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February 25, 2012
Morgan Freeman plays a popular movie star (!) wandering around the real world and helping the little people with a thumbs up and a smile and a jig. Gliding along on the pure charm of its lead (and executive producer) one can almost forget the implied insult. Paz Vega has the unenviable position of portraying "us - in awe". Unbelievable chutzpah.
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½ October 31, 2010
Nice simple sweet movie. Nothing too exciting, but still nice. Extra 1/2 star for Morgan Freeman, cuz, let's face it, everything is better with Morgan Freeman in it....
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October 23, 2010
this movie is the definition of a cliche' indie movie... but, you can't help but to love the actors on screen.
fun, for just a little while.
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½ January 21, 2008
Really enjoyed this one. Little film full of quirky, interesting characters. Runs out of steam a little in the last half hour, but still very enjoyable. Anne Dudek must actively search out awful, unlikeable characters (that's not a critisism, she really pulls it off well. My husband literally cringes whenever he sees her in something). Paz Vega and Morgan Freeman are both excellent in this film which is ultimately about finding the courage to change your life.
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½ June 5, 2009
I only watched it for half the movie. I found it boring. I like both Paz Vega and Morgan Freeman, but I found the content lacking. It is pretty bad when the best part of the movie is Morgan Freeman walking lock-step with the store manager.
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½ October 5, 2008
If you grade the worth of a film by simply answering the question: was I entertained? - then yes, this film works. You may call it slight (at less than 90 minutes long, how could you not), and perhaps not really about much of anything. Add that it contains several very loose plot conventions (Freeman has no cash, but yet buys some trinkets at a car wash), and one might consider this a B movie, or indie flick by some college film student. But there is a glorious tone here, and the mere presence of Freeman gives the film a certifiable heft.

After viewing the film I wondered if it would have held my interest if the main charactor had been played by a unknown, and the answer is probably, as long as the chemistry between the two central charactors remained intact, There is enough humor and hollywood insider stuff to make this film worth a view regardless of Freeman's presence (although from a strict grading point Freeman probably gives it a point to point and a half bump).

Many have said that it appeared that Freeman was enjoying himself in this role - well, isn't that the point of the charactor in the first place; a kind of burnt out movie star who realized that he has lost touch with the real world, so he re-enters it and sees the pulsing beat of humanity wherever he looks. He is almost Santa Claus like in his "roll with it" good humor, as when he gets the wipe off guys at the car wash to do a conga line, and then stand in rapture as they watch the end of The Yearling as it plays on the tiny car wash tv.

In the end, the film is kind of a "buddy film", except the message goes a bit deeper - keep on keeping on and find some joy in the everyday.

In his last speach, Freeman tells Paz that they have a pact to remember this day in their lives, for they will never see each other again; as Freeman, having recharged his life batteries, returns to the sequestered and surreal world of hollywood.
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October 3, 2008
A slow paced movie featuring a dryed up actor who befriends a low-income latino woman. The movie does not have much of a storyline, yet somehow it connects to the auidence through sheer reality. I think what makes this film so good is the idea that it is reality - and while the actor in this film remembers what it's like before a big acting career came along - the lady benefits by realizing what else might be out there. Two characters weigh there situations and find a mutual medium between each other. It's a simplistic but interesting and relaxing movie nonetheless.
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½ August 21, 2007
It was okay. I thought it was going to be funnier. It wasn't really enough of anything for me and it fell kinda flat in my book. Before I knew it, it was over.
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½ October 17, 2007
10 Items or Less, a delightful 2006 indie comedy, directed by Brad Silberling is a light, joyful experience. The chemistry between Paz Vega and Morgan Freeman is great, plus, they give really good performances. Funny, heartwarming, really nice... LOVED IT

