6, 2007
I seen this one quite a few times.I like David Caruso and he is pretty good in this,Cage is Awesome as usual.
February 6, 2007
This is the movie that David Caruso left NYPD BLUE to pursue his illustrious movie career. It had moments of being OK.
½ December 6, 2006
Great performances can't save this unfortunate remake of one of the best film noirs around. Too bad, since Barbet Schroeder is a very good director.
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