Exclusive: State of Play - Director's Commentary

The helmer on adapting the TV series.

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State of Play

"Part of the problem with Brad was that the dynamic of the relationship between the journalist and the politician was meant to be one where the journalist is a damaged figure who's turned inwards on himself and he looks up to his friend who's gone a completely different way than he has -- very glossy, ambitious and seems to be affecting change in the world. The journalist is a scruffy character who's let himself go and for Brad to do that, to be the guy who doesn't get the girl, somehow it's very hard to buy. Russell was perfectly suited to it and he really made the part his own and the truth is it's now very hard to see anyone else in that role. He always puts character first and any other considerations fall by the wayside. He took the look of the guy and his damaged, flawed nature much further than I expected and it was much bolder than I'd imagined."