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Tyson P May 28, 2013
Ving Rhames kicken some ass in jail. Great stuff, really good
Joshua L ½ February 8, 2012
good message and story
lionofallhearts lionofallhearts December 31, 2007
its not that good part 2 is better 7.5 out of 10
Chosen 7
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½ October 29, 2007
Somewhat interesting but weakly written Independent gangster/prison drama by unknowns David C. Johnson and Thomas Care, and directed by David J. Burke. Good performance by Ving Rhames [even though the he was a little over the top at times], Terrence Howard ["Hustle & Flow", "Fighting"], and NFL-Legend Jim Brown ["Any Given Sunday"] as a black revolutionary who just got off death row. Decent performances by Chazz Palminteri ["A Bronx Tale"], Taraji P. Henson ["The Curious Case of Benjamin Button","The Karate Kid"] Wes Studi, and Faizon Love. Overall - with better writing and a better director it would have been a good film and a lot more compelling, there's a good message [of redemption, learning to live a more peaceful life, and breaking the cycle of violence that plagues the black community] behind it though.
Tom L. Tom L. ½ May 24, 2010
This movie appears to starts out appearing as a low budget, no brain film however as the film develops, it turns out to be a superbly acted film with a strong message behind. Ving Rhames and Terrence Howard (particulary the latter) are superb in this film portraying the lives of those caught up in the ghetto. It is not until Ving Rhames is taught the theory of willy lynch and black slavery that they are able to understand the struggle of their ancestors and spread the message, however it may already be too late...
Pepper S. Pepper S. January 2, 2010
A hidden gem. What the movie lacks in blockbuster action and special effects, it makes up for in character development, an enriching story and something modern movies lack: Pure heart.
shevetawhite2000 shevetawhite2000 December 12, 2009
I want to see this movie
servanpipa servanpipa ½ June 20, 2009
why the son deat his fhater this part i dont like
McCorpse McCorpse June 8, 2009
Ving Rhames kicken some ass in jail. Great stuff, really good
RiderOfTheStorms RiderOfTheStorms ½ April 6, 2009
good message and story
Nathan W. Nathan W. November 10, 2008
This Crime drama keeps you riveted and drawn. An inside look at a man raised on the streets, the effect it has on him and his son, and the struggle they both face when he is released from prison a changed man. Rhames plays a murderer and addict who has no regard for human life and plays it well. Howard is good as the son who has taken his fathers place in the criminal chain, and is conflicted upon his fathers release from prison when he learns his father is no longer willing to be the animal he once was.
The M
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May 15, 2008
VR is just 10 years older than TH.
He most have lost his virginity very early.
Maybelline T ½ April 27, 2008
Tagline: His Legacy Must End... For His Son's Life To Begin.

This film is about James Allen aka Animal (Ving Rhames). A legend on the streets, known for killing. Apparently he gets framed by the police and is sent to prison. He meets a revolutionary by the name of Berwell (Jim Brown) who changes his outlook on the gangster ways. When Animal gets out of prison some 20 odd years later he tries to reconnect with his son Darius (Terrence Howard) ,who has unsurprisingly followed in Animals gangster footsteps, in the hope that he could walk away from it.

Watch it if you're into stories with morals & messages.

Its was okay but the plot got lost somewhere along the movie but found itself again towards the end.
tmaster93 tmaster93 March 29, 2008
this movie is a good ving rhames movie
CrazyRoggy CrazyRoggy March 28, 2008
I was very surprised at the power of this low budget film. Much better than some other crap that is produced. Though what really hurts this movie a lot is the editing. It is choppy and just plain doesn't make sense at some parts really hurting the flow and the rhythm and the feel of the movie. I do like the idea and the direction of the film though, and I am a huge Ving Rhames fan, and he is fantastic in this movie, and Terrence Howard does not disappoint here either. A great film, highly recommended.
Manda B ½ February 27, 2008
Moving I really liked this
morimite1 morimite1 February 22, 2008
rather sad film,what can i say hes his fathers son.....
Drustah F February 5, 2008
sick - Terrence Howard and ving Rhames are awesome
Brandon3048 Brandon3048 ½ January 15, 2008
looks very very good I really want to see it
DrLappos DrLappos
Super Reviewer
½ October 11, 2007
Typical of the type but a good film nevertheless.
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