Wesley Snipes Dodges Felony Charges in IRS Case

Still faces prison time, tax liability, endless low-budget action films.

He may be guilty of making direct-to-video movies of questionable merit, but a jury of Wesley Snipes' peers has declared him innocent of tax fraud and conspiracy.

The often bizarre Snipes case, which found the United States government attempting to recover taxes on an estimated $38 million it claims the actor left willfully unpaid, reached a conclusion of sorts on Friday, when jurors in a Florida court declared that although Snipes was guilty of three misdemeanor failure-to-file charges, he hadn't committed the more serious offenses. Though it was only a partial acquittal, Snipes' lawyer, Robert Bernhoft, was quick to declare a victory:

"Our position has been all along that Mr. Snipes committed no fraud. He had no bad intent, and that's what the jury accepted."

The IRS, for its part, quickly reaffirmed its desire to collect the disputed taxes. Victor Lessoff, special agent, told reporters:

"Ultimately, if he really wants to take this all the way, he can go to tax court. But we will pursue, civilly, the taxes. That's very important to us."

According to Bernhoft, Snipes "has always been committed to doing the right thing," and says the star of White Men Can't Jump and Blade will "make whatever amends are required."

Not so lucky were the two men charged along with Snipes, self-styled anti-tax guru Eddie Ray Kahn and former CPA Douglas Rosile. Both were convicted of fraud and conspiracy charges.

Snipes, who now awaits sentencing, still faces up to three years in prison.

Source: CNN



jack giroux

he got off easy, 3 years?. He was facing 15! It's just because he was Blade. I mean what jury would mess with Blade?

Feb 4 - 07:05 AM


Johnathon Lee

The IRS is actually controlled by the underground vampire nation. Its awesome thought that his trial was in my hometown.

Feb 4 - 07:19 AM

The Tony Show

Tony Pagano

Sniped and his lawyers spent an eternity trying to get a change of venue by claiming that Ocala was racist and a "hotbed of KKK activity".

Whoops....how about a "Sorry, fine people of Ocala" from Snipes?

Feb 4 - 07:40 AM


Todd Williams

Instead of 3 years he should have to make 3 more Blade movies.

Feb 4 - 03:34 PM

Young Turk

Joe Massino

YES! And they have to be better than that shi*tty 3rd one.

Feb 4 - 08:25 PM

Young Turk

Joe Massino

YES! And they have to be better than that shi*tty 3rd one.

Feb 4 - 08:25 PM


Drake Garcia

Ooooh I got something that nobody has thought of yet, that would be an amazing comeback for Wes.......Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes! On some martial arts, action, drama...That would be incredible, I wasnt feeling War with Jet Li and Jason though...You just need the right director to do it...take the choreographer of Transporter and a good director and there you go...Wesley, I feel your pain brotha, I feel theres still room for something amazing in your career...lets get this started...

Sep 29 - 02:01 PM

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