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October 14, 2013
Mike Judge has always made some terrific comedies. With Extract he again makes a fun, and entertaining comedy, but compared to his other films, Extract lacks a bit. The cast are good, and there's plenty to enjoy, but it leaves something to be desired. Though I liked the film, I felt that it could have been better. The talent here involved are good in their performances, but compared to some other of Judge's films, this is a film that is quite forgettable. Extract is good, but should have been better. However, there are enough jokes here to make this is a worthy viewing experience. I really liked the film despite its flaws. Mike Judge crafts a good film here; just don't expect another Office Space or Idiocracy. There are plenty aspects that work well here, but like I said, the film needed a bit of rewrite or two to make it standout among others than Judge has made. Fans of his work will most likely enjoy it, and the film is pretty funny, but in some areas, the film is a bit long and boring. Extract is good, but should have been better. Despite its limitations, the film is entertaining, but it never reaches its full potential. If you want Mike Judge's best film, watch Office Space instead, this one has some elements that you've come to expect from Judge, but falls short on occasion, and ends up being one of his most disappointing effort. Despite this, I liked it, but it leaves a lot to be desired. Extract is good, but Mike Judge has clearly made better movies.
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½ August 30, 2009
Despite of the nice cast this comedy is somewhat forgettable and does not leave much of an impression. The exception is Gene Simmons as slimy lawyer, which is pretty hilarious.
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½ June 24, 2010
My grade is probably a bit inflated, but it's hard to ignore my bias toward Mike Judge. He gets workplaces. He gets satire too, even if the stuff on display here is more blunt and low-key than it probably should be.

Although it is nowhere near the same level, this film had a fairly evident feeling of being Coenesque, which I consider to be a really good thing. In their hands, this would have been more of a masterpiece. As it stands, it's a gem, but it's really rough. It leaves a lot to be desired, and the humor is a tad too subtle in places, but I still laughed, and was still very much entertained.

As decent as Bateman is, the supporting cast is where its at. Wiig is good, if slightly underused; Judge in his uncredited cameo is funny, as is a riotous Gene Simmons. It is Clifton Collins, Jr, Beth Grant, J.K. Simmons, and (most of all) Ben Affleck and David Koechner who really steal the show. Koechner is really funny, but Affleck manages to edge him out slightly. Everything about Dean is funny and appealing (as a character): his beard and hair, his mannerisms, his outlook on life...he's just this groovy whacked out cat, and it's definitely what Affleck needs to rebuild his still tarnished career.

So yeah, this is a hit, albeit a minor one, but fans of any of the cast (even Mila Kunis is actually fairly believable), workplace comedies, deadpan delivery and humor, or Judge should find something to enjoy here.
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½ August 3, 2010
Extract is a live action film written and directed by Mike Judge, most famous for his television shows King of the Hill and Beavis and Butt-head. His other live action films include the venerable Office Space and Idiocracy, the former being the basis for yet another workplace folly. Judge even admits that this is a sendup to his original film. While Office Space was about us drones, working for the unconscientiously dickish boss, Extract takes the lead from the boss in question and the problems that comes from that stress. While that in itself is an interesting concept, Extract suffers from the fact that it doesn't stay coherent, and struggles with defining the ill issues of said boss. Instead of real time workplace problems, main character Joel has marital woes, does a bunch of drugs, and can't seem to get rich. Instead of the uncomfortable office atmosphere and awkward workers, Extract relies on caricatures of small town USA to flesh out the cast. The comedy isn't as sharp as the original. The cast was really impressive for the film, including Jason Bateman as the crabby extract plant owner, Kristen Wiig as his repressed wife (who doesn't get enough screen time, in my opinion), and Ben Affleck as his druggy friend/bartender, and Mila Kunis as....I seriously don't know what to categorize her as. She's not a key plot point because she barely affects anything, she's not a romantic lead because she doesn't wrap up the plot, and she isn't contingent on anything so she's not really a lead character. Many of the characters don't really have any point. There isn't really that much of a moral, unless you count not sleeping around, but that keeps getting sidetracked by Joel's infidelities pretty early on in the film, so that's not it. Really, it's a Mike Judge kind of film, with little minded people and hard to swallow humor. It doesn't resonate, but it is another film about hardheaded people, and that is always at least a little entertaining.
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February 2, 2010
I watched this a year before I reviewed it, must have overlooked it or maybe my review didn't save... and while I thought I had given it a lower rating, thinking back, it's a lot more memorable film than I thought it would be at the time. The cast is excellent, particularly Kristen Wiig, and Mike Judge channels that same sense of humour that made Office Space a cult classic. I'd definitely watch this again, (and will add more specifics to the review when I do), but it was a funny film with a decent story that maybe didn't get the credit it was due.
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November 29, 2010
Under-appreciated comedy with a great cast that is admittedly light but unabashedly sincere.
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July 31, 2012
Joel: What if I tell her you did it all for money? How about that Ding-Ding? 

