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November 9, 2015
Fan-freaking-tastic. First and foremost, let's get something out of the way. This. Isn't. Horror. I don't believe it was intended to be and it doesn't play out like it's supposed to be. New or not, Comcast labeled the genre as Paranormal for the film. Well, that's probably pretty accurate. That's exactly what this is, a jacked up coming-of-age supernatural suspense thriller.

Take the original film. Same basic characters. Modernization. CGI & green screens and what you have, is a much more effective film. Now, I'm not sure if this is more faithful to original Steven King novel or not. It's certainly not a scene-for-scene remake which is why it works so well.

Long as crap, about 2 hour and 15's one of the longest films in the horror-like genre. Why did Carrie summon meteors as a child? How come the more untrained in the psyche child Carrie seems to be more lethal than teenager Carrie? Probably because she's untrained.

This Carrie plays the role so well, just like Sissy Spacek did for the original. What I especially have to note is how stunning each and every actor plays that part. Nobody over of under acts. Everyone is extremely enjoyable to watch, and the film is fairly extremely faithful to the original.

I loved the changes or additions that they made to this film. I don't have a problem with anything at all. I can't recommend this rarity enough. I watched it on MGM HD. It was a TV film for NBC, yet it was randomly distributed by MGM. It was released to VHS and DVD at the time, and what seemed to be a 1080p remastering which looked gorgeous was dropped to 720p for the television, but it was beautiful. The production seems to be top-notch which makes no sense, being that it's a made-for-tv film.

There are a decent amount of recognisable actors and actresses in this film.
½ April 20, 2011
Made for TV remake, made as crap.
July 7, 2015
Unnecessary made for TV remake
½ June 27, 2015
Carrie 2002 just like the original with Sissy Spactek but this one takes a unique turn, it is Norma's and Sue Snells version of the story which led up to the killing or most of her class friends and teachers.

There are some well known woman in horror in this version too such as Emilie De Raven (Sleepy Hollow, The Hills Have Eyes), Katharine Isabelle (See No Evil 2, Gingersnaps), Chelan Simmons (Shark attack in malibu).


This film starts of in a police interview room where Norma and Sue is being interviewed and then it flash back to the events, where it started in a school with Carrie White (Angela Bettis) who got her first period in the shower and starts to freak out because her mum (Patricia Clarkson), a very religious person, never told her about the "birds and the bee's".

Which then led her fellow class mates (played by Kandyse McClure, Emilie De Raven, Meghan Black, Chelan Simmons and Katharine Isabelle) picking on her and filling up her locker with tampons and plug it up.

This is when Carrie discovers she has Telekinetic powers. Leading to prom night for revenge Chris Hargensen (Emilie De Raven) Billy Nolan ( Jessie Cadotte) Kenny and Lou Collect the blood of a pig as a prank for to pour over the head of carrie leading her to kill everyone in the hall for prom.


This is a brutally good film, I love how it puts a twist on the original. I love the flash backs and how it is told in the eyes of Sue and Norma in a police department setting. Out of all 3 carries I preferred Angela Bettis she had more character and action in her acting.

Such a brilliant cast. Glad to see some scream queens in it.

