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May 15, 2007
Good film. A bit too unrealistic for my taste but good enough.
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January 30, 2007
Will Smith and hostile aliens???
What more can I say about one of the best action flicks of 1996.
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½ March 3, 2007
Devlin and Emmerich are hardly known for their sophistication and subtlety, and this big budget B-movie certainly won't change any minds on that score. It follows the summer blockbuster formula to the letter, but it is done with enough tongue in cheek humour to make it a hugely enjoyable experience. The action is all very gung-ho and flag waving (I'm still not sure if the president's "Independence Day" speech is meant to be taken seriously, but it always raises a laugh from me!) but thrillingly done; the dogfight through a canyon is as exciting as Hollywood action gets, and you can't help but cheer for Randy Quaid's boozy abductee in the climactic battle. Jeff Goldblum is at his least irritating and has some fantastic banter with his crotchety Jewish father played to perfection by veteran comic Judd Hirsch. The characters are all walking cliches and the characterisation just a load of soapy melodrama but it's little more than mercifully brief window dressing for the rollercoaster ride of the alien invasion. The ground breaking effects still look good today and it's great entertainment if you don't take it too seriously; big, dumb and a lot of fun.
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March 26, 2012
It works, for all it is worth, though not much can be said of any depth or realism, it is a sci-fi flick with good old sci-fi goodness.
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March 24, 2012
"Apocalypse 52: Alien Invasion" is what this movie should be called. Roland Emmerich's best movie, which isn't saying much cause he's done the same movie hundreds of times now, but this time, the world is getting destroyed by aliens. So cheesy, but its pretty entertaining nevertheless.
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½ September 4, 2007
Its a good movie, if you like sci-fi action mixed in with will smths humour then you'll very much enjoy this quirky, amusing alien movie!
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January 24, 2012
is there anything better than this movie? the answer, is no.
Directors Cat
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½ October 30, 2011
Apart from the visuals, Independence Day is a god awful film. Its a majorly flawed film and the plot is extremely thin, dull and the whole setup is a rip off of classic 1950's alien films. Determined to be nothing more than a big budget box office smash hit and nothing else. Independence day does more than deliver.
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January 9, 2007
one of the true sci fi greats of the past 20 years. still one of smiths best films, and definitely emmerich's best. just so much fun.
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½ September 4, 2011
Nice work for a movie about an alien invasion. This, of course, isn't the most original alien abduction movie around, but it sure is a good one. It's actually not a thriller, either, but instead, an action flick about the war against aliens on July 4th, 1996. Nice effects, too. It was like War of the Worlds' (2005) tripods, and Star Wars' Death Star, in the fact that the movie's effects ultimately succeed in the size of the Mothership. The story is not very great, but it's well enough for a decent action film for the night.
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July 31, 2011
Thought this was the coolest movie as a 2nd grader. Still think it's cool today.
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June 27, 2011
A classic US Hollywood. Is SO ridiculous that is funny. The idea of an alien invasion, kept rusting at the back of Hollywood studios until Ronald Emerich brought it back. Amazing and huge spaceships that reminded me that Star Destroyer at the beggining in Star Wars. Again US save us all. Even the president fly in combat and beat the ETs. Why everyone want us to convince that ETs are salvages like us? I don't get it. But stil is fun to watch, Will Smith is the man, Vivica Fox looks WOW, and the special effects are something to remember.
michael e.
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½ October 30, 2010
I gave this film a second watch recently and i changed my mind on it. its fun and an entertaining popcorn action film to watch
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May 11, 2011
Of all the films that Roland Emmerich has made Independence Day has got to be his best film. Spaceships enter Earth's atmosphere early July and to the awe of Earth's population, they're wondering what is going on. It's soon revealed that the Alien invaders set out to destroy everything as they start destroying every city. The film is an update almost of space invader films and it's offers nothing really new to the formula, but one can't deny that this is an exciting and thrilling film that offers awesome visuals as Earth's cities are destroyed and mankind struggles to survive. At times the film seems to struggle with it's acting, and some acting decisions are questionable such as Bill Pullman as President Whitmore. I found his pre battle speech corny and quite frankly embarassing. For me it was typical Americanization of how great the U.S is. But all that aside, Independence Day is a pure popcorn film that is very entertaining, fun, visually astounding too. Sure Emmerich is really a bad director (he's made three good films, and it includes this one), he crafts a film that sets out to entertain you and despite the flaws found within the film, ID4 is one action packed Sci Fi alien invasion film that is mean, thrilling and pulse pounding. Since this films release, Emmerich has had a checkered career, releasing few good films, and when he does release something it usually follows in the footsteps of Independence Day. Of all the disaster themed films, ID4 remains his best film.
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½ April 20, 2011
Good stuff from the actors and Emmerich. Very fun movie. The blockbuster does not mean it's amazing though. Emmerich's movies are just never 100% my style. Too focused on visuals. Style over substance is not always best.
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July 7, 2010
Independance Day suffers from a slightly long running time, but is drastically saved by a stunning conclusion. Every character is enjoyable, and the emotion flows thoroughly. I severely enjoyed this film, however, I need to take a break and it will be while before I come to watch it once again.
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March 2, 2011
Long and boring with a few great visuals
Movie Monster
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½ February 21, 2011
"Independence Day", also known as "ID4", is probably the best example of mindless, big budget, popcorn Hollywood science fiction action films. The story is okay but isn't all that sturdy. However, the effects are freakin' explosive and amazing!

The story follows different American citizens as they try to fight for survival as aliens invade the Earth on the 4th of July. Will Smith plays a very likable pilot who is bent on destroying the mothership and Jeff Goldblum plays his trusty ally.

I pretty much watch this movie just for the aliens, SFX, and Will Smith, one of my favorite actors. The story is not that great, like I stated earlier. However, this is one of my favorite movies and I enjoy it everytime! I do enjoy a good alien invasion flick. That is why I'm anticipating the new movie, "Battle: Los Angeles". It looks like a more sophisticated remake of this. However, I will always enjoy "ID4"! Mindless fun for all! I'll be the first in line when the sequel is released.

"If this isn't an insanely beautiful woman, I'm hangin' up."
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½ May 6, 2008
The movie started out well. But then the american patriotism took over
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½ October 14, 2010
The least of Roland Emmerich's pictures because it's just unrelentingly stupid for 2 1/2 hours. The level of cheese is just so high that it can't be justified, even by Emmerich's standards; which is saying something. But this is a pop culture classic from the 90s so it has its goofy charms. It was also a milestone in special effects and summer tent-pole releases so you get some nostalgia while watching it. Anyway, it doesn't hold up well to today's standards.
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