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May 16, 2015
Nice movie, composing nice story telling elements and a good characer development with nice acting.
March 26, 2015
An outstanding performance from Bullock in this inspirational feel good movie based on a true story. But there is also a lot of depth here too, especially in the first half involving Oher's past and the compassion shown to him by his adopted family. Brought a tear to my eye. AAN
½ March 4, 2014
Sweet, warm and touching, The Blind Side is one of those rare films that restores your faith in humanity's ability to care for one another. Boasting some delightful writing and strong performances, it is a beautiful display of the loving relationship between Michael Oher and Leigh Anne Tuohy.
½ April 19, 2015
The Blind Side is nicely-acted and sweet, a little too sweet for my taste. It's a friendly movie that doesn't stop hugging you. It's just scene after scene of "Awwwww" and it frustrated me after a while. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. I just wouldn't call it excellently-made.
November 29, 2009
Carino, ma certamente sarà più apprezzato dagli appassionati di football americano che conoscono Michael Oher.
½ April 3, 2015
Whether you're watching it alone or with your family, The Blind Side is the perfect feel-good movie. The film is based on the true story of Michael Ohre's transformation from homeless to star athlete. Michael is taken in by the Touhy family and treated as one of them almost immediately. The film focuses on the relationships that characters develop, and how these relationships change the characters.
The character progression throughout the movie creates a sense of personality, allowing you to be empathetic towards them and therefore pull you more into the story. The variation of ages and personalities makes the film appealing to everyone in the family because it is easy to identify with one or multiple characters in The Blind Side. The movie portrays the struggles of this unusual family in a comedic yet touching way, leaving you feeling uplifted. The movie does a really great job of reflecting the feelings the real Touhy family experienced during the early days of Michael Ohre's football career and life as part of their family.
Watching the movie alone brings back the best feelings of growing up in a happy family, and makes you appreciate the things you had on an everyday basis that others were not fortunate enough to have. Aside from bringing back memories, the Touhy family is an inspiration through their love and compassion for Michael. Michael returns the feelings in his own subtle ways that prove how grateful he is to his family.
Watching this movie is guaranteed to uplift and inspire all ages. It is one of those movies you can watch anytime and still love the way it makes you feel. Overall, The Blind Side is a great movie that manages to evoke feelings that lead to laughing, crying, and everything in between.
½ March 31, 2015
Sandra Bullock is the best that this movie can offer. This is a story for the whole family, although heartbreaking at times fun by others, The Blind Side remains in the way with an ambitious proposal that definitely could have been better planned. In spite of all, is advisable. 7.5/10
½ November 14, 2009
What a great feel fuzzy all over family movie. The Blind Side is all about love, family and opening yourself up to change. The acting works well, the story and pace are great and that fact that it is based on real people just always makes you want to root for the characters that much more. All in all this movie is safe to show to families yet doesn't suck in anyway, and that will get it 5 stars in my book every time.
March 15, 2015
This movie was done with great passion. When we see Big Mike change in personality and grow to become apart of Tuohy family, it touches our hearts in a way that gets us thinking about what we can do for those around us. To see a family open their home to someone they did not know shows us that not everyone is cold hearted and that there are people out there who do care. This movie is lighthearted and will be enjoyable to watch with your family.
March 15, 2015
It lacks any real tension or drama and is derivative of other feel-good sports stories, but The Blind Side is undeniably admirable with its inspiring true story behind the cheesy Hollywood button-pushing, as well as an impressive performance from Sandra Bullock.
February 21, 2015
I can't believe this movie got a 48% from Top Critics and a 66% from regular critics! The Blind Side is amazing, with strong acting and wonderful dialogue.
½ November 12, 2009
This film was nominated for Best Picture (in the last slot of the ten-film year, beating out Invictus), and it is a decent movie. But I did not find it any better than the many similar sports films that come out at a rate of about four a year. Is this discernibly better than Remember the Titans, or Coach Carter? No. But it is as good as those movies. So I am in the overrated camp. But like I said, it's not bad. It is, of course, not really a football movie, but a movie about a woman who takes in a disadvantaged teenager and turns his life around. The thing is, she doesn't come off unusually spectacularly, nor was the performance of Bullock something Oscar-worthy. It was timely, but not in a world-changing fashion. Oher's tough life before meeting his mentor was necessarily sanitized. There are all sorts of negative things you can say socioeconomically, politically, if you choose to pick apart the story, but people didn't feel like it at the time, it seems. I guess it was just lucky.
February 20, 2015
good football/bio-pic
January 17, 2015
Didn't like at all. Solid but overrated performance from Bullock. Horrible casting. Certainly disappointing.
February 9, 2015
I started loving Bullock in The Proposal. Now I can say I'm a fan. Emotional story that the director simply lets flow.
January 30, 2015
It's impossible for this film not to be overhyped. So the natural reaction after watching it is either utter jubilation or bitter dissappointment. However, after taking the film itself into consideration, without the critical hype and ridiculous whispers of Best Picture, the film itself is not all that bad. 

