Total Recall: The 25 Best Action Heroines of All Time

Who?s the toughest of them all? We count down to the best rock ?em, sock ?em lady of all time.

by RT Staff | Wednesday, Jun. 25 2008

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01. Michelle Yeoh

What can you say about a woman who's starred in over 20 action films, performed most of her own stunts, kept pace with James Bond, and held her own alongside legends like Jet Li and Jackie Chan? Frankly, we think her resume speaks for itself. If you've seen Michelle Yeoh in the highly celebrated Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (with Zhang Ziyi) or in any one of her classics like Yes, Madam (also Cynthia Rothrock's martial arts debut), you know you never want to be on her bad side, because she will break you off a burning piece of whoopass.