Famous Names Filling in for Ledger in Doctor Parnassus?

Well-known trio rumored to be filling in gaps of Gilliam's latest.

It's still officially a rumor, but the folks doing the rumoring are saying it's 100% verified, so we're running with the story like everyone else: Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus is moving ahead with three actors in Heath Ledger's stead, and their names are...

According to Ain't It Cool News, Parnassus director Terry Gilliam has chosen Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell to fill in for the recently deceased Heath Ledger. According to previous reports, echoed by AICN's Moriarty, the Parnassus script will make it easy for Gilliam to give Ledger's character four faces -- and enable, in Moriarty's words, "three very interesting actors" to pay "one final tribute" to their fallen comrade.

Until there's official confirmation from any of the involved parties, it'd be wise to treat this as an unfounded rumor -- but it's a heckuva rumor anyway. How many of you just felt your anticipation for Doctor Parnassus increase? A lot, even?

Source: Ain't It Cool News



G. Keith Cable

Um... yeah... enjoy your holiday weekend Jeff? This popped up on my Vista news gadget on Staurday. I was on call and had to work all weekend. I hope you had a good time you bastard.

What get's me is that all the sites (present company excluded) reporting this seem hell-bent that this is chiselled-in-stone fact and yet noone is citing a reliable source, most just link back to AICN which isn't saying where they heard it.

Oh, and for the record, if I have to work President's Day, Jeff Giles does too... from now on... I have spoken.

Feb 19 - 05:56 AM


joe shmo

if this is true, i don't think many people can complain about the choices, with the possible exception of jude law. still though, he and depp are reputable, oscar-nominated actors and farrell, after the disaster that was alexander, is coming back with some smart indie roles. yeah it's a rumor, but it's a fascinating one at that.

Feb 19 - 06:13 AM


Steve Khang

coolest. rumor. ever.

hope it's true.

Feb 19 - 08:13 AM


jack giroux

COOL, I still think this is gonna be a great movie, even though He has made some crap lately (TIDELAND and THE BROTHERS GRIMM), but still 12 MONKEYS, FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, HOLY GRAIL, TIME BANDITS, THE FISCHER KING, and BRAZIL.

Feb 19 - 08:47 AM

Unbreakable Samurai

Unbreakable Samurai

I liked The Brothers Grimm jokerboy1991 and have been looking forward to this, I'm happy that they are still going ahead with it. Three interesting choices.

Feb 19 - 08:55 AM


Dylan Thibodeau

I know this sounds really bad, but due to the tragic death of Heath Ledger, this film could probably get more attention now than it would have if he hadn't died.

RIP Heath Ledger

Feb 19 - 09:01 AM


Daniel Frohlich

looks like someone was influenced by I'm Not There. Sounds like a likely idea considering it would cost much more to reshoot everything Ledger already did.

Feb 19 - 09:28 AM


hector torres

i like that these actors are going to pay tribute to heath

Feb 19 - 12:26 PM


chris harris

Just my opinion, but Tidelands was a solid (if very challenging) movie. Certainly not the best he's ever done, but worthy of the Gilliam film canon IMHO.

But yes, it would be nice to get at least one more film out of the man on par with 12 monkies, fisherking or Brazil.

Feb 19 - 12:34 PM


anonymous anonymous

Sounds good to me. At the very least, it's a way to salvage Ledger's last movie, and prevent yet another Gilliam production from getting the axe.

Feb 19 - 02:54 PM

~*Admiral Snowstorm*~

Dominique Amsterdam

Agreeing with minderbinder here.

And Colin Farrell could use a bit more exposure. He's a good actor but rather unknown outside the circle of movie-lovers. He's no Daniel Day-Lewis, but in a world where Dane Cook, of all people, gets to star in big-budget movies, Colin Farrell deserves at least that, if not more.

Feb 19 - 03:03 PM


jack giroux

I heard Colin Farell was actually really great in IN BRUGES.

Feb 19 - 04:40 PM


Eric Schulze

... For what?

Feb 19 - 03:09 PM


jack giroux

I heard Colin Farell was actually really great in IN BRUGES.

Feb 19 - 04:40 PM


first name last name

I hope this works out for Gilliam, even if the terrible circumstances are a factor in arousing the public's morbid curiousity.

Gilliam needs to get a hit under his belt so maybe he can get some backing for completing 'The Man who Killed Quixote'. Depp arguing with fish in 'Lost in La macha' -great stuff.

Feb 19 - 06:00 PM


Matt Olson

This movie is going to be a unbelieveable exit for the late great Mr.Ledger, hopefully Gilliam's does his thing and snap his bad streak.

Feb 19 - 07:13 PM


Matt Olson

This movie is going to be a unbelievable exit for the late great Mr.Ledger, hopefully Gilliam does his thing and snaps his bad streak.

Depp, Farrell, Law, and Ledger, to bad they couldn't collaborate earlier. I might be anticipating this more than The Dark Knight.. ok maybe not but it still sounds like it could be sick!

Feb 19 - 07:16 PM


Matt Baer

sick cast if this is true great way to pay homage

Feb 19 - 07:26 PM

Meow Skywalker

Tim Rosenberger

This might be the movie that finally turns me gay...

Feb 19 - 07:47 PM


Leueyni Richardson

Awesome casts. Cant wait to see it :).

Jul 21 - 02:11 PM

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