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½ November 30, 2015
On the surface Casino has it all. Scorsese, Deniro, Pesci, the mafia, and Las Vegas. That's a recipe for a sure fire classic movie. That would most likely be true if Scorsese did not make Goodfellas a few years earlier. Casino is a good movie with the classic Scorsese touch to it, along with good performances by Deniro and Pesci. Lets just be honest here, Joe Pesci is playing the same exact role in Casino as he did in Goodfellas 5 years earlier. Goodfellas earned him an Oscar statue so I guess they figured why not, right? Regardless Pesci is once again the standout. his character being totally ruthless and insane, yet funny enough to make you laugh. (Especially a hilarious scene with a banker) Casino does however go from a fun movie to flat out annoying by the time it is over, mostly due to Sharon Stone. Not that Sharon Stone was a bad choice to play this role, or that is was her fault, she is only acting what they write and how they want her to act. But seriously, by the end of the movie your almost happy that she's gone. Her character is a scheming out of control women who is spiraling out of control because of drug addiction. By the end of the movie you are just thinking to yourself " Will you please just kill her already" I swear the last hour of the movie all she does is scream at the top of her lungs while crying, its really relentless and annoying and almost ruins the film actually. Just watch Goodfellas instead and be satisfied with that.
August 10, 2015
liked it in theater when it came out.
December 31, 2010
It's starts off with a lot of promise but ends up being a crockpot full of Scorsese's greatest hits mixed with an overdone ending straight out of The Godfather. DeNiro is amazing here as is Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. I enjoyed Don Rickles and James Woods as well. Scorsese's direction is always great but with this movie being five years after Goodfellas, I felt like it was just the same style all over again with the voice over narration to the long tracking shots through the casino. The music is perfect, the art direction, cinematography, sound, costumes, and screenplay were all great but it just felt like it wasn't trying to do anything new to the genre. There was a lot of meat that could have been shed off of this 3 hour movie that may of helped the overall quality of the movie
March 5, 2015
Gold. Just gold. Scorsese lands another perfect film next to Goodfellas and The Aviator. If any other director was billed on this picture, it would be hailed as a classic and genius, but since it's a Scorsese film, its casually overlooked as too long and to familiar. For me, it's the farthest thing from it.
½ January 5, 2008
Glimrende gangster/ægteskabsdrama i Scorseses velkendte pseudodokumentariske stil med baggrund i 80'ernes betændte Vegas-miljø. Nok Sharon Stones bedste præstation. Man kan undre sig over, at selve filmen ikke blev nomineret til en Oscar,
September 18, 2015
I was not all that impressed with casino at all where Robert Deniro plays a gambling handicapper who is asked to run a las vegas casino I was impressed with Robert Deniros and Don Rickles performances but was not impressed with the performances of Joe Pesci,Sharon Stone and James Woods I would expect casino to be with whose in it and where it is set but its totally the opposite goodfellas was way better
½ November 6, 2008
Watched that film for the first time at the movies when it came out although i was underage my father took me with him and we had a blast.
First incursion in the world of Martin Scorsese, i have never forgotten the beauty of Sharon Stone & the performances bigger than life of Robert De Niro & Joe Pesci.
To this day i think this film is probably one of my favourite of all time, the direction is impeccable, the scenario fantastic, the whole cast amazing & the soundtrack is incredible.
Simply a great motion picture indeed!
½ September 2, 2015
Another gem in Scorsese's immensely masterful filmography; the one thought that raced through my mind at the conclusion of this masterpiece was, "Scorsese doesn't make movies. Scorsese makes films." From the brilliant acting, to the seamless editing and integration of voice-over, this film captivated me from the start. And by the time it was over, I was shocked to realise Scorsese had once again made three hours feel like two.

Of course, special props must be given to the actors in this film, De Niro in particular. A virtual chameleon, De Niro once again disappears into this role until I no longer saw an actor, I saw Sam Rothstein, head of an up-and-coming Las Vegas casino. Hell, even the supporting cast were on their A-game. Casino is yet another example of a fine piece of cinema, and another reason as to why Martin Scorsese may possibly be the greatest director of all time.
September 28, 2014
Great film but something was a bit off. this film did and didn't feel like a Scorsese film.
Apart from its direction the film felt like it was trying to be goodfellas.
July 5, 2015
Almost three hours of just pure entertainment. Another legendary pairing of Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.
½ September 29, 2006
150704: Ah, mafia movies. My brother's favourites. Myself, sometimes I'm in the mood, sometimes not. I've seen this film before and each time I've seen it, it's left me a little flat. Not sure why.
½ July 29, 2011
"For guys like me, Vegas washed away your sins. It's like a morality car wash."

If you've seen Goodfellas, this movie is somewhat of a spiritual sequel to it, given that both films were directed by Scorsese, and 2/3 leading men in that previous film show up here as well. Where Goodfellas focused on the life and times of Henry Hill as he entered and exited the world of organized crime, Casino deals with the fictional story of the rise and fall of Sam "Ace" Rothstein (which, in turn, is inspired on the real-life story of Frank Rosenthal). It's a very well-crafted film, much like GoodFellas, and the interaction between DeNiro and Pesci works to a T. Watch out for the song "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones, which also shows up in The Departed.
February 6, 2015
What I got to say about "Casino" is that it's a good movie. The performances by the cast is good. "Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci gives outstanding performances in this movie." The directing by Martin Scorsese couldn't be better then what this movie really is. The screenplay by Nicholas Pileggi and co-written by Martin Scorsese is good was well. The cinematography in this is perfect. There are scenes in this that is so well done, personally I like so much. The score and effects are fine. "I have to report that "Casino" is one riveting movie to come in the year of 1995!"
June 1, 2015
a gangster classic. a scorsese masterstroke. a prime example of how an average screenplay / plot line can become great by world class directing and acting
½ March 4, 2014
Casino sees Scorsese, DeNiro and Pesci reunite a lot of their old tricks, but there's such a fresh take on the dynamic that it makes it hugely novel. With a turbo boost from Sharon Stone and an excellent screenplay, Casino is one of Scorsese's best and most underrated gems.
May 28, 2015
''There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way, and the way that I do it. You understand?''
½ May 10, 2015
I had to give it a rating, but truly I cannot since I chose to stop watching after sitting through two long hours of what was, albeit a great film, practically GoodFellas set in Las Vegas. It disgusts me how much this film follows exactly what Scorsese did already. I mean Pesci is the SAME DAMN CHARACTER. I think this was a low attempt from Scorsese and I pity the fact that he didn't see it himself.
May 4, 2015
Text book soundtrack, ultra-violence and steadicam from Scorsese. The Support is first class. Sharon Stone gives her best ever performance, and even though Joe Pesci is great, I would have liked to have seen someone else cast in the role, as his character was basically Tommy from 'Goodfellas'. James Woods as Lester Diamond delivers the sleaziest performance in the history of cinema. The Midwest bosses are great as is the use of Devo and during the demise The Animals - House of the Rising sun.
July 11, 2007
A snappy and entertaining film in the mould of Goodfellas and although on the surface the comparisons are unavoidable that only goes as far as the style. Casino stands alone as a solid and compelling mob flick. Scorcese, as he has done in the past, shows a tremendous propensity for choosing a great soundtrack of 'pop' songs.
April 22, 2015
Without Goodfellas,this movie stands on it's well acted and well directed bloody two feet.....but everybody compares it to the "fellas' which is to bad.
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