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½ April 17, 2015
10 Things is not your typical teen rom-com, this is actually surprisingly good albeit predictable and formulaic. It has solid performances and a sharply written script which makes 10 Things astoundingly good and really enjoyable as a teen movie.
½ September 11, 2007
Let's be honest, the soundtrack is the best part.
½ April 4, 2015
a good high school movie
March 8, 2015
Not one of the best teen/high school movies, but it has a few moments of interest. It is of course a take off on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew, but fails as an updated retake of that famous play. Where it does succeed, it succeeds on its own terms in showing a few teenagers growing a little.
February 16, 2015
Teen comedy are good when its not made by Disney.
½ February 11, 2015
better than expected
½ October 29, 2007
Much edgier than I thought it might be. Not quite up there with 'Mean Girls', but quality.
September 5, 2007
This is one of my all-time favourite movies! Easily the best teen movie ever! :) Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles are fantastic actors, and they have great chemistry :) It's funny and cute, and I cry when she reads the poem towards the end :) haha.
January 29, 2015
Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger share great chemistry and the screenplay has enough jokes to go the distance, but the direction doesn't quite capture the tone and some of the contrivances are a little on the nose. Full review later.
October 4, 2013
Well. That was cute and fun.
½ September 15, 2007
How to dislike a movie with Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles starring in it.
January 3, 2015
This is more a teenage rom-com than Shakespeare. Julia Stiles is witty and cynical. Heath Ledger is great. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is earnest and sincere, and David Krumholtz is wacky comic relief. Darryl Mitchell, Allison Janney, Larry Miller and David Leisure are quirky. It's kind of glossed over that Bianca and Kat's father was dumped by his wife - it's just taken as a given. The soundtrack is pretty amazing.
½ December 30, 2014
Heath Ledger you beauty! <3
December 17, 2014
Smart, well-acted, and genuinely funny, 10 Things I Hate About You is one of my favorite high school movies.
February 15, 2006
It looked pretty good
December 16, 2007
Heath Ledger was just gorgeous.
September 25, 2007
I'm down!I've got the 411!
And you're not going out and getting jiggy with some homeboy. I don't care how Dope his ride is!
November 29, 2014
Find it better than the romance movie in this several years. Guess im a very old school people..
½ October 20, 2008
Loaded with talented actors, Shakespearean plot, I'm surprised more people don't know about this diamond in the rough.
½ June 10, 2007
I always cry when she reads the pom.
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