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½ September 1, 2013
'Zack and Miri Makes a Porno' is hilarious, but it's strongest aspect is the fact that it created pathos and honest sentiment within a narrative that felt like it'd have to be completely devoid of it.
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February 3, 2011
Zack: That's what porn is: turning the normal into abnormal, by fucking it!

"What would you do to get out of debt?"

Zack and Miri Make a Porno is a surprisingly great movie. This is Kevin Smith doing what Kevin Smith does and it doesn't hurt when you team up with a guy like Seth Rogen who seems like the ideal cast member for a Kevin Smith film. It weaves the disgusting, raunchy Kevin Smith dialogue into a vulgar art form and still the movie comes across as sweet at the end. That's the genius of Kevin Smith when he goes for the love stuff.

Zack and Miri have been platonic best friends their whole life and are currently living together. The bills and debts are piling up on them though and Zack's job at a coffee house isn't going to really solve it. When they run into an ex-peer at their 10th high school reunion and learn that he's gay and his boyfriend is a gay porn star; Zack has the epiphany that him and Miri should make a porno. After getting a producer, someone to shoot it, and some talent, they go to work, but the two are hiding deeper feelings for one another than they believe.

I can see some of the content being a turnoff to some of the more conservative types out there, but that's to be expected with a director like Kevin Smith. If you like his brand of humor, Zack and Miri is a great little watch. It's not necessarily typical Kevin Smith though. It has a different feel to it then movies like Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Mallrats. Still even with the different feel, it's really funny and a whole lot of fun.

I loved every minute of this movie. I may be a little high on praise though as I am a huge Kevin Smith fan and a huge Seth Rogen, and I'm also a huge fan of how beautiful Elizabeth Banks is. This is one that is really worth seeing even if you're sick of the raunch infested comedies that come out all the time now. This is one that is able to counter its vulgarity by evening it up with some sweet plot and character shifts. 
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January 31, 2010
An interesting twist on the traditional rom-com. In the end, turns out to be a little more traditional than I would've liked.
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½ May 11, 2012
Writer/director Kevin Smith used to be a bit of an indie god. His debut "Clerks" was made on a shoestring budget and his films have normally had a real freshness and originality. His last three films; "Red State" "Cop Out" and this, are starting to show that Smith is running out of ideas though.
Plutonic flatmates Zack (Seth Rogen) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks) are cash strapped with mounting financial debts. They struggle to even pay basic household bills. When their electricity and water are cut off, they decide to embark on a money spinning idea; to make a homemade adult film. Eventually, the long-time friends will need to have sex with each other but will they be able to keep their emotions in check?
The film starts brightly and yes, you guessed it, Rogen gets to crack a few dick jokes. He's good at it though but when it's Kevin Smith at the helm, you expect a bit more. The writing is not as fresh as his earlier stuff and the film resorts to some cheap gags. It also strays off the path of indie comedy and treads onto the well worn one of romantic-comedy. This may be rom-com with an adult twist to it but, ultimately, it's still part of the genre that I don't really care for. It's the performances that keep it tolerable. The two leads in Rogen and Banks are very endearing and they are surrounded by a great supporting cast - Jason Mewes is, as always, hilarious and there is a brilliant cameo from Justin Long as a gravelly voiced, profane, gay porn star. I found it to be a film of moments though. It has several that are very funny - including a good "Star Wars" porn scenario with Hung Solo and R2 T-Bag - but it's just not consistent enough and then resorts to hammering the love angle. When this happens, you just know the film has muffdived nosedived and it's very unlikely that it will recover. As expected, it doesn't. If you're looking for a good comedy that delivers the same premise then I suggest "The Moguls". A little seen Jeff Bridges film released in 2005 that dealt with similar material in a more tasteful and frankly, funnier way.
Not one of Smith's better efforts and has been the start of a three film decline for him. It does have some qualities but squanders them in favour of a formula.
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November 1, 2008
Endearing but corny, it's standard Kevin Smith fare. Goofy and disgusting things happen the whole way through, but the characters are likeable and the laughs are decent. What might have been most interesting about this movie was the deconstructing of porno that it slipped into from time to time. I don't think it was Smith's intention, but there were enough wink and nod moments about porno in society and "as a genre" (is it a genre... anyway...) that it could almost pass for a clever movie. Oh, wait, no, somebody ends up with his face covered in feces... standard Kevin Smith fare after all. Fun, though.
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½ August 31, 2011
An average comedy that follows through due to the great performances by Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks. There are some laugh-out-loud, hilarious scenes due to sharp dialogue. What drew me off was the excessive nudity (No duh, it's a movie about porn), but the movie works best when it focuses on the chemistry between Seth Rogen's and Elizabeth Banks' characters (and the hilarious Craig Robinson). I enjoyed it.
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January 2, 2012
Considering what the movie's about there's an innocence to it. It isn't entirely an outrageous gross out comedy that breaks the proper entertainment barrier. The characters are entirely likable and the hilarious cast members like Craig Robinson prove that they can take on serious roles as well as comedic one's. Funny yet charming, Zack and Miri proves that sex can sell pretty well. Even in movies that aren't classed as pornography. I will say though, for what it was it had a lot of potential.
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½ November 9, 2008
The premise is surprisingly naughty for Hollywood, even if this is a Kevin Smith film we are talking about. Two friends decide there is money to make with porn and get busy casting and preparing a big porn shooting. The first half of the film setting up this situation with the people they meet is actually really hilarious. The highlight is the Star Wars porn rehearsal. Sadly, their studio is in ruins the next day and they have to start over. Which robs the film a bit if its charm. Sure it is funny to watch ridiculously badly performed acting in porn. But here we know it is a movie about that and this additional level feels fake and not all that funny. That doesn't mean the second half is an entire failure but the film gets a bit too carried away with all the usual monogamous relationship stereotypes between love and sex, when it could have been so much more kinky and politically incorrect. The ending and end credits scene is rather well done, though. Overall still pretty funny and naughty.
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September 10, 2008
Zack and Miri Make a Porno is Kevin at his raunchiest and one has to wade through the shit (pun intended) to get to the heart of the story, as one always does watching his films. The cast is pretty nice, even if it is pretty much a company of Judd Apatow regulars. The script and editing are both nice and keep things moving pretty fast, even in dialogue-heavy scenes. Credit is also due to the cast's constant ad-libbing like crazy and keeping the material fresh, something Kevin seems to be getting more comfortable with. I also really enjoyed the homages to Dawn of the Dead. To be succinct, I really enjoyed the movie, and I'm happy to see Kevin move on from the Viewaskewniverse.
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½ November 20, 2011
Not Smith's worst movie but a huge disappointment due to the fact that it feels like he's stealing Apatow's style.
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August 25, 2011
Not one of the funniest Rogan movies but definitely worth a watch. I have to give this movie credit where its due, the story line was certainly a new take on the "where can we get that kind of money?" plot line that seems to be at the core of a million and one comedy films. Original and funny, with some brilliant one liners, its one for the shelf and a slow afternoon rather than for the timeless hall classics.
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October 30, 2008
What would you do to get out of debt?

