Exclusive: Brand New The Children Photos and Director Introduction

Tom Shankland premieres 13 new shots exclusively on RT.

Introducing The Children

Horror is full of creepy kid movies, but when Christmas dinner turns into a viral apocalypse as a rabble of tots get violent in new British film The Children it's the moral choices faced by the parents that provide the real terror - how do you kill your own child? Writing exclusively for RT, director Tom Shankland presents the first gallery of Matt Nettheim's stills from the set and takes us in to the twisted depths of his mind...



Greg Christie

I hate being the type of dick to say this type of thing, but this film already exists and it's called "Who Can Kill a Child."

Seriously, it's the same damn movie, only that one is far more epic. Everything this guy describes is in that movie. I don't doubt for one moment that he hasn't seen it and is shamelessly ripping off of it. I'm surprised he's getting away with it.

For years, that movie was nearly impossible to find, but it finally got a decent dvd release last spring and all the horror mags like Rue Morgue and Fangoria covered the sh*t out of it.

Really, same movie. Except the stills here are unimpressive.

Sep 26 - 08:28 AM

Joe Utichi

Joe Utichi

I believe they're well aware of Who Can Kill a Child, and in fact in Tom's original copy he talks about the influence of that film, though for space we weren't able to include his comment. The Children, he says, takes the concept a step further in that it involves the parents of the kids.

I've followed the film for a while and think there could well be something in it, hence the decision to profile it here. I believe they hadn't screened Who Can Kill A Child when the script was being written but saw it ahead of starting production.

Sep 26 - 09:14 AM

Rash Hunt

Rash Hunt

This is exactly why I keep recommending to city hall that they build more wells, we need somewhere to keep the little flea *****ers while they roam like infested bags of plague. No one is gonna want to kill them, so throw em in a well.

And if the "live doll" of the child involves anything less than a slow motion train impact I will be very dissapointed. I suggest the director email the scene to me so that I may snicker and promote his dirty film project.

Will there be nudity? If you want to push lines with children, you know there is only one way.

Sep 27 - 07:52 AM


susan davie

WOW...Just heard my bros told me some hot models are putting up their profile on a tall dating site ___Tallchat.com___,are they just on fire or what??

Sep 28 - 02:11 AM


Kevan Brenay

Sounds like a very promising film. But I am getting tired of the virus thing in horror films. Although in our society today that is what works, back in the 60's and 70's they used religion and mysticism to scare the heck out of you, now it is science that scares people.

Sep 28 - 12:56 PM

Sara Pobiedzinska

Sara Pobiedzinska

cudowni < 3

Mar 22 - 03:45 AM

Sara Pobiedzinska

Sara Pobiedzinska

cudowni <3

Mar 22 - 03:48 AM

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