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The Gandiman
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December 15, 2012
Jim Carrey's uncanny impersonation of Andy Kaufman is both the film's grand triumph but also its potential downfall. There's nothing outside of his performance that gives "Man on the Moon" any substance.

Milos Forman orchestrates the film like a hurried timeline of vignettes. It doesn't take you anywhere special. There's not a good sense of what made Kaufman tick. But there's enough in "Man on the Moon" to keep you watching as Kaufman was a fascinatingly unique individual and Carrey brings him to life.

It's just that the life he's portraying doesn't reveal anything behind the genius.
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½ February 1, 2012
Always is great see something about Andy Kaufman.
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½ October 19, 2007
An intriguing look at the innovative, strange comic Andy Kaufman (Jim Carrey) and his trailblazing style that was greeted with a fair dose of confusion initially, before he became a huge hit given his original, if incredibly strange material. Carrey has never been better than he is here, with a brilliant, incredibly well realized performance that screams "Oscar!". This is one of those films that gets elevated by a special, truly unique performance. The movie does tend to flounder here and there, but right when it looks like it might turn into something utterly dull, Carrey rescues it. The direction is a little choppy and unfocused, but this movie deserves a look simply due to a remarkable turn from one of the best comedic actors out there (when he wants to be, at least).
Directors Cat
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December 31, 2011
A unique and humourous biopic that's got a hugely likable cast and remains consistently fun through out. One of Carrey's best. Man on the Moon is challenging and far much more interesting than I expected.
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December 22, 2011
Milos Forman director of the classic Amadeus directs this drama film about famed comedian Andy Kaufman. Man on the Moon is a well crafted drama with a good cast of actors. The film was very well done, and with director Milos Forman at the helm, you can expect something entertaining. A surprising performance is delivered by Courtney Love, whom is usually very white trash. However in this film, Forman is able to make her look good, and she turns out a good performance. I very much enjoyed the film, and though not as memorable as Forman classics such as Amadeus, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, this is still a must see film. Jim Carrey makes the film watchable, entertaining, comical and ultimately sad. This was one of Carrey's best roles, and this was made when Jim Carrey still had the fire in him, now he's lost that spark which made him worth watching. However with Man on the Moon, he delivers the performance of his career. Man on the Moon is a good film that will surprise any Jim Carrey fan. What I admired the most about Man on the Moon was the performance of Jim Carrey. I thought he delivered the key performance here and he made the film what it is. Milos Forman has directed a good film here, and though it's not one of his best, he still manages to craft an entertaining and memorable work. A must see.
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½ April 29, 2011
I looked up the scenes on YouTube of his work, and man their almost clones. Jim Carrey embodies this, guy he was the perfect choice. The story was so interesting, espically when he goes nuts. One of Jim Carreys best movies.
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March 23, 2011
The fantastic story of Andy Kaufman could not be better told by Jim Carrey. His performance is full of inventive and energetic entertainment that will give you insight on the true brilliance of Andy Kaufman.
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January 6, 2009
I'm not a big Jim Carrey fan but here, in Man on the Moon, he's absolutely brilliant. An immensely underrated performance.
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March 25, 2007
Good, but not too memorable.
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November 25, 2009
A career best for Jim Carrey. He blew me away with his performance of Andy Koffman. The film itself is really well done and is quite intricate. It is a great biopic and accurately tells the story of Koffman. It is sad, funnyand dramatic all at once.
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½ January 29, 2007
Not having heard more about Andy Kaufman than the wonderful REM song of the same name this movie totally took me by surprise. What an insane but hilarious approach to humor this man had. Jim Carrey gives one of his best performances, bringing Kaufman back to life, together with some of the actual actors and persons he dealt with. Funny, sad, sometimes wonderfully wrong and always entertaining. Wonderful film that makes me wish I would have known Kaufman, the comedian, in his heydays.
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½ January 18, 2009
At first I thought Milos Forman was going for that "artsy-fartsy shit" by pulling gags with Kaufman's work and shooting off episodes with no closure to the next. But then I realized that THIS was Kaufman's life, and THIS he is how he acted - avant garde, nonsensical, anti-farce, anti-one liner, experimental. And then I thought, there can't have been a better movie made on the subject. I am glad I saw the movie, but I really, really doubt I would ever see it again, because it was so WEIRD. But no matter how dislikable the material may be, Jim Carrey is a masterful actor able to get the tics and silences of Andy Kaufman down.
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May 31, 2006
Andy Kaufman: You don't know the real me.
Lynne Margulies: There isn't a real you.
Andy Kaufman: Oh yeah, I forgot.

A very good movie featuring an excellent performance by Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman.

After acknowledging that some events have been changed for dramatic effect, the movie sets off to tell the story of Kaufman and it works wonderfully well. Its entertaining, well acted, and very good at recreating specific scenes and sets from Taxi, David Letterman, etc.

And I can't say enough about how good Carrey is in this movie.

Andy Kaufman: Since you've all been such good boys and girls, I would like to take everybody in this entire audience out for milk and cookies. There are buses outside. Everybody follow me.
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½ June 28, 2008
Since I knew nothing of Andy Kaufman's work, I was perpetually surprised by all his twists and antics. However, after YouTubing Kaufman, I found that Jim Carrey's performance did not mirror that of Kaufman's, but overpowered it. Carrey was schticky and more entertaining, but for a biopic on a more earnest and sedate man, he may not have been the best choice.
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½ April 21, 2008
"Man on the Moon" was an excellent movie by director Milos Forman. It is about Andy Kaufman's career as a performer and around the end of his life, leaving an open mystery at the end. Jim Carrey plays Andy Kaufman to a tee in this movie and never misses a beat in any scene. The movie doesn't give much depth to the real Andy Kaufman, which adds to the mystery of the real man, plus Andy is one of those people no one can fully understand. I have seen a few things of Andy Kaufman before this movie came out, so I wasn't a huge fan of his, but despite that fact, I highly recommend it.

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½ March 7, 2008
Overlooked film, good performance by Jim Carrey, Milos Forman has fell off the grid since he made The People vs. Larry Flynt.
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½ June 19, 2007
At times hilarious and at others, very sad. Andy Kaufman is a character so mythical, no actor could touch him, but Jim Carrey comes closer than anyone else could.
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½ July 22, 2007
A movie tribute to Andy Kaufman. It was funny in parts; but the man was quite nutso. Good soundtrack music by R.E.M. His shocking acts on stage were funny. Too bad he had to die so soon. Oh yeah, Jim Carrey's performance fit the Kaufman man quite well. Not enough scenes from Taxi were shown, which is where most of us know Andy from onscreen.
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August 3, 2006
I guesss it's hard for judge Jim Carrey's performance on this, as I'm not sure who Andy Kaufman was. I was ready to switch this off during the first couple of scenes, but something made me stay with it. For me it was on and off all the way through although the ending certainly caught my attention
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½ May 11, 2007
Wasn't an Andy Kaufman fan, and this didn't make me one. An OK biography about the comic-performance artist. Jim Carrey made a decent Kaufman.
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