Warner Bros. Butchering Sweeney Todd?


You would think any studio that greenlighted an adaptation of Sweeney Todd -- the classic musical about a homicidal barber -- would be prepared for plenty of blood and guts. And, as it turns out, you'd be wrong: The Sunday Mail is reporting that Warner Bros. has ordered significant, um, cuts to Tim Burton's grisly take on the story. Back to Article


Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

Does Warner Bros. actually think people are gonna pay more for a calculated and studio backed "watering down" of a project to better make sure his teeny-bopper fans are allowed in than an honest picture representing the heart of a project that originaly lured the actors and the director and the talent?

Sounds like Depp's legions of female fans are finally coming back to bite him in the *** just like when he was in 21 Jump Street. Hopes he bucks it like usual and continues to make dark goth projects with Tim in the future.

Aug 27 - 11:08 AM



When has a movie ever been better because it's been trimmed back to a PG-13 rating? Seriously? Especially horror/gore movies. This is incredibly idiotic. Hollywood movie execs need to be repeatedly smashed in the head with splintery bits of wood. Then maybe they'd understand how they make the rest of us feel.

Aug 27 - 11:28 AM


Joey Kindergan

What idiots...

Aug 27 - 11:43 AM


Morten Thomsen

compromising the artists vision in order to make money is hollywood at its rotten core.

Aug 27 - 11:46 AM

Floor Man

Floor Man

Gah! What the heck? I hate it when studios completely mess up the whole vision of a director...especially Tim Burton, who's one of my favorites. I just hope they didn't "edit" too much. It's Sweeny Todd, jeez!

Aug 27 - 11:47 AM


Cap Nord

The crew had to go outside to get some fresh air because the prosthetics were so lifelike? Yeah, sure they did. If that%u2019s true, where did this crew come from, kindergarten?

Aug 27 - 12:03 PM


bob askins

warner bros. you are stupid! >:C

Aug 27 - 12:09 PM


Matt Perloff

While I probably won't see it, being the squeamish sort I am (unless it's gloriously fake violence, like Kill Bill...good times), I say keep it at R. I've always seen Tim Burton's style as being perfect for this kind of blood and gore, so why suppress it? You'd think there's a strong enough market for that kind of thing, though the overload of lousy gorefests and the potential market of young Depp and Burton fans may be keeping them on their toes.

Aug 27 - 12:11 PM


Brian Gaul

I don't know how much stock I'd place in this story. There isn't a single named source in it and it appears to be from a British Tabloid gossip page. Plus, they're talking about the British rating of the film, not the American rating. The list of American movies banned in England due to violent content is long and distinguished so it's not surprising they may be getting a different edit. When Tim Burton himself comes out and says creative control of the movie has been taken away from him, perhaps I'll grab my torch and pitchfork.

Aug 27 - 12:13 PM


Zod Zob

I just looked it up and I think Dreamworks is in charge of this film, so they would be pursuing the rating.

Aug 27 - 12:20 PM


Zod Zob

I see. But they have a different ratings system over there. Euros are more sensitized to violence than sex, whereas it is the opposite here. Check out "This Film is Not Yet Rated."

Aug 27 - 12:23 PM


damv bat

I saw this movie on jersy girl

Aug 27 - 12:26 PM


Jeff Loewen

This is bad news. Sweeney Todd must be rated R. It will be completely lame otherwise. Well, at least there will be a really cool director's cut version then. Screw you WB.

Aug 27 - 12:57 PM


Jeff Schulder

Come on WB! or Dreamworks! or whoever is doing this! It's Sweeney Todd! the point is to be bloody! and those who were going to see Sweeney Todd in the first place most likely won't now! Get it right!

Aug 27 - 01:22 PM


Joey Chid

warner brothers are acting like they have never done a gory r- rated movie before (which i know they have)...... they do suck...... didn't they screw him over for the batman movies as well........ either way Tim Burton is one of my favorite directors and in my opinion one of the best directors of our time..... Sleepy Hollow was pretty gory but it all worked out to be a very good movie and it was very creative...... i don't even know where i am going with this anymore to tell you the truth, but a PG-13 would not work out for sweeny todd....... i don't even think i've wanted to see a musical before, but sweeny todd i have been waiting for, for a while...... i have also noticed that things kind of get screwed up when Burton's vision gets disposed of (example: batman series).

Aug 27 - 01:31 PM


Joey Chid

plus, this kind of goes against freedom of speech.

Aug 27 - 01:33 PM


Joey Chid


Aug 27 - 01:35 PM


Joey Chid

okay i know this is like my fourth comment....... but a PG-13 probably wouldn't even work because a lot of teenagers probably wouldn't see this anyway.

Aug 27 - 01:39 PM


Joey Chid

it's okay to make an r-rated adult film sometimes warner brothers....

Aug 27 - 01:41 PM


First Last

Sweeney Todd has, is, and always will be a gory story. A PG-13 Sweeney Todd is counter-intuitive. Warner Bros should be ashamed. I understand the motivation to make money, but this is the wrong film to be cutting up. This could easily be Burton's prestige piece, and some artfully directed violence (which is the essence of Sweeney Todd) could really make this film.

I bet the studio is wary of making another "Sleepy Hollow," which was Rated R and wasn't exactly the blockbuster that they wanted.

The problem is that studios only want Blockbusters now. You either win big or you flop big.

Aug 27 - 02:20 PM

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