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April 11, 2012
Quite an overused idea, the beginning seemed to take quite a while but then the main part (especially her jailing) didn't take very long at all and left me confused about the time span of the film. Acting was decent but nothing special and overall a very obvious film with no guessing to be done.
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June 9, 2006
This movie is a thriller about a woman convicted (wrongly) of murdering her husband. She gets a lengthy prisons sentence but gets out early on good behavior. When she discovers that not only was she (correctly) set up, but that the person who did it was her husband, she sets out for revenge, planning to exploit the double jeopardy loop hole which says a person cannot be convicted for the same crime twice.

Double jeopardy is a real thing, but the film plays fast and loose with it, and the way it is demonstrated here isn't actually how it works. That aside, this is a very entertaining film, despite being kinda silly and on the nose. The motivations for various things (aside from the revenge) aren't really well constructed, and the writing just feels kinda 'bare minimum', but the performances are passable, and the audience does feel satisfaction in seeing Ashley Judd's Libby run around on her quest for revenge.

This film comes off to me as the cinematic equivalent of an airport novel. I mean that as mostly a compliment, even if I don't completely recommend the film as something worth watching very often. Had this been better scripted, and maybe had a bit tighter direction, then it might hold up as more than rainy day popcorn fare.
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½ July 28, 2006
Whilst I do not find Ashley Judd one othe more convincing Actresses, this is a film that holds yours attention and urges the need for retribution to take place. Cheesy in parts, but helped along by Tommy Lee Jones, this is an enjoyable film of the 90's.
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July 6, 2008
Ashley Judd is great in this film. A few twists in the film and a great ending.
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January 17, 2011
Offers a few breathtakingly silly (but fun) action scenes, some decent dialogue and even a couple of good laugh lines.
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November 30, 2006
Ashley Judd does a great job as a woman convicted of killing her husband and realizing later that he's still alive.
Tommy Lee Jones is good as her parole officer, and Bruce Greenwood is the dead husband who's not so dead.
Although this movie was entertaining and well acted, it was extremely derivative. Also, several elements of the plot in the first scene were somehow telegraphed - or else it all seemed familiar.
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April 22, 2007
Ashley Judd returns.
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½ February 5, 2010
Tommy Lee Jones sticking to his "Fugitive" role substituting Ashley Judd for Harrison Ford.
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½ September 28, 2009
I think this is the third time I've seen Tommy Lee Jones in his "chasing the wrong bad guy" role. The plot feels like a movie you would write in movie-writing class. I wouldn't recommend this movie, but it has its moments in the details.
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½ September 10, 2009
Since I saw the previews for "Double Jeopardy" when it first came out in theatres, I wanted to see the movie. I finally got to see it and it was a great movie to say the least. A businessman (Bruce Greenwood) cheats death and frames his wife at the same time by making his wife, Elizabeth (Ashley Judd) think that he's dead. The police show up and she's holding the knife with blood on it, so they think that she killed her husband. She goes to jail and something happens which makes her suspect that her husband is still alive. Of course, this makes her want to get out of jail even more so she can try to find her husband and her son. She also hears about something called Double Jeopardy which really puts some suspense in this movie.
"Double Jeopardy" is a great movie and I think it was one of the best movies of 1999. Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones (Travis Lehman, Elizabeth's parole officer) both do a great job of acting in this movie. Their great acting along with the movie's plot and the great suspense make this movie all the more compelling. I recommend anybody who likes great thriller/suspense movies to get "Double Jeopardy." You won't be disappointed. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2001.
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July 14, 2007
Interesting movie about a man who frames his wife for his murder. She goes to jail but hunts him down when she is on patrol. Great cast. The scene in the coffin is very creepy!
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September 14, 2007
excellent didnt know that was reall but a reli excellent storyline
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June 13, 2007
Made during the heyday of Tommy Lee Jones...It's pretty entertaining. I don't care about those people who say it's not accurate.....More thriller than action, but still a great story.
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½ May 16, 2007
An enjoyable thriller which explores a loop hole in the law saying you can't be convicted of the same crime twice. Has good lead actors, very enjoyable.
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December 28, 2006
A chase film. Go and watch the Fugitive.
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November 3, 2006
Great movie.
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October 2, 2006
Nice twist if a little bit far fetched
Nate Z.
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½ February 23, 2006
[font=Arial][color=darkred]"I can shoot you in the middle of Mardi Gras and they can't touch me."[/color][/font]

