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November 6, 2007
I watched this movie once when it first came out, bought a copy, stuck it on the shelf and forgot about it. And there it stayed for the better part of a decade.
Had my mother over for a movie night, and she chose it. Swear I could not remember a thing about it.
I am not a fan of either Bruce Willis or Halle Berry, and honestly I was pretty bored through most of it and wondering what the hell was I thinking buying it.
Then the big reveal at the end. As I couldn't remember the movie, it was a total shock and then l understood why I'd liked it.
I don't think there will be a third watch, but yes, it was just about worth sticking with.
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½ June 26, 2011
The twist was great but I didn't liked the story. Not my taste I guess.
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June 24, 2011
Great thriller! Definitely didn't expect the ending and had me intrigued all the way through. A great film! A must see!
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February 7, 2008
When her friends affair with married exec Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis) ends in the womans murder, investigative reporter Rowena Price ( Halle Berry) vows to bring the killer to justice. Suspecting Hill of the crime, she goes undercover by posing as two highly alluring women. Katherine, a sexy temp who works within his agency, and Veronica, a seductive temptress he chats up online. Engaging in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, both Rowena and Hill begin to realize things may not be what they seem. For some people will go to great lengths to protect their secrets, even if it means risking everything.
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½ June 15, 2009
Why is it some scripts result in predictable, cheesy, made-for-tv hokum. Whilst something like Perfect Stranger, manages to attract big name stars to take down aboard it's sinking ship? Probably completed before Berry or Willis' cheques were even cashed, this rushed paint-by-numbers thriller is only saved by an unexpected ending. Don't confuse unexpected with good, it was just nice to be caught off guard by something so formulaic. It's easy to forget that Willis is a great actor and huge star, in this film. He's painfully dull and uninteresting. Berry's performance isn't awful, nor is it anything to care about. Ribisi is his excellent self, even if his role as an obsessed and creepy, but not dangerous, colleague could have been the focus of a worthwhile movie.
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½ August 13, 2007
Sometimes a movie tries so hard to twist and turn that it comes out straight as an arrow. Convoluted, overwrought with contrived moments of tension, this movie fell flat.
I adore Giovanni Ribisi and his performance was superb. Bruce Willis is also a favorite and he played his part quite well. Halle Berry...what the...where...she was boring, tired and simply uninteresting. Her performance was so detached from the character that it was painful to watch. I am not sure if this was something that was intentional given the plot (the very...thin...plot) or simply that she phoned it in, but it was not fun to view.
So obvious in its machinations. The technology employed to make the story move was ridiculous. Twirling around and around and going nowhere, the viewer becomes dizzy stuck in the mire of planted confusion-I will stop here.
This is fun to watch for Ribisi and Willis' performances. Berry is stunning, as always, but embarrassing to watch in this.
Save your evening for something better unless you simply have to see these actors in motion or slow motion anyway.
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½ January 6, 2009
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June 10, 2007
Boring, with an arbitrary and utterly ridiculous twist thrown in at the end. Still, i don't regret seeing it. It's always worthwhile to see Halle Berry poured into a tight dress :-)
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July 27, 2008
Halle Berry plays an investigative reporter that learns her friend's murder might be connected to a powerful ad executive. She goes undercover with the help of her associate as things begin to reveal how far people will go to protect the truth; not only from others, but from themselves.
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April 10, 2007
A very enjoyable, non too complicated, whodunnit type of film, with a good twist.
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April 26, 2007
Surprised at some of the reviews I have seen for this? I thought this was a very good thriller with a very good twist, for once that you can't see coming right from the start of the film. Maybe it's a bit slow to start with but has one of the best endings for a thriller I've seen in recent years! Go check it out!!
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½ March 2, 2008
not bad
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½ February 26, 2008
After Halle Berry's 'Gothika' fiasco....I was hesitant...but the Bruce Willis factor kept me intrigued and Giovanni Ribsi is always phenomenal...all in all not too badly played out. Review tbc.
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½ April 21, 2007
Graduated first in its class at the High Tension School of Unnecessary Twist Endings.

Up until the ludicrous final ten minutes, Perfect Stranger is an entirely functional thriller, chugging along with enough momentum to keep things vaguely interesting. Thriller may be something of a misnomer, because there isn't very much suspense, not even in watching Berry's ridiculous AOL sex talk unfold. The movie is weighty with exposition, and it shows; it seeps into the dialogue at every chance it gets, making things seem awfully premeditated.

For what it's worth, though, I didn't think it was that bad until its climax. Our three leads give across the board decent performances, but they just can't keep this ridiculous ship afloat.

Destined to be relegated to utter obscurity.
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½ September 29, 2007
one of the worst movies ever. Berry is neither compelling or appealing. Just an all out bore
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April 26, 2007
Directed by: James Foley.
Starring: Halle Berry, Bruce Willis, Giovanni Ribisi.

Where do films like this get off? It seems like every week I see a film like this, that aims to be a compelling thriller by following that same Hollywood formula over and over, this film is one of those.....

Well in some ways, this will be the only thing I will mention in this review that I liked about the film and that was the ending.....I don't mean the film ending (not really), but the way the twist plays out, it successfully twists around it's characters to make quite a surprising twist that could have worked so much more....if it had not been for the first 90 minutes being so dull. Terribly dull in fact, the pacing is thrown off in the first 20 minutes by being way too unfocused and badly edited, from there, the films follows a very familiar formula with thin characters, a lack of focus on them, terrible dialogue and any potential thrills are thrown away and the filmmakers attempt to make a sexy thriller, but with cheap sex related dialogue and no soon as the final 20 minutes of film arrived, I just didn't care, even the acting couldn't save the film, although Giovanni Ribisi does help save his character with a great performance, he is rarely on screen and instead, we are endured with Halle Berry's most hilariously bad performance since Catwoman and Bruce Willis' stiff performance.

An inventive ending, I will give it that, but any potential from that ending is ruined by a very unfocused, dull and badly written first 90 minutes.
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September 23, 2007
this was a decent film. i was into it the entire way through and some of the characters had a believable realism to them, but ultimately the end just missed something. this is a shocking ending to a film where nothing is as it seems, but elements of the unfolding of that ending bothered me a bit.
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April 11, 2007
A psychological thriller in which both the psychology and the thrills are in short supply.
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