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½ July 31, 2014
série B de filmes de tubaroes! Nao é nenhum Sharknado, mas vê-se bem! e é baseado nos eventos reais que deram origem ao Jaws
October 26, 2012
Honnête téléfilm avec un dialogue culte déjà culte: "désolé pour la bière sur ton costume l'autre jour..."
" nan ce n'est rien...je sentais juste un peu le saloon!" Mouwahah!!!
September 19, 2012
Disliked the fact that in this movie, too, the species committing the nefarious deeds was a white (albeit MUCH smaller) while in fact t'was a bull shark, the only one that could swim 'up the creek,' pardon the pun, and thereby survive in freshwater (the ichthyologist on hand here mentions this). This film follows the facts of what unfolded in New Jersey nearly 100 years ago, but I nonetheless lamented, too, that it was nearly identical in plot to Jaws, down to someone being killed seconds after warning a small group to leave the water, a bullheaded official keeping the waters open despite the dangers, and the seasoned old salt chewing the scenery and being proven right.
½ August 18, 2012
Probably the worst killer shark movie conceived.
August 27, 2011
This movie is really bad.
and then that awful, awful romantic storyline in it......
August 9, 2011
loved it This is very much a real avent that took place and did not need to be dramatised and the film is almost a documentary. Jaws was inspired by this series of events and apart from a young boy being taken alive that is where it ends . If you are like myself that loves a film that sticks to the truth then this is a must see. You will still find it hard to believe but believe me it did happen. Not as good as my all time fav shark flick the reef (also based on true events) which as far as i am concerned is just a real classic. Please note The Reef is not as true as the real story look up the Adventura 1983 to find the real story but only after the film
Super Reviewer
June 16, 2010
This is an excellent B shark movie, about 1916 shark attacks along New Jersey Coast. Only fault of the movie, it was filmed in South Africa, no where along Jersey Caost does it look like scenes in the film, but still an interesting story. 4 Stars
August 6, 2009
I 'love' shark movies that are based on real events - not. They are always so unbelievable that I just don't care to watch them. Just because it is based on an animal that actually exists doesn't mean there is anything legit about it.
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March 28, 2009
No thankyou - Not interested
August 14, 2008
Tell me if this plot synopsis sounds familiar:

An ocean community is shocked when a series of shark attacks plague their waters right around the 4th of July holiday, threatening to impact their summer business. Although the initial victim clearly died due to a shark attack, the coroner poo-poos this idea, claiming any number of things could've caused this swimmer's death. Much discussion ensues about whether the beaches should be closed, but a stubborn mayor refuses to give the order. The consequences are disastrous, because the shark's next victim is a young boy. A reward is soon offered for the shark's death. A marine biologist arrives from out of town to help make sense of the monster's actions, and puts forth the theory that the shark is both a Great White and rogue. Meanwhile, a gruff, cantankerous captain does everything in his power to get rid of the predator, chewing up nearly as much scenery as the shark itself. The final act of the movie is an extended shark hunting sequence, with three men alone on the ocean, in the crazy captain's dilapidated boat.

Nope... doesn't ring a bell.

It's no secret that Jaws was based (loosely) on the real-life 1916 New Jersey shark attacks, and this made-for-TV film dramatizes the events perfectly. But the movie feels like an "also ran", directed with far less artistry than Spielberg's film, and boasting a much less inspired cast. (Even John Rhys Davies, who plays the Quint-like character here, barely seems to be going through the motions.)

It doesn't help that the plot feels old and tired, while Jaws felt new and fresh upon its release. Even some of the dialogue here is virtually recycled from Spielberg's classic... compare 12 Days of Terror's "This boat looks kind of small," to Jaws' "We're gonna need a bigger boat". And the screenplay, co-written by Halloween III's Tommy Lee Wallace, never quite captures the feeling of a community in terror. A few individual people, yes, but not an entire town.

Although I greatly enjoyed the 1916 setting, and the warm, slightly sepia tones employed by the cinematographer, I can't really recommend 12 Days of Terror. It's an interesting companion piece to Spielberg's film, but not terribly significant beyond that.

(Although the shark looks pretty good.)
½ August 13, 2008
Like Jaws but set during an older time period. Same concept. I enjoyed it.
May 8, 2008
Isn't this one with all the crappy shark swallows, ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!
February 11, 2008
I usually like movies that are based on true facts but this one was too boring and it looked cheap, it was too "hallmark". I rented this movie but I believe it was made for tv because of the way it's edited. Bad everything, bad acting, bad "special effects", baqd dialogue, with this tory they could have done so much more
July 6, 2007
The sharks apparently didn't like New Jersey back in the early 1900s. Go figure.
½ November 24, 2007
July 31, 2007
well told story about the New Jersey shark attacks - a little boring but worth watching
August 10, 2007
Good compared to other straight to DVD shark films.Sticks to the real incident pretty well,good story,surprisingly good production value,and SFX we're up to date enough.Really my only complaint is the acting,and it was sort of boring.
July 20, 2007
i wanna c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
July 18, 2007
I've studied the 1916 New Jersey shark attacks so much that when this movie came out i pretty much knew what was going to happen but it was still really good. They used all that actual names and they used the names of the actual places. The movie was well done and i really enjoyed it.
½ July 9, 2007
One of the better shark movies and my favorite behind Jaws,Deep Blue Sea, and Jaws 2
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