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½ May 9, 2007
This is a short low-budget movie with a simple story. It is really slow-paced, so it does feel like the story is dragging at parts, but there is some well written and funny dialogue. Morgan Freeman does an excellent job as a laid back actor and Paz Vega does a good job as a young cashier trying to move up in the world. She does have a strong accent so you may need to watch this movie with the subtitles on.
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½ January 29, 2008
[font=Century Gothic]"10 Items or Less" starts with a movie star(Morgan Freeman, in a perfectly relaxed performance) being driven to a supermarket where he is to do research for a role in an independent movie which would be his first movie in four years. What catches his attention most is the work of a checkout girl, Scarlet(Paz Vega), who is very capable in handling three jobs at once. Unfortunately, his ride is late picking him up and due to a variety of circumstances, cannot get anybody to pick him up. So, he asks her for a ride, to which she agrees, as long as he does not mind a stop or two along the way...[/font]
[font=Century Gothic][/font]
[font=Century Gothic]"10 Items or Less" is a pleasant diversion of a movie that is capped off with a classic sight gag. The film looks at two contrasting sides of Los Angeles - the world of making movies and the working world. The movie star lives in a cloistered world where he wants for nothing but cannot relate to how the average person leads her life.(The look on Morgan Freeman's face when he is in the super store is priceless. Personally, I try and avoid such establishments as much as possible.) He sees in Scarlet the potential to live a better life and using language from his vocation, tries to give her the Hollywood ending that her dead end job, scum of the earth soon to be ex-husband and trailer park existence might not otherwise allow her. [/font]
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½ March 3, 2012
A small confined independent film of a short running time, but one not short on relevant ideas and themes. The two actors, Freeman and Paz Vega, both do excellent work, carrying the entire film. Their interactions feel authentic, with the chemistry between them giving the film a much needed charm and occasional humor. The on-the-location film style and the incorporating of actual brands also helped give the film a realistic feel. I would have liked the film to have been longer and more expansive, but for what it does, it does well.

3.5/5 Stars
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June 20, 2009
Morgan Freeman is the central character and basically plays himself, although the director swears the script was not written for him. (Freeman is the executive producer of this film.)

He is doing some research for a role as a grocery store manager for a low budget movie and sees the gorgeous Spanish cashier Scarlet (Paz Vega). His driver never returns to pick him up and Scarlet gives the actor a ride. But first she has a job interview for the position of secretary in a construction company which the actor helps her to be prepared for; then they spend the afternoon together talking.

If you're looking for action, this isn't the movie to see. There is no action here but there's LOTS of dialogue. Or you can just drool over Paz Vega cuz she is hot and sexy and a cross between Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz.

I think Morgan Freeman is one of the best actors ever (he was incredible in 'The Shawshank Redemption') but what bothered me about this movie is that I got the feeling the actor only befriended Scarlet because she was beautiful. I wasn't quite sure if he was trying to help her or just making the moves on her. Or was he afraid to have a love affair with her and destroy his perfect world with his family? I'm still not sure but I'll ignore the cynic in me and just say maybe it's one of those little films about human relationships.

A nice line from Jim Parsons "You make me want to be a woman" to Freeman. At one point in the movie when they were lost, Morgan Freeman started talking about stopping the car to ask for directions and Scarlet said she never does that. BTW who ever heard of a guy wanting to ask for directions and the woman saying no? In the real world it's the exact opposite!!! I am just thinking aloud here!!!
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½ November 30, 2007
Simple and nice.
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November 29, 2007
Good comedy-drama about two strangers making a connection, one of them is an actor "researching" an independent film role, the other is a supermarket cashier who runs the 10 Items or Less express lane. Good performances by Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega. Overall it's an interesting film with a realistic ending. What would you keep in your life if you could only pick 10 Items or Less?
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½ November 9, 2008
Strange movie, but sweet
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July 4, 2008
As simple as it may seem, the film is funny, adorable and uplifting. One of the most positive films ive seen in years.
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August 25, 2007
This is one simple scripted movie that was well put. Adoringly funny and amusing, Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega were a perfect duo in this intruiging comedy.
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April 20, 2007
Charming. I saw this at the Toronto International Film Festival and I ask you - how can anybody not love Morgan Freeman, and especially Morgan Freeman playing himself in this tongue-in-cheek, self-reflexive movie about fleeting yet enduring friendships, letting go and grocery shopping in small towns?

The chemistry between Freeman and Paz Vega - in an interesting turn as a feisty, angry checkout girl in a dead-end town - is great, although I found Vega's accent a bit hard to understand at times. But the camaraderie and slow coming-out-of-her-protective-shell story is lovely, reminding us of how we can count our blessings even in the crappiest of situations.

It's a sweet slice-of-life kind of buddy movie (I know I'm overdosing on the hyphenations here), one where nothing much happens but you feel like you've made two new friends, learned something about yourself, and perhaps even fallen in love a little - I know I did with Freeman, especially with the great little twists director Silberling throws in here and there, like the Target shopping scene, the carwash scene, and Freeman's constant need to prominently display his movies in stores =)

Also, I really like making lists =)

It's a Sunday afternoon kind of movie, one which you savour over a lazy drink of iced tea with friends and/or loved ones, and one which leaves you feeling like life is worth living if only because there are great people like these in the world.
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