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When the big reveal hits, it's the first big yawn of the film, and the tension dies a sudden death as we wait impatiently for the film to tie up all of its loose ends.

July 4, 2010 Full Review Source: DCist | Comments (21)


Alexander M.

Alexander Melvin

I counter argue, you never went to film school, and maybe a mathmatician or something, final remarks
think of the rule 4
something about 67....i forget the quote help me out people please

Jul 16 - 09:22 PM

R B.


@Alexander M.
Film school or not, this film is as boring as a long and tedious class...

Aug 4 - 12:01 PM

Venkata V.

Venkata Vatsavaya

Spot on Ian.

Jul 17 - 06:11 AM

Haley G.

Haley Grebener

were we watching the same movie? i totally disagree with you

Jul 28 - 09:10 PM

Matt Cuffe

Matthew Cuffe

i agree with this review. after the reveal near the end i completely lost interest in the film.

Aug 1 - 10:50 AM


Daniel Brampton

I agree too. Most of it was great, but the ending just wasn't for me.

Aug 11 - 01:06 PM


Japes .

This movie was awesome. It was a little confusing I admit, but it was a great movie.

Aug 5 - 06:30 AM

Howard S.

Howard Smith

This is not a great movie, i completely agree with Ian, the end is just lazy, and boring

Aug 20 - 04:01 AM

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Dirty Potatoes

Billy Pinkerton

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Sep 27 - 04:39 AM

Jack U.

Jack Ungsgård

Completly agree, even though I do like the kind of plot twists presented in this film they just couldn't pull it of smothly enough. Tieing up all those loose ends, like you said, took way too long to keep up the tension.

I still thought it was a fairly good movie though and I would definetly give it a thumbs up over a thumbs down, but it still could've been, and in fact should have been, a much better movie.

Sep 18 - 01:10 PM

Tiffany H.

Tiffany HitGirl

you need to go get a life!!!!!! shutter island rules and your just 2 stupid 2 see it!!!! i bet you just looked at the cover and guessed that it was bad because your too lazy to put a disc in your dvd player. BUURN

Sep 19 - 11:39 AM

pao d.

pao del

i disagree, i like a movie that lets the ending up for discussion after ive seen it, not one that has an ending thats one thing only, at least here it left space for my imagination. i thought it was awesome

Oct 31 - 06:15 PM

Fred L.

Fred Loeb

Exactly. You wanted Teddy Daniels to be a hero and the fact that he was insane was just a boring cop-out.

Dec 13 - 03:20 PM

Alan Smithee

Alan Smithee

The big reveal is the biggest cliche in psychological thriller twists. Sad because the entire film was riding on it. Scorsese can and has done better ... MUCH better.

Dec 19 - 02:49 PM

Alan Smithee

Alan Smithee

The big reveal is the biggest cliche in psychological thriller twists. Sad because the entire film was riding on it. C'mon Scorsese, you're better than that ...

Dec 19 - 02:56 PM

Jesse I.

Jesse Isbell

Yeah, dude. This review isn't even remotely decent. It's just plain bad.

Dec 27 - 07:22 AM


Link O'Fett

I thought the ending was awesome. It was a little cliche at first, but there was enough spice to it that it felt fresh.

Feb 25 - 11:59 PM

Benjamin Sauer

Benjamin Sauer

It was a cliche, until it had the small possibility that he may not be mad.

Dec 7 - 08:00 AM

Benjamin Sauer

Benjamin Sauer

It was cliche, then it had the small possibility that he may not be mad.

Dec 7 - 08:04 AM

Konrad Rapaport

Konrad Rapaport

at the end of the movie he wasn't a lunatic. He just faked being a marshal because he wanted to get the operation and become a better man.

Jan 6 - 09:51 PM

Amanda Lincks

Amanda Lincks

thank you...I thought that was the great thing about the movie, He had finally come to the reality of who he was and he chose rather to remain the Heroic person that he thought he was in the first place instead of the monster that he now knew himself to be...

It really seems like a lot of critics on here are completely missing this crucial message right at the end...

Feb 3 - 10:07 PM

Josh S.

Josh Strickfaden

It wasn't made to have a typical reveal impact, a fact I wish most viewers realized. It was more of a childhood bedtime story with a strong moral ending, not a guessing game. Perhaps it was made for certain people to understand and others to disagree, which makes it that much more of a hard hitter.

Mar 22 - 03:24 AM

Narek Bazyan

Narek Bazyan

Either you have an attention span of a fly or just too uneducated to understand that every single scene held great importance. Go watch it 5 more times, and maybe then you will understand the beauty of Shutter Island. If all else fails, google a summary so that the pea-brain of yours could understand.

Jun 27 - 11:41 PM

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