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Sudden Death Reviews

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Phil H

Super Reviewer

September 5, 2007
This is a pretty good 'Die Hard' style flick, 'Die Hard' in a ice hockey stadium haha the villian, Boothe is pretty nasty and the action is good and strong. The final scene is abit over the top but this is a good action effort.
Ken S

Super Reviewer

May 9, 2007
Really really typical 90's action flick...with on exception...
Jean Claude Van Damme fights a penguin.

Super Reviewer

June 18, 2008
Die Hard on ice.
Jason O

Super Reviewer

August 15, 2009
I've seen just about all of Van Damme's movies and I have to say that I think "Sudden Death" is the best one so far. It's not your typical Van Damme movie when you compare it to most of his others. Most of his movies are mainly just fights throughout most of the film, which is always awesome. But I think it's even better when a fighting movie such as "Sudden Death" has more of a plot to it.
Someone kidnaps his daughter and is holding her and the Vice President captive. The man holding them hostage wants a lot of money or he will blow up the whole hockey arena. Van Damme must find a way to get his daughter back while saving everybody else in the arena.

"Sudden Death" is what all the other Van Damme movies isn't. It has a major storyline to it, great special effects, and even a few funny parts such as when Van Damme has to be a real goalie in the game to keep the badmen from finding him. If you're a Van Damme fan or if you like great action movies, "Sudden Death" is definitely for you. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. I've always loved Van Damme movies and have seen nearly all of his, and this is definitely one of my absolute favorites from his library.

Super Reviewer

March 2, 2008
Bad Guy, Kill, Ass.

Super Reviewer

February 6, 2007
Jean-Claude Van Damme makes a fabulous performance in this marvelous action movie - Die Hard in a hockey arena. And I was surprised Van Damme could use little ASL (American Sign Language) while giving his love respect to her daughter.
Dean !

Super Reviewer

May 31, 2007
a so-so action film, set at an ice hockey game. A bit like Snake eyes but with a hostage situatuion. Doesn't pack a punch like some of his other films.

Super Reviewer

January 26, 2007
decent flick
Jason S

Super Reviewer

December 28, 2006
Steven V

Super Reviewer

April 21, 2008
Sudden Death is a well made movie, it has great action sequences, pretty good acting and a very high level of entertainment. The movie starts out really well, and ends really well. A high level of entertainment makes Sudden Death a must see.
Curt C

Super Reviewer

February 17, 2006
It's Van Damme and hockey! Come on, how can I give a movie where he fights a guy in a penguin suit less than three stars?
Lee K

Super Reviewer

July 6, 2009
Not bad but he has alot better movies out there to see.

Super Reviewer

August 12, 2007
Sudden Death is one of Van Damme's better action films. It's a Die Hard rip-off set at a hockey game. But it's a Die Hard rip-off that's also entertaining.

Super Reviewer

July 5, 2008
Of all the Die Hard wannabe's to come down the pike, Jean-Claude Van Damme's "Die Hard In A Hockey Arena" is one of the best. A lightning faced action movie that makes absolutely the most of it's surroundings. From fist fights in the kitchen, to gun fights in the locker room, to dangling from the overhanging scoreboard, Van Damme puts his best Bruce Willis forward, as he tries to stop a group of terrorists that have taken hostages in the arena during the last game of the NHL Stanley Cup finals. Director Peter Hyams does his usual double duty as director of photography and provides action on a large scale. Powers Boothe is the smooth criminal holding not only the Vice President hostage, but Van Damme's daughter as well. He's calm, methodical, and smooth as he executes his plans and his hostages with ease. Plenty of time is given to Van Damme to showcase his martial arts skills as the fights are plentiful, and up close and personal. The movie is not perfect of course. Some of the bad guys are too cliched, and the final downfall of the bad guy not only defies the laws of physics, but is kind of lame. Still, it's a great action movie, and proof that Van Damme could've had a much bigger career than what it has become.
November 10, 2008
Enjoyed this movie and between the son and daughter they made me nervous because i wasn't sure if they would get killed.Maybe 50% action but still was a good movie.
August 4, 2008
Jean Claude Van Damme hits hard taking down the bad guys in this slam bang action/thriller, Sudden Death. Sudden Death takes place where a firefighter named Darren McCord (Jean Claude Van Damme) looses a civilian he was trying to rescue. Years later, Darren is retired but still helping out with the department with little things. The only thing that Darren wants now is to spend time with his two children who he barely see's since he's in a divorce. One day, Darren purchases tickets for his kids to a hockey game. When Darren & his kids get there, things go wrong when thugs headed by a madman (Powers Boothe) who kidnapps the Vice President & takes hostages into his hands to get a hefty ransom. The madman asks for that money at a certain time or the bombs that he planted within the stadium will explode wtih everyone inside. Darren is the only one standing between the hostages. Darren must locate where all the bombs are before they set off & spread death.

Sudden Death is one of Jean Claude's best in the 90's. It's not action-packed throughout but it sure packs a punch full of intensity violent aspects. It was good to see Jean Claude back in form with his martial arts which is always great to see. Sudden Death is very fast paced where it doesn't have time to slow down. It keeps you on the edge with something suspensful hapeening every second. I must say from Jean Claude's acting has increased. To me, its one of his best perfromances. I throughly enjoyed this action picture. As I was watching Jean Claude in this, I was thinking of Bruce Willis in Die Hard which was good because thats one of my favorite action films. So thats saying that I liked Sudden Death pretty much the same way. Overall, if ur a fan of Van Damme or action, you won't be disappointed as in you get alot of those two things. Sudden Death is slick piece of action entertainment that sure to put a smile on any fan of the genre's face.

4 stars
July 4, 2009
I turned on the television this afternoon, and I'll be Goddamned if I didn't find myself watching Sudden Death just because it was coming on and was easy to chill with.

It was every bit as silly as I remembered it, with the crazy climax involving a helicopter still making me laugh a little, but it wasn't enough to really say that you should give it another look unless you're just a die hard fan.

I think what threw me was that no effort was made to explain Van Damme's martial arts prowess, he was just a fireman who could beat your ass for no apparent reason.

At least say that he's a former Navy Seal or something, that's all I'm saying....

Rental? Maybe?
June 28, 2009
So bad, it's good! JCVD plays a fire marshall who is trying to disarm bombs that terrorists have set while holding the Vice President and mayor hostage under a hockey arena. Every period, the evil terrorist villian blows something up and shoots somebody. It is so retarded. JCVD lights a guy on fire with a super soaker, uses really hokey tag lines, and saves the world all while a hockey game is playing!
February 2, 2009
Van Damme packs alot of action some scenes are a bit funny when i think not intended but still worth some watches.
December 22, 2008
I saw this when I was little so I don't really remember much, but I remember liking it cause it takes place in Pittsburgh.
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