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½ May 11, 2010
O.k. This was not a most fantastic movie,or one that will stay in your mind
your whole life. However, it will stay in there for meybe quite some years.

I just got through watching it, May 12th. 2010 . I have heard about it, very little though, and seen commercials about it. Yet, still had no idea, what it was about. From the name, you figure it has something to do with a pair of
pants. Thus, you assume, who ever is,or was wearing those pants, is
who the movie is all about. Well, I won't say. You'll have to go see it for yourself.

Anyways, a good cast of charecters, all comeing from totally different views, which always helps, plus a little bit of a tie in , with eachother, yet,
perhaps unknown to some, while surely known by others.
It's not exactly a love story, or a drug film, or a thief type of film,or a story
about a rock and roll band, or a guy/girl lost in thier idea of life.
Nor, is it a cop movie. Yet, you might see a few of those in there. haha.
It's quite a unique story still the same. Told pretty well, not that your
wondering what ? , untill the twenty minuttes later part, that you'll almost miss , unless someone tells you, :See !!!.....haha.

You'll like this film, because you'll also notice meybe pieces of yourself within some of the peaple in this movie, or meybe you'll just be a friend of a person in the movie, viewing a lot of your friends, past and present.
As I said, I wouldn't call this a fantasic movie, yet I wouldn't pass it up either.
You'll have your own opinion, of course, yet, you'll never have it, till you
see it.
Perhaps Jim ,Mario, and Cherryl couldn't quite understand where exactly
the charecters were comeing from, or where they had been, and where they wish to go ? They say it was all too boreing, not worth seeing.
Well, if you like some t.v. drama's, with just a tiny spark of comedy, then
this is for you. Obviously, they didn't see the comical twists in the
various scenes, because a few were well hidden, but you had to just catch them.
June 7, 2009
It takes a little longer than I would have liked for it to get interesting, but it is still a funny misadventure.
August 9, 2009
For a movie following the simple and proven formula of "wild night out" flicks, this film manages to make viewers wish they themselves had gone out, instead of staying in to watch this pedantic snorefest.
½ October 12, 2008
Amusing story with a terrific cast, Tom Wilkinson, Selma Blair and especially Nick Stahl. Well written and directed. Interesting throughout, a fun movie.
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