Exclusive: State of Play - Director's Commentary

The helmer on adapting the TV series.

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State of Play

"Russell is fantastic at the little details that he'll come up with for the character, non-verbally or in some subtle way. But the master of it is Robin Wright Penn, who has so little screen time as the wife. I remember when she came onto set, her first scene was a scene in which she didn't have any dialogue -- a scene towards the end where they're all sitting around a conference table and Ben Affleck's character is giving his version of events. Robin's character, Ann Collins, is very affected by this because she's hearing her husband reveal the truth about what happened. You just see Robin's face three times during that, and at the end she stands up and leaves because she can't take it, but what Robin Wright Penn registers in those three shots is just fantastic and I remember being blown away by it on set."