The plot revolves around two central characters, Sandra Bullock's Leigh Anne Tuohy and Quinton Aaron's Michale Oher. There are no qualms about the plot, it's fairly straightforward, simple and bred to bring tears, it's the rest of the film which is the problem. The sugary look of Michael's old neighbourhood is terribly restrained in order to maintain a PG rating; a slum made up of gangsters whose main weapon is calling people names. The minor characters are dreadfully thought out; the extremely annoying young boy playing the wiser-than-thou card, a teenage girl who apparently has no problem with ditching her friends and no insecurity about anything, seemingly at peace with having a boy walk in while she's wearing a ridiculous facial mask, not to mention having less lines than a mute, a tutor whose role is difficult to define, a father who seems to do nothing but bend to his wife's wishes and go along for the ride and a coach who might as well not be there. There is also the small problem of having a lead actor who can't actually act. 

However, Sandra Bullock's performance is the film's redemption. She is rock solid throughout the film, never once leaving character, strange for a woman who's nominated for a Razzie this year. Her strong, maternal role is the star of the show, but it's the moments when her underlying emotions bubble to the surface that really define the performance. She deserves more screen time than she gets, and you'll wish that she had more by the end of the film. 

People say that you should take a box of tissues with you because otherwise your shirt will be soaked, but I didn't cry at all. Mostly thanks to Aaron's extremely unconvincing performance. But if you're in the mood for something you don't have to think about, I would recommend this. 

Defining Scene: 
Saying goodbye to Michael, Sandra's emotional side kicks in.
½ January 21, 2015
Pelìcula con buenas intenciones mas parecido a un telefilm
½ January 18, 2015
It seems like nowadays we get one sports film per year and in 2009 that film was the Academy Award nominee "The Blind Side"
Based on a true story "The Blind Side" tells the story of Michael Oher a homeless boy that is helped by a his best friend mom who gives him clothes, a place to sleep and even a family. The film is focused on the beginning of Oher´s football career and all what he had to go trough to triumph in the said sport.
As a non USA citizen I had to admit that I have never liked "football", unlike most people that had seen this film, so I didn't expect much from this stereotypical sport film. "The Blind Side" counts with a really amazing story as the film´s source material but its translation to big screen lost some of the story´s power by lacking a memorable directing, well written supporting characters and suffering the expected Hollywood exaggeration treatment; Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron deliver solid performances but the rest of the cast left something to be desire regarding their acting; it has a handful of scenes that stand on their own, the first half of the film (before the football comes into the picture) is actually entertaining and well made, and this film is filled with clichés and cheap ways to touch your heartstrings that most people fall for but the effect it has on others, like me, is to make us roll our eyes.
"The Blind Side" is a film filled with clichés that still manages to entertain you for most of its long runtime but overall has almost nothing to talk about other than the source material and both Bullock´s and Aaron´s performances, but other than that this film has absolutely nothing.
½ March 2, 2014
Perhaps a bit too warm and fuzzy, The Blind Side nonetheless benefits off of good acting and a great story.
½ January 14, 2015
Really wish I've seen this one before .. worth every minute of your time! We really need to start thinking about others in need!
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