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Dahl aficionados will be disappointed at the Americanisation of it all, while Anderson fans will doubtless grow tired of the predictable nature of proceedings.

October 23, 2009 Full Review Source: IGN Movies UK | Comments (14)
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The Savage

P Hello Kitty

How can you honestly say "doubtless" in your review attempt? You're saying that without question people will get tired of things? Ridiculous. How can you qualify this?

Nov 2 - 05:36 AM

Scappy D.

Scappy Doo

"while Anderson fans will doubtless grow tired of the predictable nature of proceedings."

Nope, I still love Anderson movies and can't wait.

Nov 2 - 04:31 PM



I just don't want to see it because that type of animation is creepy.

Nov 3 - 01:03 PM


Sara Nicholls

I'm English, and I'd say it's in no way overly-Americanised, but how can Anderson give it some of his unique AMERICAN style without it being slightly Americanised?
It's not predictable just because it has an ending that was happy - you can tell he was very clear to steer well away from cliches - there are many points in the film where he could have easily slipped into predictable tediom, but he didn't.
Chris, you're just plain...wrong. And I don't like saying that when it comes to opinions.

Nov 3 - 03:11 PM


Eric Johnson

Another critic who carries his political baggage right into his articles.

Nov 3 - 04:10 PM


Abraham Lincoln

The proceedings are very likely predictable as it was previously a great children's book. Unfortunately some people just do not comprehend Wes Anderson's greatness. You, unfortunately, are one of them Chris.

Nov 5 - 08:56 PM


James C.

Just because the film is made by an American doesn't mean it's been Americanized. Anderson is also a Texan, does that mean the film has been Texanized? Bollocks, I say! ;-)

Nov 6 - 12:47 AM

Marcus W.

Marcus Welshonse

Like one little known critic ever kept me from watching a movie that looks like a great movie to watch.

Nov 6 - 05:02 PM


george glass

I don't know what's worse; the critic who assumes his opinion is professional, or the fan who has told himself he will like a movie even before seeing it.

Nov 7 - 04:47 AM

Balls McHammer

kolya Fist

Dahl aficionados? What? Little kids? Jesus dude. Dahl wrote some refreshing creative children s books, but why do morons like you use him and mock up like he's some sort of literary genius all in an effort to take a stab at Wes Anderson and Americans.

Nov 7 - 06:37 AM

Premo Beat

John Noto

He's not Faulkner, but I would say Roald Dahl qualifies to enter the pantheon of literary geniuses.

Nov 8 - 08:11 PM

Psycho Manana Banana Man

Declan Mckeown

I'm British and have seen it and can say you're wrong, it's truly fantastic and totally original.

Nov 12 - 11:36 AM

Max the Movie Kid

Max Chittock

In my opinion, it wouldn't have been so fantastic if it weren't Americanized!

Nov 24 - 11:27 AM

Film Freak

Mark Kruger

Oh, grow up!

Dec 31 - 09:16 PM

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