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Directors Cat
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½ December 4, 2011
A painfull un-funny film with a paper thin plot that im sure tortured Fraser as much as it did me.
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September 2, 2010
First off Brendan Fraser is a big bloated mess now. It's beyond sad. But Brooke Shields is still a babe.
This movie wasn't fun or cute. Totally boring. Even Ken Jeong who plays the perfect crazy Asian dude was still a fail. Just plain awful, the whole movie.
Nate Z.
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½ December 18, 2010
The title alone alerts you that this will not be a pleasant journey. It's 92 abusive minutes of watching a doughy Brendan Fraser act like he is being tortured by a conspiracy of woodland wildlife. Fraser is a land developer who wants to raze a forest to make way for houses, and nature doesn't take too kindly. Raccoons, squirrels, birds, bears, and even wild turkeys all take their turn tormenting Fraser. The slapstick is at Looney Tune levels of manic absurdity. Even worse is the ham-fisted environmental message that still manages to be cloying, preachy, and completely naive. This lame eco message may actually encourage people to chop down trees out of sheer spite. After an hour of animals trying to kill him, suddenly Fraser realizes that the forest is their home too. For their furry families. Everyone has the same facial expression of barely concealed embarrassment. Even Fraser deserves better than this family film purgatory he seems to be stuck in while he waits for a phone call confirming another dumb Mummy movie. Furry Vengeance has the rank odor of failure from every frame, and yet the movie hits a new low when the end credits come around. Just when you think you've been given your freedom back, the cast breaks out into an end credit rap with snippets of movie parodies from "Furry TV." It makes no sense except to add one last moment to hold your head in shame.

Nate's Grade: D
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April 29, 2010
It was entertaining to watch and for some people this might be a hilarious movie but to me it was normal. Just don't expect too much of this movie.

Hoping to make enough money through an overseas employer to live comfortably, Real Estate Developer Dan Sanders manages to convince his son, Tyler, and wife, Tammy, to re-locate in a remote corner of Oregon. Tyler does seem content after he meets with lovely Amber, but Tammy is concerned about her husband when he near-hysterically claims that local creatures, including beavers, ravens, bears, fox, etc. have joined forces to sabotage his project.
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May 10, 2010
Furry Vengeance is horrible! It is so bad that I actually find it quite amusing. It is easily one of the worst films of the year, if not being the absolute worst. This movie is 90 minutes long and I didn't even feel any sign of relief or any kind of real heart until about 70 minutes into the film. It shows it's sensitive side in the end, but it is not enough to save this Overly cliched filled film with overused gags and repeated scenes. This is 90 minutes of 2010 that I could have easily wasted doing or watching something else! Unbelievable in the worst way possible. Brendan Fraser, what are you doing?
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½ August 31, 2010
I was looking at some trivia for Furry Vengeance and noticed that Steve Carell was attached to this film at one time, but stepped away to do something else. Steve, you are one lucky bastard. You missed out on what is easily on of the worst films of the year. This is a movie so awful it deserves to be sent to either the bottom of some sea trench, never to be seen again or shot into the sun, burned in amazing flames as it draws nearer and nearer. We can forget that this ever happened and gain something to watch that would be much more enjoyable than the film itself. If they handed out statues of just Oscar's ass then this would win top prize.

The plot: a developer (Brendan Fraser) heads out to the sticks to destroy a forest and replace it with a sub division. The animals get pissed and go to war, the end. Simple plot. Something we've seen before. How can you screw this up? Oh, ladies and gentlemen, you can screw this up. You can bathe it in toilet water. You can pour gasoline on it and pray that in some small way nature will do the rest so that you don't have that responsibility hanging over your head.

So how do you screw this up? This is a kids film? How can you blow a kids film? The way you screw up a film like this is the animals are not very approachable. You never root for the animals because they appear as sadistic as they act. Think about Bugs Bunny for a minute. He does some sick things to people, heinous things that would have him locked up with Hannibal Lecter and Paris Hilton. The thing is that he gets away with it because he's Bugs Bunny. He's likable. You can root for Bugs to cause Yosemite Sam to shoot himself in the head. The animals in Furry Vengeance do not have that going for them. They almost looked diseased in a way, like they're dead inside. Hell, maybe it's bad CGI but when you lose the audiences sympathy to the animals plight you might as well be making a You Tube video. It's a failure.

I wish that I could say that at least kids will like this one, but they don't. There are more interesting things for children available, like Civil War documentaries and watching the grass clippings turn brown. I started this film with five people and I was the only one left either in the room or awake by the earth shattering climax of this film. This is a crap film that is a pure, dismal failure. Enjoy.
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½ April 8, 2010
Cast: Brendan Fraser, Ricky Garcia, Eugene Cordero, Patrice O'Neal, Jim Norton, Brooke Shields, Matt Prokop, Billy Bush, Ken Jeong, Angela Kinsey, Samantha Bee

Directed by: Roger Kumble

Summary: When real estate developer Dan Sanders (Brendan Fraser) finalizes plans to level a swath of pristine Oregon forest to make way for a soulless housing subdivision, a band of woodland creatures rises up to throw a monkey wrench into the greedy scheme. Just how much mischief from the furry critters can the businessman take before he calls it quits?