Saw it again! Very very funny and darkish humorous with a little of a romantic end, that's about it. Seth Rogen is one funny guy, one of my favorite right now.

After completion of their school, Zack Brown and Miriam Linky go steady, live together, but are not intimate. Years later, they are still living together and on the lookout for intimacy. Despite Zack's employment with 'Bean-N-Gone' Coffee Shop, owned by an East Indian, Surya, they are unable to pay their utilities and end up without hydro and heat. After attending a reunion, both decide to make a porno film, and title it 'Star Whores'. They accordingly hire actors and decide to play lovers themselves in this movie - with hilarious and life changing results.
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January 21, 2011
This is a fucking awesome movie.
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½ January 24, 2010
Not your average crude comedy, Zack and Miri is at heart a very realistic and sentimental love story between two friends who are governed by the age old adage of sex ruining friendship. The main characters are best friends living in the worst of conditions, no respect from their friends, peers, or co-workers, but are each lovable in an off the wall kind of way. The beginning is raunchy but very down to earth with the portrayals of the degenerate characters living in Pittsburgh, working blue collar and never making rent. Highlights include a great scene with Justin Long, who plays a character I could never see him as in my mind's eye, paired with the gorgeous Brandon Routh. The second half turns into a tangled web between the protagonists as they maneuver the idiocy of false pride. There are some very dirty sequences, and some scenes only added for the fact that it's about pornographic films, but there's only one that crosses the line into puke worthy, and I personally found it hilarious, if not oddly placed and virtually unneeded. The ending itself was convoluted, and though funny at times was a waste of film to explain pretenses that no one cares about. Still, it's hard to create such romance and sincere love between two people in the midst of absurdity, and that's what this film accomplished. Not for everyone, but certainly hilarious in high doses.
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June 2, 2011
Kevin Smith's first comedic outting since he retired the viewaskew films is a hilarious comedy about two friends who are down on their luck and decide to make a porno to pay their bills. Zack & Miri is a terrific departure from Kevin Smith's previous work, and Zack & Miri is an accomplished comedy with wit and heart. Seth Rogen gives yet another great performance here and he's got great chemistry going on with Elizabeth Banks. Both are great on screen. Along Rogen and Banks, director Kevin Smith has assembled a great cast of comedic talent. Most notably porn actresses, Traci Lords (who caused quite a stir in the 8o's due to her underage acting in porn) and Katie Morgan. Both actresses are actually quite good in a mainstream film. Zack & Miri has some previous actors that played in other Kevin Smith films, and it's very interesting to see them do something different. One who really is memorable is Jason Mewes as Lester. Zack & Miri is a well written film and this is a splendid comedy with smart laughs. This comedy is a fun time waster with the usual witty and sharp dialogue you'd expect from Kevin Smith. Zack & Miri is a great change of pace for Smith. Zack & Miri is a well made comedy that like I've previously is charming and fun. This is one of those comedies that is fairly memorable, and I see it as one of the best comedies of recent memory.
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February 3, 2009
The injected romance makes this even worse, Has some funny moments though
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August 12, 2010
Very good comedy with an excellent cast. Works really well and had one scene where I nearly pissed my pants with laughter. Watch!
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½ May 7, 2010
Zack and Miri Make a Porno is very predictable. This is not necessarily a negative attribute, especially here. In this case, the predictability works. It offers nothing new or groundbreaking as far as romantic comedies or sex comedies go, but the thing that sets Zack and Miri apart from other films of its genre is the fact that, unlike so many comedies today, it is genuinely funny. Kevin Smith has matured as a filmmaker over the years. This film is likely his most sophisticated effort to date and it's easily one of my favorites from him, second only to Clerks. The dialogue, something Smith has never had a problem with, is top notch. The cast, especially leads Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks, are all great in their roles. Zack and Miri Make a Porno is not without problems, but it is, overall, an excellent comedy that rarely misses the mark.

