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Critic Consensus: It isn't deep or groundbreaking, but what it lacks in profundity, Puss in Boots more than makes up for with an abundance of wit, visual sparkle, and effervescent charm.

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Long before he even met Shrek, the notorious fighter, lover and outlaw Puss in Boots becomes a hero when he sets off on an adventure with the tough and street smart Kitty Softpaws and the mastermind Humpty Dumpty to save his town. This is the true story of The Cat, The Myth, The Legend... The Boots. -- (C) Dreamworks/Paramountmore
Rating: PG (for some adventure action and mild rude humor)
Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Kids & Family, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Comedy
Directed By:
Written By: Chris Miller, Tom Wheeler, Chris Miller, Brian Lynch, Will Davies
In Theaters:
On DVD: Feb 24, 2012
Box Office: $149.2M
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Antonio Banderas
as Puss in Boots
Salma Hayek
as Kitty Softpaws
Zach Galifianakis
as Humpty Dumpty
Guillermo del Toro
as Comandante/Moustache...
Bo Dietl
as Bounty Hunter
Tom Wheeler
as Bartender/Hotel Owne...
Mike Mitchell (VI)
as Andy Beanstalk
Bob Joles
as Guiseppe
Conrad Vernon
as Raoul/Soldier
Nina Barry
as Ivana/Charo
Chris Miller
as Boy Blue/Friar Mille...
Latifa Ouaou
as Little Boy/Milk Lady...
Tom McGrath
as Bar Thief
Jessica Schulte
as Estella Maria
Rich Dietl
as Bounty Hunter
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A refreshing departure from the "Shrek" films, this animated comedy is jam-packed with witty dialogue and charismatic characters.

Full Review… | June 30, 2013
Big Hollywood

I like this cat. I hope they make four more of these. Viva el gato!

Full Review… | June 22, 2013

Finally, there's a cat even cooler than Garfield who will win the box office as well as a place on your favorites list. His name is Puss and he wears boots.

Full Review… | February 11, 2013
We Got This Covered

Banderas vocally vamps this up in ways he never gets to do in live action films.

Full Review… | December 29, 2012
Tribune News Service

Bet the litter box that the cat in the hat will be back, Puss in Boots is fantastic family fun, both kids and adults will lap it up like a cold glass of milk.

Full Review… | October 22, 2012

Puss offers strong CGI charisma, and with a tighter narrative focus than Shrek, it's safe to say that DreamWorks has another franchise-worthy golden goose.

Full Review… | October 2, 2012

Audience Reviews for Puss in Boots


In reviewing Puss N Boots I'm going to forego all the weak cat or fairy tale puns (and gee, I just know you were waiting for some).

What you have here is a spin off from the Shrek franchise (what's next, the Gingerbread Man Tales?), where the cat is the focus, front and center. A smart move, for, aside from Eddie Murphy's scatter gun humor as Donkey, the rest of the aforementioned franchise cannot hold a candle to Antonio Banderas' suave turn as Puss.

The opening scenes are pure brilliance - high animation equaling the production values of Pixar - that the film cannot, and chooses not to maintain that level - shrug - what can I say? Regardless, those beginning scenes, with Banderas' lovely accented voiceover narration are worth the price of admission by itself. There are beautiful flights of humorous fancy on display, including homage to Sergio Leone and spaghetti western split screen.

However, after that brilliant opening 15 minutes, the film cannot sustain it (think the 2nd half of "Up", or Wall-E for further examples). Overall the story is a bit cliché, reaching 3rd grade levels of a morality and redemption type tale... and, ya know, Humpty really started to get on my nerves (which I suppose was intended, but still!!!!).

In typical Dreamwork/Shrek fashion, several fairy tales and fairy tale characters get a kick in the shorts, and actually that's part of the fun. Seeing Jack and Jill as a couple of gross thieves was a hoot, and their time on screen was about the only thing holding up the middle part of the film, which failed miserably in concocting anything magical during the scenes taking place in the Giant's castle (of Jack and The Beanstalk fame). Of course the script limited itself by first proclaiming that the Giant was dead, and secondly by failing to reveal the monsterous threat (deciding to keep that secret until later). When the monster finally makes an appearance, threatening to destroy the town of San Rodrigo, the towering, hulking figure made me think of Godzilla and my feeble brain started paraphrasing the lyric to Blue Oyster Cult's song Godzilla: "oh no, there goes Rodrigo" (see, there's a pun in here after all).

I have failed to mention, that aside of the Humpty Dumpty/ Puss dynamic there is also some kitty love - as Salma Hayek voices Kitty Softpaws, who, to use the olden day western vernacular, is a thief with a heart of gold. The interplay between Hayek and Banderas works well, and really, overall this film is good fun. Brilliant? Not quite; held back a bit by the simplistic tale at its core, but certainly with enough good animation and truly funny moments to entertain young and old (I mean, who wouldn't laugh at the suave, posing Puss ordering a glass of milk and then, instead of drinking it, daintally laps it out of a shot glass with his tongue?).

paul sandberg

Super Reviewer

Puss in Boots avoids all of the flaws of the last two Shrek movies, and revitalizes the universe in a shockingly good movie that is beautifully animated, hilariously mature, and stylish enough to make up for its spin-off nature.

Sam Barnett
Sam Barnett

Super Reviewer


Chris Miller goes nursery rhyme mash-up with Puss in Boots.Aside from a back story segment for the lead, Puss in Boots, the plot moves forward at a quick pace with the end credits happening at only the 80 minute mark. The film has a lot to work with, as it takes a number of popular nursery rhymes and shuffles them into the plot, but at the same time it keeps things simple, which contributes to the brief run time, for a family friendly experience.The comedy is light, with some obvious cat antics thrown in. There isn't much of it that feels forced, which is a good thing. Visually, there isn't anything overly impressive. Once again it is catered for a younger and less sophisticated audience.Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek are nice fits into the Spanish theme of the picture, which also has an attractive soundtrack. Zach Galifianakis ends up as nice compliment to the aforementioned leads.Puss in Boots isn't great. It isn't terrible. It's merely in between and a quick sit through.

JY Skacto

Super Reviewer

Puss in Boots Quotes

Puss in Boots: Hmmm, I smell something familiar, something dangerous, something breakfast-y.
Humpty Dumpty: It's been a long time brother.
Puss in Boots: Maldito Huevo!
– Submitted by Francesca G (3 years ago)
Puss in Boots: Very well, if it is to be a dance fight, then I will tuesday night dance fight you to the death.
– Submitted by Karen D (3 years ago)
Moustache Man: [Moustache Man shows Puss the magic means tattooed on his arm] These are the beans of legends.
Puss in Boots: Oh!
Luis: Grows the vine to the land of giants.
Moustache Man: [Moustache Man opens his shirt to reveal castle in the sky tattooed on his chest]
Luis: And the golden goose.
Puss in Boots: The golden goose!
Moustache Man: One of her eggs could set you up for life.
Luis: All nine of them. Show him the golden eggs.
Moustache Man: [Moustache Man gets up and unzips his trousers]
Puss in Boots: NO!!! Please uh... you have uh... shown enough.
– Submitted by Lorenzo V (3 years ago)
Puss in Boots: I will see you again Kitty Softpaws.
Kitty Softpaws: Sooner than you think.
– Submitted by Maya B (4 years ago)

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