"A comedy that hits you where it hurts"

You know what, I really loved Extract. It's actually, easily my favorite work I've ever seen from Mike Judge. I honestly don't see what everyone is complaining about. This is a comedy that's extremely funny and has a great cast all executing their performances with effective use of the jokes they are given. And most of those jokes work. 

Joel owns a flavor extract company that he is thinking of selling to go onto retirement. He's in a sexless marriage. So instead of being at home with his wife, he is at the bar with a moron friend of his. When a new girl named Cindy comes into temp; Joel instantly gets that old fashioned feeling where he just wants to bone her. Feeling guilty, he hires a gigolo to seduce his wife into having sex with him, so he can go about his business of fucking the temp. When he realizes this is a bad idea, it's too late. Now he has a wife that's cheating on him and a business that is crumbling after an on the job accident at his factory. 

None of the actors in this movie are what I'd call amazingly talented. That isn't to say I don't like them, it is just none of them are Oscar caliber. Which isn't a bad thing with a movie like this. Jason Bateman gives the funniest performance I've ever seen from him. I always love Kunis and Wiig and they're both great here. Affleck's presence didn't hurt anything either, and J.K. Simmons is hilarious like usual. Gene Simmons even has a small role as a scheming lawyer.

This movie was so much better than I expected. I honestly had no intention of ever watching this, but I am so glad I did. It is completely underrated and way funnier than about 95% of the comedies that are being released. It's a slight work, no doubt, but it did everything that we expect from good comedies. It also did it without being overly obscene. Not that that really affects how I view it because I love obscene humor as well, but you'd think it would be more accessible because of its restraint. In the end, I don't really care if no one else likes it because I adored it.
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October 25, 2011
Classic Mike Judge. Ben Affleck is actually funny in this one. Worth a watch.
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August 12, 2009
This film could have been called "Widgets" or "Thumb Tacks" as the Extracts are merely a weak sub-plot for which this even weaker story is based.

Impressive cast + good director does not = good film.

Big disappointment.
Mr Awesome
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½ April 20, 2011
I happen to like Mike Judge films. No, he's not Woody Allen, but his films are clever and enjoyable in their own way. "Extract" is a little like a Coen brothers film, maybe a "A Serious Man" or "Burn After Reading" (it's even got J.K. Simmons in it, for Pete's sake), but one that never goes for the jugular. Jason Bateman plays the bored owner of an extracts factory (vanilla extract, for example) who's not getting any at home and hires a gigalo to attempt to seduce his wife (Kristen Wiig) in order to not feel guilty about cheating on her with the new girl at the factory (Mila Kunis), who is actually a scam artist. While the whole idea of hiring someone to seduce his wife might seem like a bad idea, in his defense, he was on horse tranquilizers at the time, as supplied by his stoner buddy (Ben Affleck). It sort of seems like the set up to some film noir, or at the very least a comedy of errors, but Extract is content to merely amuse, and not strain itself to break any new ground. There are some very gentle shots at the typical american worker as well as small town racism, but for the most part, there's nothing being said here either. Strangely enough, Extract winds up being a light-hearted dark comedy.
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½ September 5, 2009
Average acting & average laughs, this movie is only ok. Office Space is 150 times funnier than this movie.
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½ October 19, 2010
Sadly, this was a less funny, less engaging version of Office Space set in a factory. With this great cast and director, I had been hoping for another stroke of genius. Le sigh.
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½ July 25, 2010
Interesting and quirky. Fun but not anything exciting. Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis bring convincing portrayals; where as the rest of the cast is a little too over the top.
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July 8, 2010
Awful! This movie made me hate everything and everyone. It's an everything-goes-wrong kind of film, but not done in the funny Jewish way. Stiller, Allen and Seinfeld have perfected it. Judge fails. I did/do love Office Space though.
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May 3, 2010
From the Mike Judge of King of the Hill and Office Space fame.Comes another office bound theme movie.I must say i was disappointed with it a little, was not a patch on office space in terms of comedy but this still has some good moments and Jason Bateman holds the whole movie together with a special mention to ben affleck putting in a fun performance too. Recommanded for all mike judge fans.
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April 29, 2010
Quintessential Mike Judge; the film is just quirky enough to be whimsical (borderline slapstick in some parts), yes still serious enough to allow the audience to empathize with the characters bit.
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½ August 24, 2009
Extract is better than Office Space. That's right, I said it. In fact, I'd say it was a good deal better.

