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½ May 21, 2011
Tense and scary black comedy, with a really good message. Well done.
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July 14, 2007
Black comedy about students discussing current affairs with dinner guests, which leads to murder. Good cast, sees a young Cameron Diaz. Good plot and ending.
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September 23, 2009
A fun black comedy where no Religious or political view is safe.
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November 1, 2007
Pretty fun poke at political extremists. Short, and the movie doesn't really go anywhere but at the table, but it was fun for a lazy monday night.
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November 12, 2007
You know what, I prefered the bigotted people they killed than these annoying liberals...
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September 9, 2007
This is a good flick that is a little twisted and funny. It has a full cast and really makes you think about the people you hang out with.
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½ November 17, 2012
The Last Supper attempts to be witty, poignant, and smartly satirical, but instead it's dull, un-interesting, and supremely stupid. The script is written with liberal cliches galore, with a moronic sense of its "opposition". The cast is left to deliver stilted dialogue while complaining about evil right-wingers that are depicted in an almost cartoon-like fashion. We end up hating the self-righteous idiocy of the roommates more than those they target. There simply is no believe-ability in the script.<

The acting is also sub-par, partly because of the bad dialogue, but also from an apparent lack of chemistry with each other. The interactions have the believe-ability of a daytime soap opera, but with unbearable political "commentary".

Overall it's a disaster, with no meaningful message to be had, no humor to be found, and nothing of particular value.

1.5/5 Stars
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July 14, 2013
This is a generous rating when you look at the technicals of the film itself, I'll start with my critiques, and edge my way into the positives, as this film itself ended on a high note. The first fundamental flaw was just the god awful acting. You got the headliner Cameron Diaz in this, and alongside her acted some who I consider underrated. One guest spot went to one of my all time favorites Jason Alexander, or George from Seinfeld. In the opening scenes the performances were cringe worthy dreadful, they pulled themselves up, but never reached star quality. Then one scene that really made me feel a lack of effort was during a 911 call, all the lines were busy, and while on hold cheesy music was playing. While this is a comedy, it was to unrealistic, and the tone was in a more dramatic turn. Symbolism wise it puts effort in, the last scene was memorable, but I didn't get most the art. I like how this echoed at the problems with in the group, but rarely made it the focus. The message of this film is strong and well shown, while it is lead in an obvious way, it was perpetrated better than anything else. Do I agree with the statement made, not fully, but I enjoyed its carry out. The film has chuckles, and puts in more than meets the eye. Not a mystery, since nothing is really kept hidden, but has more than one layer.
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July 24, 2009
The concept had potential, but I don't understand why they'd approach a black comedy with such sobriety. It's some sort of treatise on tolerance and free speech, I think, but the not-very-ambiguous ending didn't do much to drive a point home or make this one worthwhile.
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½ September 29, 2008
An interesting dark comedy. It has some funny moments, but there were one or two sex scenes that felt out of place and were unnecessary. Okay if you want a couple laughs.
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½ February 4, 2008
Interesting film where the victims are more interesting than the killers, but I'm pretty sure that's what the director intended.
December 20, 2010
When liberals go bad. This is the funniest shit I've seen since Being John Malkovich (I saw that three years ago). The black comedy is black like coagulated blood, and even though its one-concept premise repeats itself, you'll not be satisfied with the second or third or fourth servings - you'll crave for more. I expect to have liked it as much as I did because of the heated political issues which are tossed about. It is very well written, including a lot of rich irony in the plot, and quick witted and funny believable dialogue. The film, even fifteen years old, could have been made today and still remained fresh, as its themes of dissent, murder, and authoritarianism are timeless.
½ February 12, 2010
I very much enjoyed this movie. It does have flaws, but the basic story is a really interesting one. The cast os terrific, the characters develop very well. It always held my interest. Offbeat and funny.
½ August 24, 2008
Entertaining movie about left-wing intellectual liberals who end up deciding that the world will be a better place by getting rid of certain elements of our society. While the obvious message in the story is that any extreme, either left or right, is bad. However, even though the speech at the end by Norman (played by Ron Perlman) represents the middle of the road, we do find out in the end that he is lying about one of the answers he gave a little earlier, so then it would seem that his speech was more of a "canned" speech. Therefore, does that mean the real message in the story is that you cannot trust those extremists on the right because they basically just say what they think people want to hear?
½ June 13, 2009
not a "laugh out loud" film, but it is kinda funny considering the concept is a bunch of pushover liberals finally taking a stand for their beliefs and being as hypocritical as possible by killing their dinner guests with opposing ideas. Bill Paxton and Ron Pearlman both have short roles and steal the whole show.
½ May 18, 2009
Offbeat dark comedy with a young Cameron Diaz. A movie of moral dilemmas. If you had the chance, would you kill Hitler before he came into power?
½ October 22, 2008
For being a movie that I have never heard of this movie was amazing. I loved everything about it. I loved how I could hate a group of characters the way that I did. I loved Ron Perlman's character in the film. He was freaking awesome. Those damn liberal bastards got exactly what they deserved. For those of you that don't know, this film is about a group of people, liberals I might add, that have a dinner every Sunday night and invite a new guest over and they share debate over issues and political views and stuff like that. You know normal stuff. Then they accidentally kill a man who they didn't share the same views with and they get an idea to invite people over have a debate and then kill the person. Well it's all fine and dandy until Mr. Ron Perlman comes along. Watch and enjoy. I know I did and I'm sure many others will enjoy it as well.
June 24, 2008
Interesting cast and satire that's filled with cliche college indie style acting with a little dark humor. The characters aren't very believable and lack intelligence (they don't react the way normal human beings react) but I still bought into the silly plot of naive college liberals trying to save the world by retroactively killing those who question the liberal ideology.

The movie puts out the obvious notion that ideological thinking is hypocritical. We all knew that, but still, the movie's fun to watch.

Know one steals the show, but the music is interesting and the ending is slightly unpredictable which in it's tragedy was ironically uplifting.
May 30, 2007
Dark humor, excellent cast, great sreenplay. This is a memorable "under-rated" movie. Careful with might be in for a surprise! LOL. Check it out!
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