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The animated movie greatly expands on the kids' book on which it's based in a clever and engaging first half. But the second half leaves a foul aftertaste. Slapdash action scenes play against dreary warnings to fear wealth and beauty.

September 18, 2009 Full Review Source: New York Post | Comments (5)
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Cara Paul

This reviewer writes:
"not because the filmmaking digerati are actually nostalgic for low tech themselves, but because they think it, like poverty and ugliness, suits the sweaty throngs out beyond the 310 area code who are messing up the planet."
a) How do they know what "the filmmaking digerati" are thinking.. and b)anyone who references the 310 area code in a movie review is not even speaking to the population outside of it because how would anyone else know where that area code even is without looking it up. Speaking of pretentious!

Sep 18 - 08:59 AM

D H.


Any tool that gives a rotten review to "District 9" and "Star Trek", but then gives a fresh review to "I love you, Beth Cooper", deserves to be smacked in the face. Stop critiquing movies. You suck at it...

Sep 18 - 09:29 AM


Sean Mullen

Amazing. You live in a strange world there, Kyle. One where people making a funny animated movie are actually sitting behind closed doors, plotting how to strike out at wealth and even - wait for it - yes, "prettiness". Assuming that you're actually being serious, you even liken the filmmakers to "Puritans and the Taliban" in their hatred of all things pretty. So Kyle, are you joking, paranoid, or just plain stupid? My guess is a pretty balanced mix of paranoid and stupid.

The character of Sam finally putting on her glasses and wearing a ponytail is what he's referring to with his comment about Taliban-like attacks on "prettiness". First of all, let's take a moment to recognize that women with glasses and ponytails aren't ugly to the vast majority of us. Clearly, Kyle has more restrictive standards than most people in what he likes from his women, assuming he's ever spoken to one, but me? I likes me the sexy librarian look. And for the main character of the film, a nerdy, socially inept scientist named Flint, the sexy, brainy librarian happens to be his dream-girl. Far from a Taliban-like, Puritanical slap at prettiness, despite Kyle's confident claims to the contrary.

As for the supposed attacks on wealth, there's nothing of the sort ever mentioned or even implied. At most, the Mayor provides a cautionary tale about greed when he sets aside obvious foresight in favor of immediate and insanely dangerous gain, but what that has to do with bad-mouthing wealth is beyond me. All that's badmouthed is irresponsibility and lack of foresight.

Well, I should probably end on that, before Kyle starts to imagine that I'm some kind of secret government agent, hell-bent on taking his wealth from him by torpedoing his pitiful comprehension abilities.

I recommend going to see Cloudy with expectations of absurd humor and fun characters. It's a good time, pure and simple. And don't worry, your chances of being recruited into the Taliban by seeing it should be incredibly slim.

Sep 20 - 01:29 PM

Yesenia P.

Yesenia Pumarada Cruz

Finally, a movie that warns children on the things that make them become anorexic or delinquent young adults!

Of all the critiques I read, positive and negative, this one was the one that convinced me to see this film.

Oct 30 - 08:16 AM

Francesco F.

Jacob Smith

Since Kyle gave it a negative review that can only mean one thing, and one thing only, this movie is good!

Mar 29 - 09:21 PM

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