The premise is pretty much spelled out in the title. Zack and Miri, best friends since high school, are struggling financially. They have a stack of unpaid bills and no way to earn enough money to pay them. At their ten year high school reunion, Zack and Miri meet Brandon, the boyfriend of another guy they went to school with. Brandon is an actor in gay porn and seems to have made a nice living from it. When their power goes out, Zack suggests to Miri that they "make a porno." It takes some convincing, but Miri eventually agrees and the two set out to make some money. The production of the porno is not without problems, and these scenes offer some straight comedy. Zack and Miri are finally faced with the task of sleeping with each other, and although they promised it wouldn't change things, it does.

Kevin Smith has always been a great writer. With Clerks, the production quality and obvious inexperience of the actors could be overlooked because the script was just that good. Zack and Miri Make a Porno is no different. After a few lesser-efforts like Jersey Girl and Clerks 2, he's back in top form. The film is just as filthy as one can come to expect from Smith, but it also features some great characters. Zack and Miri are just what you'd expect any pair of young, platonic friends to be like. Zack is fairly immature; Miri has more of a head on her shoulders. Both are very flawed, but these two are very relatable, lovable characters. The other characters are less well-written, but mostly good. The only complaint I have is the subplot of Craig Robinson's character and his wife. The black jokes just went a little far, and after awhile, became tedious. Jason Mewes, a Smith regular, is good here as Lester, as is Katie Morgan, an actual porn star, as ditsy lap dancer Stacey. Jeff Anderson also costars, one of his scenes being the one that sent my particular theater in an uproar of laughter.

There have been complaints of seeing too much of Seth Rogen these days. I, for one, have yet to be disappointed by the guy. I guess a big reason that I like him is due to the fact that he looks like and talks like any normal guy you'd find on the street. He's not prince charming or Brad Pitt: this guy is slightly overweight, has messy curly hair, but he's still very watchable and is, at times, endearing. He plays Zack to perfection, combining the perfect mix of comedy and romantic realism. Elizabeth Banks is always delightful. She's a beautiful girl, but, once again, has that quality that makes you feel like you could know her. She is perfect as Miri. Supporting performances are equally good.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno is not for everyone. That being said, there is a lot of vulgarity here, but the film is not devoid of a heart. Beneath the dirty sex jokes and over-the-top porn scenes, Zack and Miri Make a Porno is essentially a love story about two people who have known each other their entire lives and are just realizing their feelings for one another. As I said before, don't expect a twist ending. The film never becomes boring, though, and is about the perfect length. Kevin Smith has gotten a lot of flack for turning out uninspired films as of late. Hopefully this will put those voices to rest.
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½ August 24, 2009
Yes it's a bit lewd and very crude but also very funny! If you're easily offended by swearing, nudity this isn't for you. Otherwise I thought this was very fun almost from start to finish. It does get a bit Rom-commy towards the end and it's really not that type of film. Overall plenty of laughs, the dialogue is just so over the top!!
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November 1, 2008
Review coming soon...
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