Tune In to the Rotten Tomatoes Show This Week!

And get your Haiku and Three-Word Reviews in!

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This week, The Rotten Tomatoes Show will be looking at the movies that opened over the weekend, with help from you (the Rotten Tomatoes community), the Current TV community, and the viewers of the show. The cutoff for webcam reviews has already passed (midnight on Sunday), but the good news is that you can still contribute your Three-Word Reviews for this past weekend's box office Top 5 (including the new opener Angels & Demons, as well as Star Trek and X-Men Origins: Wolverine from past weeks) or your Haiku Reviews of the last movie you saw. In order to submit 3-Word reviews, click here, and to offer your beautiful Haikus, click here.

Otherwise, be sure to tune in to our show this Thursday (10:30pm on Current TV), and if you missed the last episode, you can either download the podcast on iTunes or watch it here: