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½ July 30, 2013
An honest though unimpressive movie with decent performances, especially Keira Knightley, who shines in this story of doubt, desire and betrayal. Still, it is too bad that after ninety minutes of slow build-up it simply doesn't offer a real pay-off.
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October 15, 2011
Will be too slow for some, but I liked this movie. I think any one in a marriage who ever wondered what if? will relate to this. Definitely not a feel good, but well acted and thought provoking.
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½ October 6, 2011
A rare movie in which the middle section is the most compelling part. Unsurprisingly, this makes for a ho-hum experience all together.
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May 29, 2012
Joanna(Kiera Knightley) and Michael(Sam Worthington) are 7 years into their happy relationship when one night threatens to take it all down. Michael is away on a business trip, when he is tempted to have an affair with a coworker, Laura(Eva Mendes). While away, Joanna finds herself in a similar situation with an ex lover, Alex(Guillaume Canet). It's a movie about a married couples choices during one night apart. For the most part, it's a four person conversational movie. Lots of dialogue that helps set and move the story along while taking place during one single night. The four performances by the leads are all very well done. Knightley can sometimes be over the top or annoying in dramas, but here she is understated and does a great job. Same goes for Worthington, most times he is wooden, but not here. A lot of people will probably find this kind of boring since it's a dialogue heavy movie with little action. But when movies like this are interesting and engaging, I find them to be just as good a quality of movie. Emily enjoyed it, and it's hard for a movie to impress her:-) Give it a shot if your in the mood for a good drama with great performances.
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½ August 7, 2011
Women cheat emotionally, men cheat physically.... This movie was very frustrating, and I spent most of the time just very annoyed at everyone involved. I like to believe that love is enough to keep two people faithful, but in this movie it's not. Rather slow, with one of those "make it up yourself" endings....
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December 11, 2011
Michael Reed: You can be happy and still be tempted. 

"Temptation can lead anywhere"

Last Night is a very Woody Allen-esque film, without the Woody Allen characters. The film is all about temptation and loyalty towards the one you are with. It's a small, but effective movie on marriage. There is actually a large amount of suspense in seeing how the night is going to play out. Will one of them cheat and which one will it be? Will both of them cheat? Will both of them refuse temptation? 

A young married couple go to a party at the start of the movie. There Joanna finally sees Michael's new coworker and she is absolutely stunning. Joanna is now skeptical as to Michael's commitment to her, since he never said how beautiful this girl was. The next day Michael leaves on a business trip with that coworker and has to battle with the temptation of sleeping with her. Back at home, Joanna runs into an old lover and goes to dinner and a party with him. She too must battle the temptation of sleeping with him.

The film is very well done. The piano score is great and the film looks very good. It is well acted by everyone involved, especially the married couple, Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington. Eva Mendes does what she does best and that is looking sexy. God, who could walk away from sleeping with her? 

It isn't overly impressive in anyway, but it is an extremely well made and realistic portrayal of the temptations that come along during marriage. Committing your life to one person isn't easy and fighting off the urge to sleep with attractive people in your life is even harder.
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½ July 7, 2010
"And I think I'd still be here, attracted to you."

Emotional affairs, physical affairs, is one any worse than the other? That's one of the questions raised in Last Night, a drama about a couple that faces temptations of different kinds on a night apart from each other. Michael (Sam Worthington) spends time in the company of Laura (Eva Mendes), an incredibly sexy co-worker that he can't deny having an attraction to, even as he constantly reminds himself how much he loves his wife, Joanna (Keira Knightley). Joanna bumps into Alex (Guillaume Canet), a man from her past that her husband knows nothing about, and that she still has undeniably strong feelings for.

The look of the movie is undeniably appealing, with beautiful people and beautiful cinematography. The night scenes set in New York especially stuck with me. As for the actual content of Last Night, it's pretty good, but not remarkable. The story is handled in a mature and reasonably realistic way, without portraying the characters too shallowly or simply.

