Critics Consensus: Green Zone Feels Stale

Plus, She's Out of My League, Remember Me, and Our Family Wedding are all rotten.

This week at the movies, we've got Iraq War intrigue (Green Zone, starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear); opposites attracting (She's Out of My League, starring Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve); brooding and bonding (Remember Me, starring Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin); and multicultural matrimony (Our Family Wedding, starring America Ferrera and Forest Whitaker). What do the critics have to say?
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Green Zone

At their best, the Bourne movies were models of mainstream filmmaking -- intelligent, suspenseful, and timely. However, critics say that if you got a little queasy with those films' use of the shaky-cam, you'll need a suitcase full of Dramamine for Green Zone, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass' latest collaboration. Damon stars as an Army inspector in Bagdad in the early days of the Iraq War, on the trail of those pesky weapons of mass destruction. What he finds instead is a hotbed of intrigue, with various officials spinning the truth. The pundits say Green Zone is smarter than average, and features typically assured work from Damon. However, others say it feels a bit stale and simplistic, and its overdone technique does the material few favors. (Check out this week's Total Recall, in which we count down Damon's best-reviewed films.)

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She's Out of My League

Can a dorky guy and a smoking-hot girl find love? This central conceit has been the basis for a number of comedies. She's Out of My League, critics say, is periodically funnier and more insightful than most -- until it gets bogged down in excessive vulgarity and buffoonish behavior. Kirk (Jay Baruchel) is an average Joe who, after a meet-cute, finds himself dating the stunning Molly (Alice Eve), much to the incredulity of Kirk's friends and family. Is love truly blind? Maybe so, pundits say, but She's Out of My League is often (tone-) deaf, squandering its smarter-than-average moments by taking the low road once too often.

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Remember Me

Nobody can blame Robert Pattinson for trying to stretch beyond the sparkly confines of Twilight-land. However, critics say he's going to have to find better vehicles than Remember Me, a so-so romantic drama with a tasteless final twist. Random happenstance unites Tyler (Pattinson) and Ally (Emilie de Ravin), two young New Yorkers with family issues -- and more baggage than LaGuardia. Can these crazy kids make it work? Unfortunately, pundits say Remember Me isn't elevated by its likable leads -- it's mannered and sluggish, and the film's finale is just... wrong.

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Our Family Wedding

Weddings are usually joyous occasions, but they can also bring out the worst in people. Our Family Wedding attempts to mine this territory for laughs, but critics say it's mostly an implausible, laugh-free affair. Mexican-American Lucia (America Ferrera) and African-American Marcus (Lance Gross) are deeply in love, but their families aren't as smitten with one another, tossing bitter insults in lieu of rice. The pundits say whatever humor could be derived from this promising scenario -- and the film's stellar players -- is strenuously avoided, with crassness and broad contrivance carrying the day.

Also opening this week in limited release:

  • Bong Joon-ho's Mother, a drama about a woman fighting for her mentally impaired son, is at 87 percent.
  • Children of Invention, about a single mother who gets mixed up in some financial crimes, is at 83 percent.
  • The Exploding Girl, starring Zoe Kazan as a young woman in the midst of a romantic breakdown, is at 67 percent.
  • The Romanian import Delta, about a complex relationship between a long-lost pair of siblings, is at 67 percent.
  • Tales from the Script, a doc in which a group of distinguished screenwriters talk about their trade, is at 63 percent.
  • Stolen, starring Josh Lucas and Jon Hamm as two men looking for their missing sons, is at zero percent.


Dave J

Dave J

It's "Green Zone" for me and the right wingest can keep there damn politics to themselves!!

Mar 11 - 04:55 PM

King Crunk

King Crunk

None of these films were on my radar as must sees, but I will probably rent Green Zone when it hits DVD. I have to admit, I kind of want to find out about this wrong ending to Remember Me, I'm intrigued to see what could make it so bad lol.

Mar 11 - 05:32 PM

Throw An Onion

Crornk Kaleidescope

What King Krunk said. Now you've got me interested in Remember Me. Of course this is why we have Wikepedia. So I'll be skipping everything hitting the cinemas this week.

Mar 11 - 06:02 PM

Throw An Onion

Crornk Kaleidescope

Wow, that is truly the worst attempt at a twist ending I've ever read in my entire life.

Mar 11 - 06:12 PM

August M.

Agustin Macias

Green Zone will have to do.

Mar 11 - 06:19 PM

Jaxx Raxor

Adam Jones

Another pathetic week at the movies. I wasn't really enthusiastic about any of the four wide releases but the critic scores prove it. Green Zone will probably suffer both from a lack of interest in the Iraq war and politics. A shame because I loved the Borne movies.

