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½ October 8, 2015
Batman and Robin isn't just one of the worst superhero movies ever made, it's one of the worst movies ever made period. While Tim Burton's first Batman movie was dark and dramatic, Batman and Robin is so campy and stupid that it makes Adam West's Batman look like the Nolan films.
½ September 27, 2015
Such an awful film ,don't watch ,do yourselves a favor.
September 27, 2015
It was great when I was 9 years old but the charm has faded with this film. Not the worst movie ever made like some people make it out to be.
August 22, 2015
This film is extremely flawed and at times cringeworthy but as far as shameless marketing goes, this one succeeds. Mr Freeze's story arc is actually quite powerful and the scenes between Bruce and Alfred would have been great if handled a little differently. Underneath this campfest is actually a great film covered in child-friendly marketing.
½ September 22, 2015
wanna bad puns and not batman not robin not batgirl well here is you #$!%%$#!$!$#%!^#%%#!#^#^!%#$%#!$ movie you not gonna enjoy it
November 1, 2012
Taking the bad parts of Batman Forever and making them a million times worse, Batman and Robin is an undeniably bad film, but is admittedly fun and entertaining. This paradox begs us to question what makes a movie work.
April 28, 2010
Huge guilty pleasure. Terrible movie, but a ton of fun to watch
September 3, 2015
Although remarkably awful, it is better than it's predecessor, and quite entertaining! C
June 6, 2007
I really don't know if there's anything I could say about this movie that hasn't already been said by someone smarter and funnier than I. There's something enjoyable about the over-the-top zaniness of this movie, but holy crap is it a train wreck on about every level as a Batman film.
November 12, 2011
Stupid, over-the-top, and containing some of the worst ideas in comic book movie history, this one is fun just to revel in its idiocy
April 26, 2015
Batman and Robin is so bad.
The movie itself looked like Uwe boll directed it.
My final rating has got to be 1%, LOL!
September 13, 2015
Batman and Robin is one of the biggest dissapointments ever to make it to the big screen,however it isn't as bad as everybody makes it out to be.

To begin the sets, costuming, and effects look great and colorful just like Batman Forever except unlike that movie which was Ok and had Jim Carrey to hide the flaws, this movie is just bad! The characters Motives are all twisted and poorly written, for example Poison Ivy comes in to reak havoc but really has no clear motive to do what she does. Now the fatal flaw of this movie is clearly the over the top performances from Schwarzenegger and Uma thurman and the under the bridge performances from Clooney and Alicia Silverstone.

The movie was not taken seriousely not only by the cast but by the whole crew and even Warner Brothers themselves! You see after Burtons Batman Returns which was one of the darkest Burton film ever made, Warners asked Joel Schumacher to tone it down so they could sell toys. Now thats fine to tone it down a bit like they did in Forever but this just went way too far. Many people compare this to the 60s show and frankly i couldnt disagree more.

The 60s Batman show was based of the comic books at the time which at the time were zany do to censorship. Plus not only was that a whole lot less expensive than this junk but it also was way more respectful to the characters, as Batman appeared more in one episode than he did in this whole movie. This movie coming after the Classic 1989 Batman had now excuse to be this zany and to compare this to the Adam West Batman show is utter blasphemy.

Anyway bitching aside, This movie clearly not a good movie but to call it the worst movie ever made isn't really fair to say as their is few good aspects to this film.
so i give it a fair 2/5 stars.
September 12, 2015
Intentionally cheesy and lighthearted. I don't advise watching it as an adult but I certainly loved it as a kid as did my brother and a friend of mine who doesn't even care about superheroes.
September 12, 2015
This movie fucked up the Batman series. I mean they ruined my favourite superhero. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the worst actor in this movie and yet he gets an award for this work?
½ February 12, 2012
One of the worst movies ever
September 9, 2015
The movie certainly lives up to it's infamy complete with bat nipples and ice-puns. Although that doesn't mean you can't have a good time watching it.
½ August 27, 2015
Better than Batman Forever the Poison Ivy scenes were good Mr Freeze scenes were OK and not a fan of Alfred's parts and Batgirl should've either not had a role or as a fan of batgirl should have been announced in an earlier movie
½ August 21, 2015
Unquestionably the worst superhero film made to date. Defiantly would not recommend.
January 31, 2012
One of my all-time favorite comedies.
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