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½ July 14, 2007
Modern version of Hitchcock movie 'Dial M for Murder'. A rich wife Emily (Gwyneth) has an affair with a shady artist (Viggo). Her husband Steven (Michael) finds out and blackmails his wife's lover into killing her. It would have been the perfect murder but it does not all go to plan. Great cast. Great plot. Viggo actually painted the paintings in the loft.
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September 18, 2011
A typical mid-90's thriller with the murders and the twists and the mystique and the sexual tension. But hey....I like the mid-90's thrillers...they get the money rolling. Pretty okay movie.
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½ December 8, 2009
I really wanted to enjoy this movie. It looks amazing on paper, but it just wasn't anything special. The plot started off quite nice, but became an incredibly cheesy and typical ending. I am extremely sick of movies that have to end with the good guy/girl winning. I think the idea that you can remake Dial M for Murder and make it better or even on par is an utter joke. Even with actors like Michael Douglas and Viggo Mortensen, you can't top Hitchcock.
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½ December 31, 2006
A very good thriller with a great well established cast. Pity David Suchet didn't get a bit more screen time though. Has some good twists but nothing you don't really expect to be honest. Definitely worth a watch though.
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½ February 19, 2007
The remake of Hitchcock?s ?Dial M for Murder? and a good job of it was made. Some slight variences from the original storyline, but all the important parts were included.

A story with great twists, Douglas plays rich and arrogant very well and we see a not so well known at the time Viggo Mortensen too.

A great thriller, based on love, betrayal, revenge and money.
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May 28, 2007
the best thing about this movie is gwyneth paltrow.
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½ December 9, 2010
I've just watched 'A Perfect Murder', and once again I'm impressed by Michael Douglas' performance.

Maybe Michael Douglas is very good at reading scripts, because almost all his movies are good or at least average. New Douglas movies like One Night at McCool's and Traffic confirms Douglas' skills to choose roles.

It shouldn't all be about Douglas, but I needed to praise this great actor. The movie is pretty exciting with some thrills throughout the whole movie. Gwyneth Paltrow and Viggo Mortensen are good supporting actors and their performances shouldn't be missed either.

If you like an exciting crime story with some complications, then 'A Perfect Murder' is a good choice. It is good, but there are better movies on the market .
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September 25, 2010
A magnificent murder-romance thriller with exceptional characterizations, Andrew Davis brilliantly directs this contemporary spin on Alfred Hitchcock's "Dail M for Murder". Michael Douglas delivers one of his finest performances as a cut-throat millionaire financier and control freak Steven Taylor, who discovers that his most precious asset his wife Emily, played beautifully by Gwyneth Paltrow has been having a affair with a struggling young artist David Shaw, Viggo Mortensen in a superb turn. Revenge takes on my twists in this impeccably filmed thriller, when Douglas begins to set-up the perfect murder, by hiring his wife's lover to kill her, in order for him to inherit her multi-million dollar trust fund. Outstanding supporting performances by David Suchet, Sarita Choudhury, Constance Towers, Michael P. Moran, and Novella Nelson. But the film is dominated by Douglas who is absolutely perfect, stone-cold and menacing in this role, he manages to be ruthlessy evil and emote boyish charm with his well-known pout. Filmed on location in New York City, the production values are lavish and well-crafted. James Newton Howard moody score is excellent, as is Dariugz Wolski's striking cinematography. Exciting and suspenseful, a must-see. Highly Recommended.
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October 10, 2010
This stylish and dark drama stars Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow as a married couple ensnared in a web of mutual deceit and treachery. Despite the couple's wealthy lifestyle, neither one is happy. The wife is cheating on the husband. Instead of being furious at her lover (Viggo Mortenson) Douglas offers him a lot of money to kill his wife and the man accepts. They work out a plan for the perfect murder, but then things go wrong...
The plot is like a time-bomb ready to explode as the story develops into a thrilling and a guessing game to see what will happen to each of the characters.
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½ April 28, 2010
Meh I didnt care for this all that much. I often do like this type of movie,but this one was rather boring. The plot is similar to Hitchcocks Dial M for Murder for which I havent seen. So yeah I suggest you check that one out instead of wasting your time with this one. Although I did like the ending and the sexy Gwyneth in this movie.
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½ February 3, 2008
You can never really buy into the idea of Douglas being married to Paltrow, so when he decides to have her killed, you can't really get too worked up.
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August 22, 2008
A truly bad copy of Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder,a theatrical exception at times (few individuals,clinging art direction),Unfaithful by Lyne gives the impression it had its influences from this modern version and yet both seem conservative contrary to the elder one.Only thing is..Unfaithful is somehow original in plot terms.
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½ November 13, 2007
Not a perfect movie, but not a bad one. (sorry could resist the play on the name).
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April 27, 2007
Really goo film. I loved the plot twists at the end.
August 3, 2011
A remake of Dial M for Murder is certainly welcome, and while I liked some of the updates to the crime's machinations and twists they put in to the second half of the movie after the murder attempt, the potential they gave themselves was soon squandered by going by-the-numbers thriller on us. All three leads did well in their roles and even though Michael Douglas in real life married a woman almost half his age you never believe Douglas and Paltrow as a married couple. The screenplay never tells us why this well-off successful in her own right woman got married to this business man in the first place. Completely watchable but disappointing movie. I hope in a few years they do more of an update remake of Dial M for Murder to bring that satisfying story to a more modern age. Not Recommend.
January 8, 2010
Suspenseful and well acted, excellent production. It has a few too many twists that strain its credibility, but I never lost interest. Great score. There should be a law that nothing Alfred Hitchcock has done should be allowed to me remade in any way. This one is clearly based on Dial M For Murder.
November 16, 2009
Actually a pretty good murder mystery. Not a bad attempt by Doudlas to get involved in another one of his Fatal Attraction style films. Nothing earth-shattering
October 3, 2008
not bad...but not great....just same thing we have seen on lifetime again and again only with bigger name actors...
½ June 25, 2007
I can't believe it took me nearly 10 years to see this film. Caught it on cable over the weekend. Michael Douglas played the bad guy to a T. Good suspense. It left me wondering where everything was eventually going. Never saw the Hitchcock original but would like to.
½ June 20, 2008
Excellent drama. Douglas just takes the lead and runs with it. I mean after awhile you like oooh yeah Viggo Mortensen is in here too. Paltrow is okay but i feel someone else would have been better. Thanks Mike.
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