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November 6, 2011
Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! why don't you make hard ass flicks like this anymore!!!!? alas poor Eddie, thou maketh such crapeth these days.

The last adult action flick from Mr Murphy before he plunged into the 'children's TV' period of his dwindling career, its not a stunning action film but its certainly a pretty good attempt and much better than 'Beverly Hills Cop 2/3'. The thing that hits you first about this film is it looks sharp, the opening credits are damn nice and Murphy looks his coolest since 'Beverly Hills', its a slow builder for sure but with Wincott as the baddie with his raspy devilish voice it keeps you glued to the screen.

Another good impression maker is the excellent action stunts, most noteably a great car and tram chase with multiple wrecks which all look realistic, some good tense stand offs and none of it being watered down, a good step for Murphy although at times he doesn't quite nail the gritty realistic acting thing.
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February 20, 2011
A classic good time. A wildly entertaining and outrageous action-packed thriller. A fresh, smart, very funny and explosively entertaining movie. One of the first flicks since Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours that balances seriousness and humor perfectly. Director, Thomas Carter crafts a fantastic and enjoyable movie with fast-paced dialogue and awesome action. Eddie Murphy is at his best, he's never been better or funnier. It works well as a cat and mouse thriller and action-packed buddy movie.
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July 13, 2008
The big action scenes are cleverly staged and Eddie Murphy is back on his game again.
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December 4, 2007
underrated. michael rapaport was good and this was a decent eddie flick.
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July 22, 2007
Doesn't he get tired playing a cop?
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June 14, 2007
A typical dim-witted action movie that is actually much better than you'd think, especially considering the starring role is filled by Murphy who surely hasn't made a decent live action film since Beverly Hills Cop. The set pieces are well done, particularly a thrilling chase sequence involving a tram, and Michael Wincott is the best psychotic villain this side of Gary Oldman. Brainless but fun.
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½ February 16, 2007
He was really trying to bring back the whole Beverly Hills Cop thing with this one and it just didn't fly.
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December 6, 2006
I remember this being a lot better than I thought it would be. Haven't seen it in a while though.
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April 10, 2007
Not quite Axel foley, but definetly Eddie Murphy.
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November 5, 2008
average Eddie Murphy movie.I doubt that I wil watch it again.
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½ February 28, 2007
good fun, good humor, good action... good old eddie murphy...
½ June 16, 2011
This maybe too overtly serious for some Eddie Murphy fans who are expecting this to be a action/comedy, but dude, I thought this movie was a fantastic way to kill 2 hours. This is not a perfect movie... like at all LOL but man, it does entertain. This is a mindless movie that has actually some great action sequences (The San Francisco ferry chase scene) and the menacing performance by the incredibly underrated character actor Michael Wincott.
July 11, 2010
I only watched this movie because Eddie Murphy is the man and Mike Rapport is funny as shit in War at Home. However, neither were funny in this movie. The story was boring and typical, and there was no real climax in the movie.
February 28, 2008
This isn't an awful movie at all.
Murphy gives an excellent performance but this movie is simply just a rental. This is the type of movie i put on while I'm tired, because i know I'll go to sleep faster...
May 16, 2007
This mpovie is great not because of Rappaport or Murphy,but for Michael Wincott. The villian. He's good in anything he chooses totake on,and it shows here. He is instantly recognisable when you see him.
½ April 25, 2007
sorry eddy but poor movie could of done better but he should of left beverly hills cop alone. well if your a big fan you will like this movie
½ January 11, 2007
No one saw this film and the folk who did HATE it, but it has some of the BEST ACTION including a great car chase through the HILLS of SAN FRANCISCO...
½ September 20, 2015
This 1997 movie was written by Randy Feldman. Why do I start off with him? Well, that's easy: if you check his resume after 'Metro', you will not see much. If you check before 1997, you will see that he is most known for 'Tango & Cash', which earned him a Razzie nomination in 1990.

Then there's the director, Thomas Carter, who won Several primetime Emmy's for drama series. And he directed the masterpiece 'Coach Carter'. No, that one is not about himself. I'll have more to say about him later.

The star of the movie is Eddie Murphy who plays Roper, a hostage negotiator with the San Francisco PD. Is Eddie any good here? Well, yes. He is as good as it gets in this setting. If the script wasn't so generic and the general production moved up a notch, maybe the whole movie could have walked that fine line between comedy and drama.

Michael Wincott is the villain. He disappoints as Korda, mainly because his characted is so generic. He hardly gets to add any personality to his role. His lines and surroundings are so cliche, that the whole thing never really fleshes out. And I refuse to write that down to bad acting on his part.

So here you have two more than capable actors stuck in a story that is both predictable (no matter how many times our lovely director tries to trick us, be it with faux horror sound effects or plot holes) and ill-executed.

It all starts off fine, setting up location and the Roper character. Even though this movie depicts a very clean version of downtown San Francisco, the start is quite okay.

But as the film progresses and several story lines about Roper, his (former) partners, his (ex) girlfriend and up-and-coming nemesis Korda get fleshed out, the story falls apart. There are plot holes that will leave you stare at the screen with your mouth open for a few seconds. There are cringeworthy performances by extra's in the robbery/hostage scenes. There are outcomes so predictable that it kills all the suspense. And then, almost at the end of the movie, there are silly and ridiculous attempts at suspense that make you LOL.

All in all, for a 1997 action/drama/comedy, it kind of delivers in the action department, even though the chase scenes are mostly memorable for being in San Francisco. The drama is underwhelming and the comedy doesn't balance well here. Meh.

Pros: Eddie Murphy does an OK job
Cons: Generic, predictable, etc.
Verdict: Watch if there's really nothing else on.
½ May 10, 2015
Has any good actor/entertainer made worse movies on a steadier basis than Murphy?Not his worst but it's up there.
June 3, 2014
Couldn't keep my attention. Some scenes were decent.
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