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Sorry, but the late reward hardly justifies all that punishment.

February 19, 2010 Full Review Source: Globe and Mail | Comments (14)
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Dan O.

Dan OConnell

Now you know how your wife feels after sex

Feb 19 - 06:26 PM


Sam Rocker

Dan O...False. This is a one line sum up of the entire movie.

A 138 minute walk for a shockless, twistless drink...

Feb 20 - 10:25 PM

Dan O.

Dan OConnell

shut the hell up ****** I didn't say **** about the movie get a ****ing life

Feb 20 - 10:39 PM

Danny M.

Danny Mullins

I don't see what was the punishment? So I guess you knew from the beginning how everything would play out? Bull****! Let's see the screenplay you're working on. I bet it's painfully predictable.

Feb 22 - 03:43 AM


Sam Rocker

It was kind of easy to know how the ending was going to play out. the ending won an oscar for best picture a few years back, it was called "a beautiful mind." You might remember it...

no originality from scorsese, he should have take the story (which btw was an adapted screenplay from a novel, he didn't write it, just fyi) and made it his own

Feb 25 - 08:07 PM


Taylor Eliason

Except for the ending to this wasn't the same as A Beautiful Mind. Nice try though!

Feb 27 - 10:08 AM

harry b.

harry bergenfield

Having a movie maintaining mystery until the last couple scenes doesn't qualify it as a good movie... Richard Kelly's, The Box is a perfect example of that. I see the movie as I see Fight Club. Visually, it was very interesting and the movie works off of stringing you out until you're surprised at the very end-- it's not really about anything. I enjoyed watching Shutter Island (despite the few technical mistakes), but by no means should it be considered a great movie. "Sorry, but the late reward hardly justifies all that punishment." -- That accurately describes the structure of the movie.

Feb 28 - 03:06 PM

girly g.

girly girl

it is a great movie! what technical flaws?
seriously i want to know, please comment :)

May 22 - 05:13 PM

Ben B.

Ben Bernard

It was a late reward, but I thought the development of the plot was very interesting. You condemn the "daliesque" scenes, but I felt that there were very well done and in fact provided a true experience. The different movie genres didn't take away from the movie, but instead meshed beautifully and produced something unique. The major twist was a bit predictable, but the last line DiCaprio says adds a whole different twist, which many people didn't catch. I am no movie expert or "Top Critic," but I think this was the best movie I've ever seen

Mar 7 - 05:22 PM

girly g.

girly girl

this movie is amazing and it is a true experience in the theatre especially
saw it 10 times!!!
its on my top 5 favorite movies list, along with every other martin scorsese movie

May 22 - 05:16 PM

Tom Wolf

Tom Seath

I am not sure that I watched the same film as you did. It is about an exploration of loss, madness and delusion but above all great entertainment.
It also has a few things to say about Psychiatry and power in institutions.

Mar 12 - 11:05 AM

Ted S.

Ted Straton

Sorry rick, but critics like you are only good for peeing in other people's cheerios. That's why you aren't asked out for many meals.Probably best you stay at home anywho....

Jun 12 - 08:58 PM


Kevin Nash

The fact that you look at the film's ending as trying or needing to be a "reward", I think, says wonders about the experiment Scorsese was playing on his audience here- and proves you're just another blind lab rat.

Jun 23 - 03:33 PM


Pat S.

If thrills and suspense feels like "punishment" to you, maybe you shouldn't watch movies from the thriller genre.

Jan 10 - 11:52 AM

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