Some of the camera work and graphics in the ball room when the prank happens and Carrie unleashes her Telekinetic powers could have been better, I much preferred the 1976 graphic and camera work. But still I loved this film very much.
½ June 14, 2015
Hard to make a bad retelling of this classic story and with the limitations of TV it's a worthy if unmemorable movie.
March 17, 2015
It is really stupid how much negative backlash this gets. It was quite enjoyable. I wish it would have led into TV Show like it was originally planned.
December 26, 2014
This was just ok. This remake was made for cable, and dammit, it feels that way. It's got that LOOK you know. And they've made changes to it that screams cable movie, mainly just adding that narrative with the police detective, and that STUPID ENDING. But they've readded some scenes from the book that were missing from the original movie (I havent seen the newest remake), but the special effects in this are horrible.
½ December 26, 2014
Terrible TV remake of the classic Brian De Palma film. Looking at this film's credits, it surprising how bad this film turned out. From the writer of "Pushing Daisies," "Dead Like Me" and "Hannibal" and a cast that includes genre favorites Angela "May " Bettis and Katharine "Ginger Snaps" Isabelle and actor heavyweights Patricia Clarkson as Carrie's mother and David Keith as a detective investigating the what happened at Carrie's prom. I think what went wrong with this film was pitifully cheap production values, embarrassingly bad quality of special effects, terrible photography that looked nearly like public access level of quality and incredibly bland direction from a director who had some decent prior credits working on Star Trek episode and the "Star Trek Generations" film but pretty much for the rest of his career directed episodic television. Shot as pilot for a potential TV series, this film sets itself up as "Thelma & Louise" with Carrie on the run, but that thankfully never materialized. This TV movie took all it's cues from De Palma's film, though the main detour was the films ending and Patricia Clarkson's decision to go more subdued and less scene chewing than Piper Lauie. Not that I would expect a TV movie remake to be better than the original, but considering some of the talent involved, I do think this film had the potential to be better. If anything, this film made me more appreciate De Palma's suspenseful direction, the Pino Donaggio score in the original and the strong performances in the original, especially Sissy Spacek. As an aside, I'd really liked to have seen more Katharine Isabelle in the P.J. Soles.
½ September 1, 2014
Alot of crap is given to this made for TV retelling of Stephen Kings first novel. Some of it is well deserved. A great deal of it isn't. There were some balls required to try and remake one of the all time great horror movies, nonetheless for a mainstream network like NBC. Fortunately, it is able to remain mostly effective and maintain its adult oriented themes and tones.

As far as staying true to the source material of the novel, this is actually a much more faithful film than the original. It gets more into depth with the psychological warfare Carrie is subjected to by her classmates, as well as the discovery of her telekinetic powers. One of my favorite scenes from the book in which Carrie brings asteroids down on her house is also inserted here which I enjoyed. As is to be expected, the graphicness of the '76 film was indeed toned down some. This is unfortunate, but understandable and considering the limitations a major network likely placed on the production. Its tones and subject matter remain seriously taken and grim, which is really the most important thing.

As I said, there are some serious issues here. First and foremost is some of the acting. Kandyse McClure is simply pathetic as Sue Snell. It doesn't help that the majority of her script is garbage, but she delivers it about as effectively as a shorted out toaster. Several other poor showings from actors like David Keith and Rena Sofer do not do the film any favors. Along with these unfortunate performances, some shoddy CGI and a WTF caliber ending stick out as some definite bruises on the final product.

Aside from these gripes however, the rest of the film remains surprisingly good. As bad as some of the other actors are, the two main roles more than balance them out. Patricia Clarkson is terrific as Margaret White, Carrie's fanatical and abusive mother. Honestly, I liked Angela Bettis as Carrie just as much as Sissy Spacek's terrific Oscar nominated performance. She manages to bring out her sweetness and intelligence in a way that wasn't quite present in the previous interpenetration. I can't give her performance the same respect as Spacek's due to the fact that the role isn't an original one, but she is as tragic and heartbreaking as a secondhand role allows her to be.

The direction isn't anything special. The climactic prom scene in particular is not filmed very effectively. It just seems to lack the frenzy and fury that an event such as this would incur. The use of music is a bit lackadaisical as well, replacing the creepy score of the first is replaced with a more topical and nonthreatening rock score.