If you're looking for a well-made adult romantic drama with some good actors, you could do a lot worse than Last Night.
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August 3, 2011
"Last Night" is the type of interesting character study that I love. The way the narrative is structured and the way character is delivered is so strong that lopsided performances from Eva Mendes, Sam Worthington and Guillaume Canet don't distract too much. This is Keira Knightley's film and this is a role that suits her every strength. The cinematography is gorgeous and the dialogue is sparkling when delivered correctly, or just from Knightley. "Last Night" is a fascinating look at how men and women view emotions and how each act upon them. It's a very decided work that offers no quick solutions but if you're willing to recognize moments and visual signifiers over out right plot points, "Last Night" will be very rewarding.
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April 10, 2011
Temptation can lead anywhere..

This is a decent movie for me in which the story is peculiarly interesting to me. The story focuses in something very important actually the most important thing a married couple should focused on and that is trust. Temptation becomes something usual and routine in everyone's life thus in married couple something possibly that can ruin one's marriage in an instant. That's all you gonna see in this movie, a married couple working on staying faithful to there love one and making trust guide there way. The pacing is slow, which enables the psychological states of the characters to be depicted in detail. Through their expressions and actions, we can see what the four of them want from each other and how they feel about each other. It is not easy to portray feelings of guilt, jealousy and emotional intimacy in such detail, but "Last Night" succeeds in doing so for all the four main characters. Slow but interesting, I liked it.

Set in New York City, 'Last Night' is the story of a married couple that while apart for one night, is confronted by temptation that may decide the fate of their marriage. Joanna (Academy Award nominee Keira Knightley) and Michael Reed (Sam Worthington) are 7 years into a successful and happy relationship. They are moving along in their lives together until Joanna meets Laura (Eva Mendes), the stunningly beautiful work colleague whom Michael never mentioned. While Michael is away with Laura on a business trip, Joanna runs into an old but never quite forgotten love, Alex (Guillaume Canet) and agrees to have drinks with him. As the night progresses and temptation increases for the couple, each must confront who they are inside and outside of their relationship. 'Last Night' is ultimately a film about choices, the choice you make to be with someone, to give yourself physically and emotionally, and how to survive all three.
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½ May 25, 2011
"Temptation can lead anywhere"

The story follows a married couple, apart for a night while the husband takes a business trip with a colleague to whom he's attracted. While he's resisting temptation, his wife encounters her past love.

There is nothing exceptional or remarkable in anyway about either the plot or characters of this movie, yet it is that which should be detrimental that becomes the greatest appeal of the film.

Not lacking in realism, it rings with a certain truth that is both fascinating and entertaining. Basically outlining the fundamentals of men and women in general when it comes to cheating of any kind, there is an examination of the somewhat finer points of the feminine and male illicit trysting alike. The basic psychology of it all.

Emotional cheating versus physical cheating. As well as digging out the root causes of indiscretion - various insecurities and self-projections (as in the case of Joanna, who we later learn may have been projecting her vague guilt of unresolved feelings for an ex, increasing the viciousness of her own emotions, and the most basic of them all; simple allure, being attracted to someone physically who is readily available at an opportune time (Michael with his colleague).

Another interesting aspect was that of the female seductress (Eva Mendes). It portrayed to a large extent what motivates such women themselves (i.e. deeply embedded insecurity and loneliness as well as past hurts that are far from healed being common factors), also looking into how exactly such women tend to feel after the "encounter" is over (cheap, used, not at all happier or more fulfilled than they were before).

This post-encounter phase, so to speak, is an aspect of the film in general that is intriguing, presenting a very basic question: For someone that truly does love their spouse or significant other, is heat-of-the-moment illicit passion ever worth it at the end of the day? A thought-provoking and sincere script.
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½ May 7, 2011
What grappled my attention from "Last Night" was the fact that it was a heavy-loaded marriage-drama driven by choice and secret. Before seeing the movie I had never seen a trailer and only read a description, and just from that I was easily convinced to see it. Catching it down at a local art house, and when I say local I mean about a thirty-minute drive (released yesterday, only limited), I was glad to have given the time to find this little, darkly-pitched drama for quite a few reasons. Knowing me, your probably wondering why I didn't just watch this online or rent it on Comcast On Demand (its on there for about ten dollars), well if you must know, I was in the mood to take a night out by myself, catch a movie that would make me think, and then reflect on it later. I didn't bring a friend with me, didn't tell anyone where I was going, I just wanted a quiet, perfectly still night out where I could be alone with just my thoughts. "Last Night" definitely gave this to me.

