Total Recall: The 25 Best Action Heroines of All Time

Who?s the toughest of them all? We count down to the best rock ?em, sock ?em lady of all time.

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15. Carrie-Anne Moss
The first Matrix was mind-blowing, but the first scene of the first Matrix redefined how we watch action movies. Thanks in large part to Carrie-Anne Moss' steely precision, that first chase scene -- more specifically, that bullet-time crane kick -- became lasered into our collective movie memories. Plus, if the very idea of a hot female computer programmer wasn't enough to earn the adulation of geeks worldwide, Moss' leather-clad Trinity had the power of the Matrix --- and the love of Neo --- at her fingertips.

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14. Kara Hui

Although other female martial arts stars may enjoy more name recognition (like Pei-Pei Cheng, star of 1966's Come Drink With Me and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Kara Hui exhibited a special sparkle, appearing in many celebrated late-Shaw era films. In 8 Diagram Pole Fighter, Hui helps avenge her family's massacre as Gordon Liu's sister with some fancy spear work; in New Tales of the Flying Fox, she steals the show in a pot-kicking battle of wuxia wizardry. But our favorite Kara Hui performance comes in My Young Auntie, as her straitlaced young widow faces off in a battle of wills -- delicately, forcefully -- wearing a gaudy, Western-style dress.