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September 29, 2010
24/01/2013 (Quickflix, PS3)
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½ June 23, 2012
Archie Moses: Jesus... I gotta learn how to fight; this is pathetic. 

"Their friendship could survive anything... except each other."

I'll admit when I first started watching Bulletproof, I expected a completely terrible movie. What I got was not good, but it wasn't terrible either. In fact, the film had me laughing out loud on multiple occasions. This is an action comedy starring Damon Wayans, Adam Sandler, and James Caan. As far as the action goes, it leaves a whole lot to be desired. The comedy is there, but not for the whole runtime. There are scenes that are complete comedic failures. Still, I have to admit that I somewhat enjoyed the movie. Not enough to say I liked it, but enough to say it isn't as bad as you may be lead to believe.

Sandler and Wayans play two car thieving friends. Sandler plays Moses and Wayans plays Keets. The only problem is that Keets is actually a cop trying to bring down a drug kingpin that Moses works for. So obviously that friendship isn't going to last. The showdown ends with Moses accidentally shooting his old friend in the head. Months later the two have to work together to avoid being killed by the drug kingpin named Colton. It's a pretty straightforward plot. It's simple and unoriginal. They try to throw in surprises, but we've seen this a million times so, there are no real surprises to be seen.

As someone who doesn't hate Sandler nearly as much as most, I'll say that I thought he was funny in this movie. It's early Sandler before he got into too big of a routine in his movies. It isn't his best movie and it isn't even close to his worst. It's just an average little action comedy. I think there's enjoyment to be had in watching Bulletproof if you can just accept what it is. By no means am I saying this is a good movie. In fact, it is a bad movie. But it is one of those bad movies that I can enjoy. I'd actually go as far as saying that it is a guilty pleasure of mine.
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February 3, 2010
Their friendship could survive anything... except each other!

Good funny movie. The story was simple and easy to follow. Popcorn movie to enjoy at home alone or with your friends. Adam Sandler was very funny in this one as always.

Rock Keats and Archie Moses are the best of friends and have spent the past year together performing various small time criminal acts. This all changes when they become involved in a major drug smuggling operation. Rock Keats turns out to be Jack Carter, an undercover police officer and tries to arrest Moses during a failed attempt to catch criminal mastermind Frank Colton. However, Moses ends up shooting Carter and makes an escape. Moses is later caught and agrees to turn state's evidence on Colton with one condition, Carter escorts him in. When they meet, both are bitter towards each other. Unknown to them, Colton's men have orders to take out Moses and arrive to shoot down the transport plane. Carter and Moses end up by themselves in the countryside with Colton's men closing in. Will they survive?...will their friendship?
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½ April 16, 2007
What a brutally bad film. I blame marketing to pre-teens (like me, at the time) for anyone ever making the mistake of watching this movie. Or for it still being on TV once in a while (which is where I finally saw it). Man am I glad I didn't pay for this! There is one - count it, one, ah ah ah! - laugh in the whole thing. The rest is just a spiralling, formulaic story that culminates in a shootout that looks like it cost about ten bucks to shoot.

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½ February 13, 2010
Adam Sandler was actually a better actor in the 90's when his voice was higher, even if his movies were more lower grade. Now it seems like he can barely pronounce his words, mumblin' and bumblin'.
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½ December 7, 2008
It was okay.
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November 16, 2006
This action-comedy buddy picture is a less-than-satisfying mix of raunchy humour and pedestrian shoot-outs. The two squabble and survive with only a few bright comic moments in this generally mean-spirited mess.
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January 18, 2007
pretty funny, always like some sandler
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August 21, 2007
Two comedians in an odd couple buddy action pic. I hadn't been allowed to watch Adam Sandler comedies, but in high school this was the first Sandler movie I think I watched with some friends. The main things I remember were the violence, language, and sex scenes that gave it the R rating and made it feel forbidden to my very shielded life.
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½ August 15, 2011
Bulletproof is the poor man's Midnight Run, if, in fact, that poor man has no sense of humor.
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June 18, 2011
Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler prove to be a good match, in this action comedy that delivers more drama than comedy. The cop posing as a criminal plot line works well, especially in the relationship and strain that is caused between the two leads. Despite the horrible reviews for this film, I really enjoyed it.
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September 19, 2010
The movie stars Damon Wayans as Keats, an undercover cop posing as a criminal to gain access into drug kingpin Frank Colton underworld operation with the help of unsuspecting partner Archie Moses (Adam Sandler). During the bust on Colton's factory, Moses accidentally shoots Keats in the head. He survives the wound & later arrests Moses who is rather angry about this betrayal. Dodging Colton's hired assassins, the duo must overcome their mutual hatred to survive. James Caan plays a funny stereotypical bad guy. Expected plot twists but a lot of fun to watch nevertheless.
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½ April 10, 2007
Sandler may have some nude parts, that get considered gay by a person in the movie, but he isn't try to act gay in this film, well after The Wedding Singer, everything hit the roof.
Still a mild reccomedation for those enjoy funny adult comedies.
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November 14, 2006
Guilty pleasure!
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½ November 29, 2011
"Bulletproof" is the poor man's "Midnight Run", if, in fact, that poor man has no sense of humor.
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October 4, 2007
funny film.. Damon and Adam work great together..
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November 12, 2007
This is corny/funny 90's action comedy. Damon Wayans when he was still funny.
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½ April 16, 2007
Okay film that I barely remember.
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April 11, 2007
This movie is not bad. Probably not Adam Sandler's best, but still has some funny moments.
Some bits reminded me of 'Welcome to the Jungle' and in some parts of storyline it actually was very similar to it.
June 13, 2015
I loved this flick and was shocked to see that, on Rotten Tomatoes, I stood alone. Please check it out and tell me I'm not completely crazy.
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