I think it would be really interesting if you take the basic premise of She's Out of my League and flip the sexes. I'd love to see an average woman try to get a attractive male "out of her league" but I guess seeing how well sex sells in the movie industry that wouldn't be profitable.

Remember me looks bad, but I suspect that it will be number for this week if only because of the teen girls flocking to see Pattinson. That movie isn't geared towards me anyway.

Our Family Wedding looks like an early contender for worse movie of 2010, the reviews are just atrocious.

Mar 11 - 06:20 PM


J Taylor

Green Zone looked good to start with since it has a good actor/director and the Bourne style going for it. Then you find out it's a stupid "Bush lied to us" in order to get us in the Iraq War movie. I suspect this one will find its niche on the Left Coast and North East. Middle America will take a pass.

Mar 11 - 07:25 PM

Alexson Philip

Alexson Philipiah


Mar 11 - 08:58 PM


Mike Greenblatt

Remember Me? My money is on them being brother and sister. Anybody got a better idea?

Mar 11 - 09:34 PM

Alex L.

Alex Lavoie

another ****ty week for realeases...

Mar 11 - 09:59 PM

inactive user

Jared King

"Green Zone" is a rental. Looks like the Direct to video sequel to the "Bourne" films.

Mar 11 - 10:07 PM

Matt L.

Matt Lubisich

lets just say that remember me is set in the summer of 2001 and ends on a certain day of 2001 that led to the move green zone. kind of ironic, but unbelievably tasteless considering how misleading the advertising for the film is.

Mar 11 - 10:20 PM


That Guy

Just like most other people here, this weekend will be one big Meh.

Green Zone has been sparsely advertised. She's Out of My League looks dumb and will only appeal to pre-teen guys. A small group of girls will probably see Remember Me but it won't get anywhere near Twilight. Otherwise, nothing special.

Alice in Wonderland will probably win the weekend again.

Mar 11 - 10:46 PM

Jerry M.

Jerry Mancera

I wonder how long it will take the bottom-liners in Hollywood to get the message and make movies that have intrigue, drama, and plots that you can't figure out until the end. Movies that leave us inspired or actually have a message that we can think about after we leave the theater. Instead we get gore, and sequels 1-5 of the same plot, or a promise of a frontal nude scene in a movie just to sell it. I guess they have not realized that we movie goers are more sophisticated now days and know when we are being handled.

Mar 11 - 10:48 PM

Throw An Onion

Crornk Kaleidescope

@Jerry M

I'm assuming July 16th will be a good day for you.

Mar 11 - 10:57 PM

Jaxx Raxor

Adam Jones

Wow Matt L. you basically gave away the ending to Remember Me. Not that many people who comment on Rotten Tomatoes is going to care but still....

Mar 11 - 10:49 PM

Throw An Onion

Crornk Kaleidescope

@Jerry M

I'm assuming July 16th will be a good day for you.

Mar 11 - 10:57 PM

ernest e.

ernest egberink

Green zone shakecam is bad. It shakes and flashes like hell, don't go see it if you got epilepsy.

Mar 11 - 11:33 PM


Goatmeal Go

If Green Zone bombs at the boxoffice, you can expect Damon and Greengrass back on board for Bourne 4, after swalling their pride.

Mar 12 - 02:58 AM


christopher cantos

i thin Greenzone will suffer with the Hurt Locker comparison.

Mar 12 - 03:13 AM


Matt St. John

That vampire b!tch dies in the World Trade Center on 9/11 at the end of Remember Me! There, I said it! Hate me all you want, but it truly is the most offensive ending I've ever seen put on film! It'll only be a matter of days before everyone knows and starts talking about how the end of the movie is the most shameless attempt at tear-jerking in the history of cinema anyway!!

Mar 12 - 03:18 AM

August M.

Agustin Macias

Shame, I was pretty sure an angry mob of Comic Con fans were going to kill him. TWILIGHT RUINED COMIC CON '09!

Mar 12 - 03:56 AM


dethburger hates Flixster

You are an @ss.

Its not your place to decide what movies people should or shouldn't see and spoilers are unacceptable here at RT.

Consider yourself reported.

Mar 12 - 04:33 AM


Stephanie Bertone

Why should users get reported for spoilers when I read a review from a top critic that just gave the ending away with no warning?

Mar 12 - 06:22 AM


dethburger hates Flixster

Two wrongs do not make a right.

When we signed up to RT we agreed NOT to purposefully post spoilers.

It shouldn't be tolerated no matter what the excuse.

As for the critic, RT has been informed of that as well. They will be the first to admit that things slip by them and they need our help in policing these boards.

Mar 12 - 08:44 PM

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