Walking out of this film, with only about three others behind me (not enough people know of this film, and that's a pity), I was truly happy with the results. I told myself that the film wasn't great and that it was only decent but it was the small qualities from the movie that made it worth-while. One of my favorite aspects that came from the film is the way it moves back and forth between the husband's night and then the wife's so smoothly. Cutting back and forth to two different storylines (pretty much) might sound messy, but the edits are done faultlessly thanks to Massy Tadjedin.

Starting off introducing the audience to Joanna and Michael Reed, a "you'd think be" perfect couple living in a beautiful, probably very expensive Manhattan apartment. On their way to a party with all of Michael's co-workers, Joanna meets Laura, a beautiful recruit to the company Michael never told Joanna about before. What angers Joanna is the fact that the two went on a business trip in the past to Los Angeles, and she instantly believes Michael is attracted to her-and maybe cheating. After a huge argument on the eve of another business trip including Laura, Michael leaves the next morning and the two are left feeling awkward. Out on a walk to clear her thoughts, Joanna runs into Alex, an old lover of hers she fell for when her and Michael were on a long break a couple of years back. Joanna spending the night catching up with Alex, and Michael spending the night resisting temptation from Laura, the balance between the two might just fall once and for all.

A pleasant little viewpoint that comes from "Last Night" is Massy Tadjedin's ultimately serious-minded script that doesn't hold back from any standings. What pleases me most when it comes to her writing is the fact that it all feels realistic. A dinner scene in the film, that's cuts back and forth between another scene, is never cut in length. When I say this I mean that the scene starts with them sitting down, and it doesn't cut to sometime later to what's happening then, it literally shows the whole evening on what's going on and it gives you a good feel of all of the characters, especially with the rich, crafted dialog. Though some scenes feel a little dry and without taste, it all works out in the end for the best.

The character development in the film, at first, doesn't really feel to right. I felt the chemistry between Sam Worthington and Keira Knightly was off, but then, once you know the plot of the film, you get the real understanding and depth between each character. The two give good performances in the movie, Knightly much stronger than Worthington, who felt out of his usual zone at times. The best performance in the film, however, came from Guillaume Canet, one of the four main characters who isn't a big-name Hollywood star. His character Alex was smooth and likeable, and you hoped all the best would be given to his character in the end. My least favorite performance in the film was from Eva Mendes, who didn't really have good chemistry at all with Sam Worthington, and never really did anything to go out of her way with the lines she did have. It might have just been her highly unlikeable, saggy character that caused me to dislike her in this.

One of my favorite shots in the film is between Sam Worthington and Eva Mendes, not because the chemistry was astounding, but because of the setting. Taking place at night in the Hotel pool, I thought the scene was directed incredibly. Shot with a very dark, gritty (almost) kinds of scan to the screen, the light- blue shining off the faces of the stars looked visually-stunning. The look of the scene isn't remarkable, but it was great while it lasted.

You can give kudos to Massy Tadjedin for the writing and directing on "Last Night", creating a piece that can be enjoyable for all at least once. The movie isn't perfect, but what I enjoyed from it is how quiet and still it is. This is a movie to sit back, open your thoughts, and relax too. If you've already been smashed by Thor's almighty hammer, or you're just not interested in this weekend's biggest smash-hit, then I recommend trying to find this film, because it's good in the littlest of ways.

Thanks for reading!
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½ July 20, 2012
In "Last Night," Joanna(Keira Knightley), a writer, is upset at the attention her husband Michael(Sam Worthington) was paying to Laura(Eva Mendes), an attractive co-worker, at a work gathering, and accuses him of having an affair with her when they were in Los Angeles together. She is so angry that she sleeps on the couch but is woken when Michael makes them eggs in the middle of the night, so she gives him a mea culpa in return. Which is good since he has to go to Philadelphia in a few hours with Laura for a business meeting. In the meantime, Joanna has a chance meeting with Alex(Guillaume Canet), an old flame, agreeing to meet him for a drink after she has a chance to get cleaned and dressed up.

