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October 24, 2005
[font=Arial]From Jackie Chan to Jet Li, Bruce Lee to Wesley Snipes I'll watch martial arts movies just because they are martial arts movies.

I've sat through Joseph Li movies, the best and worst of Jackie and now a few of the new crop of digital low-budget films that are appearing from all over the world.

'Left For Dead' is a UK martial arts movie with a difference. The difference is it's the first low-budget digital martial arts film to come from across the pond, with a cast of people you have never heard if and a director who has only ever done short films.

But first time feature director Ross Boyask proves that with little money and a lot of talent you can make a film that stands head and shoulders above the high budget fair of the US...

The order of the day hear is death, murder and high octane martial arts. And it?s a dish served very sweat?.

Lead actor Glenn Salvage is superb (and a little Segal like) but any film like this lives and breathes on it?s bad guys and thankfully they are as bad as they come. Adam Chapman as Kincaid and the duo of Adrian Foiadelli (the scarily unhinged Taylor) & Kevin Akehurst (the deranged short fused Dylan) chew the scenery.

Perfect? Well no. Maybe too much action, some questionable acting and a few continuity issues but come on lets be honest even films made for $50million can claim to have the same.

What makes 'Left For Dead' stand out is that it has heart, soul and invention that makes up for it's small budget and DV trappings.

It also has a death toll higher than any film since Commando and with that Arnie flick being one of my top flicks of all time that?s not such a bad thing.

If you want fun, death and kick arse action on a major level then 'Left For Dead' is your film. If you are expecting Hugh Grant and floppy hair... look elsewhere.

HIGHLY Recommended![/font]
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