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EightThirty .
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December 2, 2011
03/20/2011 (ONLINE)
366weirdmovies 366weirdmovies
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July 17, 2011
The Egyptian god Horus shows up in a pyramid floating above Manhattan in 2095. The CGI special effects are as strange as the plot---for no obvious reason, more than half the human characters are played by "Final Fantasy" avatars---and the story leaves a lot of loose ends, but there is more imagination on display here than in a dozen Hollywood blockbusters. Confusing, but worth a look for the adventurous.
Alexander W
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½ March 20, 2010
The film has good actors and good story. The CGI goes from great to bad and yet the "bad" CGI fits into this sci-fi fantasy as if they were computer avatars of real people. Like delving into a mind of a true sci-fi lover who needs to show an audience topics that have been left alone. Its really odd and a cold world, so I think I have not seen a movie that makes CGI this bad into a reliable story prop, almost a commodity for your mind, that is if your mind likes rich sci fi stories. The character too, they are excellent and feel like they have been lived and not just created on a script-writers spare day off ( like so many sci fis ) The film, I have to argue is art, because none of it looks like it was fitted together in a whim, although some will disagree with me and say "its bad" I think its original. When a budget is not there for a movie, bad CGI is still often used because it draws an audience, its been strategically placed in the film here, as a great painter leaves no media wasted, the director here has really pushed his work load in order to satisfy something calling inside of him (or her) and really I can't see them doing better. Once you made a film in hollywood for the world to see, they often want to see the same thing in a different way. I wonder how the director and staff really feel about their future.

I would watch this film again, but really only on my own, or with someone who really appreciates sci fi artwork or somebody who has seen the film and liked it. Not to say that people, and families watch this. But there is levels of violence not suitable for non-mature audiences.
Kylie B
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½ November 5, 2008
The plot, in my opinion, is reasonably interesting, if perhaps a touch overcomplicated. My main objections are to the presentation of the Egyptian gods - both in terms of their behavior and the digital rendering of them - and some of the CG human characters looking obviously CG compared to the human actors (and even some of the other CG characters). The background and set work is gorgeous however. I can't say I care for the sexual politics much though.
arashxak arashxak
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October 26, 2007
" I am a professional guinea pig"
SilentWarProductions2009 SilentWarProductions2009
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March 19, 2007
Directed by: Enki Bilal.
Starring: Charlotte Rampling, Thomas Kretschmann, Linda Hardy, Frederic Pierrot, Thomas Pollard.

First off I will say that the whole concept of the film is interesting and I think the director certainly had a vision to make it right, unfortunately, in the way of story and even style at times, it is an incoherent mess of a film.

Now with any normal moviegoer, they will stop the review right here and not tell people why they didn't like the film, but I will tell you why. I will start off with the story, like I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I thought that the ideas and the concept that come across is quite interesting and could have been great if done right, unfortunately, the screenwriters have too many ideas and try fitting them all into a short running time and the film jumps around too much and alot of it is jusr plain confusing. So in some ways, this is a typical film of style over substance, but even then, the style isn't exactly focused. What the director has gone and done with this film, much like the screenwriters, crammed in alot of visual ideas and they don't always work. At times, some of the CGI is amazing, at others it is just downright bad, but what I don't get is why did they have to have actors and then actors with some makeup effects (which were also amazing), and then some with a bit of CGI and then the rest copies of characters that look like they just walked of the set of the video game 'Half Life'. And that is the main thing that put me off, the use of typical video game looking CGI characters.

So to finish off, the visual style is all over the place and some of it is amazing, the story is a mess that shows some potential in scenes but not enough....and I will also mention that Linda Hardy was definately beautiful in this. A disappointment.
vieras e
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½ August 31, 2006
I can't quite decide should I give this 3 stars or 4-.

The Dayak was a bit silly.
FanGirl FanGirl
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½ March 25, 2007
Unsual non-vampire, vampire movie. Used to be called Wisdom of the Crocidile.
vitchard vitchard April 18, 2007
***ON WORST MOVIE LIST***Can I give this a negative rating???Warning to all Stargate fans: Don't be fooled by the "plot" synopsis or the pictures...the plot is fleeting, at best and nothing like Stargate (as I inferred from the DVD cover). I found this movie too disjointed to follow, and I'm a David Lynch fan!
BigMoneyBruce BigMoneyBruce ½ November 12, 2009
Visually stimulating, futuristic movie with a extreme sci-fi twist. But the and over all story are very lacking the premise was a great idea though.
Chris S ½ October 27, 2009
Very wierd and there definitely wasn't a solid underlying plot driving the story, just a bunch of different stuff all happening at the same time. Yes there was the god character and the blue "alien" character but there didn't seem to be much purpose other than the god trying to spread his seed. The choice to include completely CGI'ed characters with real actors was bizarre, especially considering the way it was implemented. Occasionally there were a couple computer characters that looked somewhat photo-realistic. However all of the rest were a bit cartoon looking, almost to the point where I was wondering if that was on purpose but couldn't find a reason for the separation. This movie has been compared to The Fifth Element, one of my favorite movies, but the similarities are *not* because of the story line just certain visual and societal elements (flying cars, blue aliens, police force, ancient mythology).
Betty W June 10, 2009
Crazy as crap.
But for all it's horribleness...I really liked watching it.
The story is so ridiculous, you can't help but appreciate it for how unique it is.
Sarah H ½ June 9, 2009
It was strange and artsy farsty for those who don't do that sort of thing, but if you give it a chance it is pretty good.
bostonbosstones bostonbosstones April 11, 2009
I am in love with this movie. Good job Thomas - one of the better "Sci-Fi" movies out there [not a genre I'm too fond of anymore].
evilerniesss evilerniesss March 12, 2008
this is going to be a cult classic, I like this movie, hard to follow whats really going on sometimes but it will make you think.
mike d ½ December 13, 2007
Immortel is from Belgium. It is about the Egyptian god Horus. He is given 7 days on Earth before his fellow gods kill him. His last week is spent trying to find a woman to have his child.

This is a very weird movie. It is set in New York City in the year 2095. There are illegals constantly sneaking in from all over the galaxy. One of these illegals is the woman that Horus chooses as his prey. She has an excellent look. Her skin is pure white and she has blue hair that is constantly changing. Did I mention this is a weird movie?

This movie has many subplots that are kind of hard to connect. They put too much focus on introducing characters without developing any of them completely.

It has some great digital effects. Yet there are others that look very primitive. The make up on the actors is great. I would like to see these characters in a more serious movie that actually had substance.
footballdoc82 footballdoc82 November 20, 2007
I'm a respector of good flicks, and I can do alot of differect kinds of geners, but this just did not sit well with me. I thought the story line was comepletely lacking, the screen shooting was mixed between real life and something out of a Final Fantasy Game, The Idea of Horus being a stone cold killer was almost insulting, not to mention a participant in other non-mentionable activities as he is in the movie. All in all, I really think it was just NOT a even remotely good flick. Half a star for effort and originality.
soulxside soulxside August 16, 2007
Stunning visuals, but story was weak and bad... as was the acting. This film barely gets a full 3 stars.
Emeka W ½ August 11, 2007
Gotta be honest i didnt understand this film at first but worth the chance to see something new. Gives Sci-Fi a great name.
Christopher J July 10, 2007
This is a helluva unique film that I wish got a bit more credit. It's not perfect in terms of storytelling narrative, but it has some amazing concepts and great execution of many of them. It's worthy of viewing for sure, especially if you're into Heavy Metal comics.
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