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May 8, 2008
very very interesting and creepy
September 21, 2011
Sort of pointless little endeavor. This remake of the German Expressionist Silent classic film uses images of the original sets and CG to put new actors in what is essentially a shot for shot remake with new dialogue and sound. The film is pretty, but not original in anyway...I suggest watching the original, unless you are somehow abhorrent to the idea of silent pictures.
November 17, 2009
The 1919 silent classic The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was one of the most influential films ever made. It has influenced to a degree every horror film, every serial killer film, and a great many films in other genres that have been made since. Among its most striking elements were the surreal, expressionist sets in which the action took place. This version uses modern digital technology to superimpose a new cast of actors on the actual images of the original sets. This gives us a Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with sound but with exactly the same scenes as the original. The actors adopt a style that blends a degree of modern naturalism with the with the melodramatic gestures and expressions of silent film stars. The resulting product is a fine entertainment. While this film could be enjoyed by someone who had never seen the original, I think it will be enjoyed most by those who have seen the silent version, which is a film every horror fan should see anyway. So, perhaps, is this one.
April 26, 2008
They remade it shot for shot with the same colors and shades that it really didn't need to be remade at all. The only real difference is that this had sound but the original was silent. Meh.
October 8, 2015
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is an interesting, though unexceptional film. The faults other viewers have noted are there, though I am more forgiving and consider that the acting, for instance, can work as part of the odd vibe of the film. The sets are very interesting to look at. The only serious flaw was the sound, which was quite poor. Viewed as a sideshow (and not a main attraction), the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is fine.
July 13, 2012
Draws attention to and honors the original 1920 classic, but that's about all I can say.
½ October 31, 2011
To be honest, i actually like this, i love the original so i had a lot of doubts about this but its actually pretty clever. sure its shot-for-shot like the Psycho remake (which that one did suck) but its not really a remake, its actually an update (if you know what i mean) obvisously the people who worked on this film liked the origninal. i guess they did this for modern audiences, or for people who don't like to read. but its not bad. its just a "talkie" now. thats all.
½ October 29, 2011
I really admire what this film is attempting to do, but it misses the mark. Still, it's an interesting watch.
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