Trailer Bulletin: Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd

Johnny Depp sings and slashes his way through the musical adaptation.

Nothing says holiday cheer like the story of a murderous 19th century barber hell bent on revenge, right? Your first look at Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street is online!

Yahoo Movies has the first trailer for the Christmas 2007 film, which stars Johnny Depp as a wrongfully imprisoned man who returns to London with a new name, a decidedly darker outlook on life, and a vendetta against the men who devastated his life and family.

Sweeney Todd

As in the Broadway play adapted from the oft-told tale, Sweeney Todd (Depp) is out for vengeance against the dastardly judge (Alan Rickman) who put him in jail for 15 years. Upon his return, Todd finds his wife is dead and his daughter is now a ward of his enemy, and sets out to get revenge on those he holds responsible. He re-opens his barber shop ("I will guarantee the closest shave you will ever know...") with the help of his landlady (Helena Bonham Carter), who bakes the bodies of Sweeney Todd's victims into the meat pies she sells in her shop. Delicious!

The Sweeney Todd trailer gives us our first look at the film, which has all the best elements of a Tim Burton project: Johnny Depp, a touch of the macabre, social misfits, and HBC. Unfortunately for us squeamish types, Sweeney appears to be headed for R-territory stateside, promising lots of the red stuff seeing as it's about a guy who kills people in a barber chair with a straight razor.

Click on over through the link below to watch the trailer (and keep an eye out for Sacha Baron Cohen as a showboating rival barber).

Source: Yahoo Movies



Jamie Lynn

I went from not really caring to absolutely pumped. That's a trailer. Or maybe that's just Johnny Depp. Good lord, when he started singing?! Did not expect that to be so amazing.

Oct 4 - 03:29 PM

Floor Man

Floor Man

You said it. ;)

Oct 4 - 03:51 PM


Craig Taylor

This movie will be epic.

Oct 4 - 03:41 PM


Alex Benson


Oct 4 - 03:43 PM


Jonathan Y

I'm SO relieved that it doesn't look like they'll restrict Burton to make this a 'PG-13' movie. The more I think less of Depp in those lame pirates movies the better...

Oct 4 - 03:46 PM


Jesse Moore

They didn't restrict him when he did Sleepy Hollow either. So it's not all that surprising.

Anyways, looks like the one trick pony strikes again. Just looks like a refurbished Sleepy Hollow with a few colorful scenes of Big Fish.

Oct 4 - 10:48 PM

Floor Man

Floor Man

You said it. ;)

Oct 4 - 03:51 PM


colin christian

Could it be that Tim Burton has finally made a movie that is more than art direction only? Looks like his best movie,but Ed Wood will take some beating...

Oct 4 - 04:09 PM


First Last

I knew from the first moment that I heard Tim Burton was going to take on this project that it was a perfect fit for him. If the trailer is any idication, he may have done an even better job of bringing this dark musical to the screen than I ever imagined possible.

Oct 4 - 04:09 PM


Ken Brill

I'll be honest... I'm still a little worried... I'm not sure Depp has the vocal chops for this and, although what is in the trailer is pretty solid because of his acting, there were a few sung lines that were being spoken. That is a scary trend for me.

I also really hope they don't add too much to the script... Todd really is a fantastic script already and I have a feeling the things they add are going to stick out like a sore thumb.

Oct 4 - 04:33 PM


Linda Christie

If you listen to any of the previous soundtracks you'll know that where JD is speaking rather than singing, that is how it's performed. I'm sure the film is going to be amazing - I'm just disappointed that we didn't see more singing in the trailer rather than that dreadful American voice at the beginning. It is an English story!

Oct 8 - 12:58 AM


Cap Nord

Holy Crap!

Oct 4 - 05:06 PM

Heath H.

Heath Huxall

Wow, this looks excellent! I cannot wait, me and my girlfriend will be seeing this indefinately!

Oct 4 - 05:19 PM


Sharon Petersen

As long as the singing isn't horrible, it will be fine. I'm not expecting the singing to be amazing. I'm sure the excellent acting from this great cast will more than make up for it. This is one of my favorite musicals and I adore both Depp and Burton. I can't wait.

Oct 4 - 05:22 PM


Chris Gipson

I got a really bad vibe from it. Then again, it's just a Tim Burton thing for me. I can't take his movies seriously, just because he seems to be going for something that's crazy and comedic, and I prefer just crazy. I'll still see the movie, because I have an allegiance to Depp, but I'm not really a fan of Burton, and this preview took some interest away from the movie for me.

Oct 4 - 05:24 PM


Alec G

Tim Burton... bleh. Still looks pretty good though.

Oct 4 - 06:12 PM


Arend Anton

Wow...I wasn't too excited about this because I hate musicals...but this might be the one for me. Looks great!

Oct 4 - 06:25 PM


Starr Hardgrove

I was in this musical, and being a big Tim Burton Johnny Depp fan. I am totally stoked. I've been waiting for this one, and the trailer is just phenomenal.

Oct 4 - 06:28 PM


First Last

The movie looks pretty cold. It is always with Burton to make great looking films, but his characters seem very distant. And most of the time his film don't connect on an emotional level, even Big Fish. Still excited.

Oct 4 - 07:23 PM


Bobby Brown

Tim Burton is my favorite director.
Johnny Depp is my favorite actor.
This movie is shaping up to be awesome.

Oct 4 - 08:23 PM

Lux Obscura

jonathan brazeau

don't care for musicals, but this actually seems cool.

Oct 4 - 08:30 PM


Trevor Shalon

Look on the right side next to the trailer - - - Rated R for graphic bloody violence . . . The way a Sweeny Toddy and Tim Burton should be . . .

Perfect way to start the holidays . . .

Oct 4 - 09:34 PM


Chris Kubat

Depp's accent sounds just like Jack Sparrow's.

Oct 4 - 10:14 PM

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