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The movie is ridiculously over the top, inelegant and so defiantly 
 that it works, reminding you how fun gore and creatures that go bump 
 grind) in the night can be.

June 3, 2010 Full Review Source: TIME Magazine | Comments (2)
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hays b.

hays berry

Well, you reviewed the bad parts of Splice quite beautifully, but you're leaving out of all the metaphorical content is criminal. Seriously, thats a ton of the movie.

This is not a dumb movie. It has ocassional dumb dialogue. Yes the ancilliary actors are weak as hell. But the questions posed explicitly and implicitly about what it means to be human, and our eternal attempts to erase our savage nature in place of one that follows the rules, are basically totally badass.

Reviewing only the campy aspects of a low budget movie is a cowardly way to appear insightful, Mary.

If you think this is just a "fun" movie with lots of fun "gore," then you reviewed the top layer of splice, and not the real, mutated guts of the thing.

Weak sauce.

Jun 5 - 12:02 AM

Tyburn G.

Tyburn Gallows

Splice was a terrible, convoluted, laugh-out-loud mess. The too-cool-for-school, Emo scientist team that created the monster was way too immature, irresponsible and unethical to be believed as pioneer's in their field. And, how contrived was the name of the lab they worked for, Nucleic Enzyme Research and Development (A.K.A. N.E.R.D)? Seriously ? Which leads me to the creature's name, Dren (nerd spelled backwards). That's a rip-off from an old episode of Happy Days. In that episode, Joanie Cunningham has a crush on Potsie Weber and nicknames him Dren because, although everyone thinks he's a nerd, she thinks he's the opposite. Also, how could the scientists that created Dren not be able to explain what animal D.N.A. they used to arrive at their all-purpose, wonder creature? They must have just thrown in a little of this and a little of that (making sure note to include anything dangerous, of course). The thing was able to continue developing outside the womb after being prematurely removed, could breath under water, could jump extremely high, had a venemous stinger that regenerated itself, was intelligent, could sprout wings out of nowhere and was attractive enough to seduce Adrian Brody. That's right, I said seduce Adrian Brody. That, right there, is enough to prove my point. Ridiculous. Half the theater was chuckling and the other half groaning. I'm all for kinky sex but that was part beastiality and part incest, especially since Brody's character raised her like his daughter. He must have attended the Woody Allen school of parenting. And, then, in the end, the creature, without explanation, changes sex, develops an Oedipal Complex, kills it's "father" and rapes it's "mother." I can go on pointing out the films flaws but I'll just end by saying save your money!!! I'd like to see the guys at Mystery Science Theater get their hands on this one. The work will do itself.

Jun 7 - 08:48 PM

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