"Last Night" is a contemplative and thoughtful movie set in a compact 36 hour time frame that lasts just long enough to give us a very good idea on the state of Joanna and Michael's marriage. Despite the outward appearance of affection, it is not good. Even with them being from different worlds which is not so much about Joanna being from England and Michael from Australia but more with her creativity and his business prowess, they obviously loved each other at some point and may still do so with the important thing being for them to end up at the same place at the end of the day. Now, the cracks are starting to show, expressed in the lack of trust which combined with temptation is also a danger. It could also represent what is, what could be and what should never be. In any case, flirting is fine as long as it does not go any further than that.
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½ January 25, 2012
Last Night is yet another trite drama about a married couple confronting extramarital temptations. Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington both give fine performances, but the script is too bland and stale for them to overcome. There's nothing here to give the audience a vested interest in either the story or the characters. Despite its formidable cast, Last Night is a shallow, insipid film with nothing to offer.
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December 7, 2011
An interesting character study, starring Keira Knightly and Sam Worthington, as a couple with secrets, and trust issues. A well done film that followed these two people in separate storylines, running in parallel. The only thing this viewer found off-putting and that prevented a higher rating was the strange, continental accent affected by Ms Knightly. were we supposed to believe she was British, maybe?
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May 16, 2011
Solid, though hardly surprising, tiny little movie about fidelity in a marriage of two impossibly beautiful people and the impossibly beautiful people they flirt with. Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington seem to be tempted by two other incredibly attractive people even though they are already married to somebody incredibly attractive. Everybody talks about fidelity. Everybody kisses a little bit. And 90 minutes later, nobody is all that different - everybody's still impossibly beautiful and everybody's still kind of confused about whether or not they can be or should be faithful to each other. It's not bad exactly, and it's well acted and even engaging, but it's also not inspired at all - it seems to have been written and directed by someone who is discovering for the first time that long-term fidelity is, um, kinda hard. Well... gee. Go figure.
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½ September 1, 2012
What happens when an unstable relationship is further burdened by the intrusion of external parties? This sets the somber tone and slow pace for the film, and while reviews have been harsh, "Last Night" is held together well by the cast and is a low-key fare that delves into the complexities of what the mind thinks, what the heart feels, and what the self does. Ultimately, sometimes what you do that is clearly the right deed might not turn out to be the best action in leading you to realize what you truly want, the same can be said of doing a wrong act and realizing what is most important to you.
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July 28, 2012
The film was so so. I was expecting better, considering the trailer is really good. The film reminded me of movies like Unfaithful, Closer, and Eyes Wide Shut. The pacing is a bit off. Some scenes come off a little too slow. The film also feels like a stage play. I was also disappointed with the ending.

On a positive all the actors are well cast in the film. Keira Knightley shines in this film. She keeps getting better and better in each film I see her in. I definitely recommend this film only for the performances by the lead actors.
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May 5, 2011
Slightly reminiscent of the film "Unfaithful", "Last Night' revolves around a young married couple with doubts. The film is frustrating but wonderfully acted with a stellar cast in place with Sam Worthington, Keira Knightley, and Eva Mendes. Knightley basically accuses Worthington of fancying Mendes, so much so that she stresses the relationship. In one night, the couple is tempted by fate and sex and it results in unease and psychological torment for the viewer. As always you want the couple to pull through but "Last Night" strays away from transparency, yet still borderlines on too predictable.
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August 31, 2011
I can't say I was bored to tears but neither was I overwhelmed with interest. Slightly reminded me of Coppola's Lost in Translation, for some reason. Not the best movie ever, but Canet's smile will always be one to die for.
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March 20, 2011
Seduction, lies, fidelity, marriage, true love, lust, and Eva Mendes... a few ingredients for a enjoyable film.
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