When looking at the film as a final product, it is thoroughly respectable. I'll admit I may be rating it a tad high as it has a fair number of flaws, but I just love the character of Carrie White, and found Bettis's portrayal to be almost just as good as Spacek's. A seriously taken retelling of a classic that does a pretty darn good job when you consider the limitations it had to work with. A mediocre script, suspect acting by minor characters and a frustrating ending knock back would could have been a 4 star film considering its other aspects.
½ March 30, 2014
not as good as the original or even the 2013 remake. feels way to slow and cheap.
June 13, 2007
Made for tv remake is horrible compared to the original but is solid if taken on its own. The mother is the week link
May 30, 2014
Overlong because this was meant to kick off a tv series, but a good remake. Rena Sofer is particularly good as the fiesty gym teacher.
November 10, 2013
I thought that this film was quite good, a bit dragged out, could have skipped the interviews with the police, and just done the actual time zone of the story. It was a lot closer to the book, and the acting was good in places, I think I would give it a 3/5.
April 17, 2014
For a telefilm this is an amazing movie! Angela Bettis is great as Carrie and the pacing was top notch! A perfect pilot for a TV show that sadly never came...
½ April 15, 2014
Horrible, aburrida y mediocre.
½ April 10, 2014
Before the 2013 Carrie remake there was a 2002 Made For TV Carrie remake. For those of you who know the plot of the film and the novel by the great Stephen King this movie is about a young girl name Carrie White who is a young and shy girl who always gets picked on by one of the most popular kids in school. But soon what most people don't know is that Carrie has a gift and she unleash her gift once she gets pushed too far from her abusive religious mother and her classmates at her senior prom. To be honest I did enjoy this movie as much as I enjoy watching the other Carrie adaptations although in my opinion this movie can't hold a candle to the 2013 remake but the good thing about it is that the movie is more inline with the original 1976 Brian DePalma classic. One of the great things about this film is that the movie manage to show proof that it is just as suspenceful and intense as the original Carrie even though the whole movie is shot with a modest budget and the whole quality of the film looks like a low budget remake. There are a couple of suspenceful and intense scenes in the movie(The prom massacre, the destruction of the entire Chamberlain, Maine town and the of course unexpected scene where Carrie kills Billy and Chris in their own car). The other things I like about this film is that the movie has a couple of scenes that were in the novel but were missing from the original Carrie. The entire script by screenwriter Bryan Fuller is extremely faithful to the novel but the only thing that was changed in the movie from the novel is the ending because in the original, the novel and the 2013 remake Carrie dies but in this version Carrie survives and the only reason why the ending was changed is that if the movie is successful there will be a TV series adaptation of Carrie which was never made due to the film's low ratings, weak reviews and lack of interest its quite a shame because the TV series can be a smart idea as a continuation to this film its quite sad that the show was never made. While the last things I like about this film is the soundtrack composed by Laura Karpman and I love the soundtrack of this film a lot and its darker and more gothic than Pino Donaggio's soundtrack for the original plus I also love the way the soundtrack change its tone in several scenes and the movie has a combination of dark and gothic Horror filled with drama elements. Oh and the conversation scenes with Carrie and her mother is really nice and very dramatic which makes you feel so calm and makes you believe between Carrie and her mother and those scenes also give you an emotional feeling. Also the whole movie looks very 90's looking in terms of the effects and the quality even the CGI looks extremely dated and very 90's looking at the same time and the effects aren't nearly as good as the effects in the 2013 remake but the effects are just dated and the movie also feels like Carrie has been remade back in the 1990's than in 2002. Now the acting is neat in this film some are a little bit wooden with their performances but their characters are extremely different when compared to the original Carrie. Angela Bettis did a very good job with her performance as Carrie White. Same with Patricia Clarkson as Margaret White Carrie's mother and I prefer Patricia Clarkson's Margaret White a bit more than Piper Laurie's character because Patricia Clarkson's character is less wild in this version than Piper Laurie in the original. Kandyse McClure though lacks the sensitivity of Amy Irving's performance in the original as Sue Snell. Emilie De Ravin's performance gave me a mixed feeling because her performance is wooden in certain parts but her character is less evil than Nancy Allen's character in the original and I like the way she was happy for Carrie when Carrie won with Tommy Ross as Prom King and Queen of the prom. Rena Sofer did a very good job with her performance as the gym teacher Miss Desjarden. Tobias Mehler did a very good job also with his performance as Tommy Ross and Jesse Cadoet did a very good job with his performance as Billy Nolan and his character is a bit more of a juvenile psychotic greaser than the bad boy performance of John Travolta in the original. Director David Carson did a very good job with his work on this movie a lot and he managed to create a very good remake of the original 1976 classic even though the whole thing is shot with a modest budget and the quality makes it look like a low budget film but at least it seriously worked very well and Carson's directing is ambitious and focused at the same time. Overall the 2002 Carrie remake is a great film and it is inline with the original but I highly prefer the 2013 remake a lot more. This movie gets the same rating as the original Carrie. This movie gets a 9.6/10.
April 3, 2014
The best Carrie adaptation so far.
½ March 10, 2014
I liked this made for tv remake. It gave a different structure to the Carrie storyline and the cast is pretty good for the most part.
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