It's a much funnier comedy. The cast is awesome, and the story just was more interesting. I know next to nothing about the cubicle life, so maybe that's why I didn't connect with Office Space as well as some others did. But I don't know anything about factories, adulterous wives, pool boy gigolos, or horse tranquilizers, either - and that didn't stop me from enjoying the heck out of Extract

Like I said before, it really is funny. I laughed-out-loud more times than I can count. It's not really broad-slapstick type humor, it's the kind of situations that you might see and laugh at in your everyday life. Just a bit more exaggerated.

Jason Bateman was the perfect every-man character, Mila Kunis gave her best performance that I've seen, and Kristen Wiig basically stole the while movie. I think I'm beginning to fall in love with that woman. Anyway, Mike Judge still has the skills, and in my opinion he's better than he's ever been before. This is my favorite comedy of 2010, so far.
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August 16, 2009
Quite funny lol, it made me squeeze a few laughs but really it's a regular movie not much into it, very simple story with little effort from the actors.

Joel, the owner of an extract manufacturing plant, constantly finds himself in precarious situations that steadily worsen by the minute. First, his soon-to-be floor manager acquires a serious injury in a machine malfunctioning accident that subsequently endangers the wellbeing of his company. Second, his personal life doesn't fair much better when he takes the advice of his bartending friend Dean during a drug-induced brainstorming session on how to test his wife's faithfulness. Finally, compounding these catastrophes is new employee Cindy, who happens to be a scam artist intent on milking the company for all its worth. Now, Joel must attempt to piece his company and his marriage back together all while trying to figure out what he's really after in life.
Nate Z.
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½ February 6, 2010
Writer/director Mike Judge's third movie isn't quite as funny or just plain fun as his previous pair, Office Space and Idiocracy. Set in a local factory, we follow the misadventures of the boss (Jason Bateman) as he deals with incompetent employees, looming lawsuits, and a wife (Kristen Wiig) who he feels disconnected with. What Judge has is two competing movies; one of them garners the bulk of the first 45 minutes and proves to be funny. The other gets most of the second half and plays out sloppy and dumb. The more interesting half involves Bateman trying to feel guilt-free about wanting to have an affair, so his friend (Ben Affleck, very funny) hires a clueless gigolo to seduce the wife. This scheme actually works but causes humorous complications, like when the gigolo keeps going back for more. This comedic scenario would be enough for one movie. The other half of the tale involves Bateman trying to sell the company but the buyer is wary of an impending lawsuit due to an accident on the work floor that left a man sans his testicles (so much wasted potential here). Mila Kunis is the sexy con artist behind the scenes, encouraging the ball-less worker not to settle. Obviously Judge had work-related gags he wanted to tackle, but he proves that his real interests lie in the complicated relationship comedy. Extract fumbles forward not knowing what kind of movie its really wants to be, so it settles for hackneyed solutions and abrupt endings. Extract would have been a better comedy completely removed from the workplace.

Nate's Grade: B-
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