[font=Arial][color=darkred]Well actually Ms. Judd, they can. You see the rule of double jeopardy is not to be tried for the same crime and same occurance. Both have to happen for the rule of double jeopardy to succeed. If a thief stole a jewel and was sent to prison then once released stole the same jewel; can he be tried again for the same crime? Of course he can! And so can you my dear Ashley.[/color][/font]

[font=Arial][color=darkred]Moving on now that that logistic bump in the road has been covered. 'Double Jeopardy' has all the pieces of a thriller but somehow they never cohesively form to make any semblence of a truly exciting and tense caper. The elements are there, but it's just not working. The setups occur but the payoffs seem to be very unrewarding. The biggest problem is all of the film's plot lines and twists were displayed prominantly in the trailer and commercials, so the entire audience is five steps ahead of the characters. Tommy Lee Jones surmises the same role he's had for the entire decade of the hard-boiled detective on the hunt for a man. 'Double Jeopardy' is essentially no more than 'The Fugitive 3: The Estrogen Chronicals.' And what kind of prison does Ashley go to where they let inmates cut their own hair with sharp scissors unsupervised?[/color][/font]

[font=Arial][color=darkred]The blooming and booming starlette Ashley Judd plays our wrongly conivcted and vengeful heroine most effectively. But what man in their right mind would trade Ashley for Annabeth Gish? Ashley has this enticingly warm aura around her and a smile that will merely melt your heart. This woman was made for pictures; her face is etched in beauty and has twinkles reminiscent of the elegant early days of cinema. This is a ravishingly beautiful woman that deserves to be smattered on the big screen... and she can act too.[/color][/font]

[font=Arial][color=darkred]'Double Jeopardy' is at its heart a standard and rather ordinary thriller. It does nothing to rise above mediocrity, but is at a level of contentment with where it's at. You may not bite your nails much with tension, but you'll become better aquainted with your watch.[/color][/font]

[font=Arial][color=darkred]Nate's Grade: C [/color][/font]
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½ April 3, 2007
The law of double jeopardy states that once a person is convicted or acquitted of a crime, they may not be tried for the same crime again. So, when Libby Parsons (Ashley Judd), discovers that the husband she's been convicted of killing is actually still alive, she goes on a mission to hunt him down. There is one problem though, her parole officer is determined to stop her. This is one of those films that for some reason you easily forget about. I saw Double Jeopardy when it was in the theaters and totally forgot about it, until it was on TV last week. It's only then that I remembered just how intense it is. Ashley Judd is truly a fantastic actress when she's in the right role, and trust me, a scored, lonely woman is the perfect role for her. Tommy Lee Jones has a somewhat smaller part than we are used too, but he's as amazing as he's always been. The chase for Libby easily brings back memories of Marshall Samuel Gerard. The only knock against this film is that it is unfortunately somewhat predictable, if you're looking for a shocking twist in the story, you won't find it here. The extreme nature of the story and the terrific acting more than make up for the predictability though and the film is perfect for those times where you just want to be entertained without having to think too much.
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December 10, 2009
Libby Parsons (Ashley Judd) is convicted for the murder of her husband. She goes to prison, leaving her son with her best friend, Angela but soon finds out that her husband faked his death for reasons you'll find out when you watch the film. She serves her term and gets out 6 years later tracking down her husband across two or three cities while tangling with her parole officer Tommy Lee Jones who seems a bit of a jerk but comes to believe in her cause.

The whole 'Double Jeopardy' clause of law was rather interesting. I was expecting to see more legal based stuff, but the whole focus seemed to be on Ashley Judd and whether or not she could look good while escaping from numerous people.
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