My Thoughts: "Adults be warned, this one is strictly for the kids. Well unless you like this kind of cheesy stuff. I didn't find it funny at all, the kids on the other hand thought it was hilarious. I was bored and spent most of the film trying not to doze off. So if you want a film to put you to sleep, this one is for you."
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April 18, 2010
Furry Vengeance stars Brendan Fraser as a man just trying to do whats right for his family. Dan Sanders (Fraser) is a man who has a loving wife Tammy (Brooke Shields) and a son Tyler (Matt Prokop), who believes his Dad is out to ruin his life. The animals however are out to ruin Dan's life. Everywhere Dan goes the animals of the forest figure out little plans in order to mess up Dan's life. The result is constant laugh yourself until you cry kind of humor and what also results is a touching story that this great for the whole family. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good laugh and also the gift that the most important thing in a family mans life is his family. A fantastic movie for all ages. :)
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May 12, 2010
I like Fraser, he's a decent average type of guy that I reckon you could get on well with if you bumped into him, but he tends to make some crap with little spurts of goodness here n there. This latest is in the crap pile, much like his other kiddie aimed flicks this really is for the kids, no adults need view unless your drunk perhaps. Very silly, very daft, lots of stupid pratfalls and plenty of animal poo jokes. All we see here thats surprising is how fat Fraser has become hehe
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May 5, 2010
A truly horrible movie from beginning to end. It's only redeeming quality is that kids in the Kindergarten through 3rd grade age range may get some laughs... Brendan Fraser should have known better. He'd have been better off if The Mummy had killed him. Furry Vengeance, probably the worst film of 2010, is a film only for little kids, or people who have no standards while watching a film.

Story: F
Acting: F
Direction: F
Visuals: F
Overall: F

no stars out of 4 stars
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August 28, 2010
Its repetitive physical gags, poor acting, poor scripts, and poor EVERYTHING makes Furry Vengeance very Razzie-worthy. The portrayal of a rebellious, embarrassed-by-parents teenager was by far the laziest attempt in movie history.
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½ May 25, 2010
Cute film, but too over the top. The film kind of reminded me of films like Evan Allmighty and Dr. Doolittle 2, but those films were better than this one. The film does have funny moments in them, but overall, there were too many over the top moments.

I have seen Brendan Fraser play this type of character before other better comedies. I think Kevin James, Seth Rogen, or even Jack Black would have done a better job in the role than Fraser. Ken Jeong steals the film as the villain. He is hilarious in every scene that he is in.

Some kids will like the film, however I say watch Evan Allmighty or Dr. Doolittle 2 instead.
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½ November 20, 2010
I was expecting a silly childrens movie when I was about to watch this movie, but I wasn't expecting this movie to be so pathetic. I usually like Brendan Fraser's movies but I have the feeling that he should had turn down the part of this movie. I wouldn't expect a child to love this movie because it was extremely silly in a non-funny way, kind of embarassing actually. I won't recommend anyone to watch this movie.
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June 14, 2010
Furry Vengeance tells the story of animals that are attempting to thwart a major development project in order to preserve their forest. Led by a clever and vengeful raccoon and a grumpy bear they succeed in making real estate agent Dan's (Brendan Fraser) life miserable. Dan's wife, Tammy (played by Brook Shields) doesn't believe him about the animals, and insists that he gets therapy. The head of the project, Neal Lyman (Ken Jeong of "The Hangover") steals the show as the devious slimy villain with no conscience.

This might not be the greatest film ever made, (depends on your tolerance of seeing a portly Fraser in a bra or skin tight pink sweat gear with "yum" stamped on each buttock or smell the stench of him being pooped on by birds, trashed around in a locked Portaloo, covered in skunk juice with a leech attached to his "no-no zone" area lol). But fair warning: once inside the theater, the audience is trapped.

It's way over the top but if you like animals and an eco friendly message, then you can gave this one a try and take your kids, nieces, nephews to see it as well, I think they'll get a kick out of it.
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½ July 7, 2011
This junker isn't even worth a proper review. Brandan Frasier. I don't know how it can even be categorized as a movie.
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½ April 1, 2010
Hilarious! Here's one that will definitely have you teary-eyed. Brendan Fraser, Brooke Shields, Ken Jeong, Jim Norton, Angela Kinsey, and Matt Prokop stars. Worthy!
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January 2, 2010
Brendan Fraser pisses off some animals in the wilderness and through the whole movie they make his life a living hell. The film is cute at first but then it just gets stupider and stupider.
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August 15, 2010
Although good for the kids i was very disapointed i thought this would be hilarious? Brendan Fraser is excepting roles like this now? What happened to the ever so cool guy from the Mummy trilogy, or School ties for that matter? Another winner Brooke Sheilds who looks as if she had one face lift too many and those eyebrows... worked for you in the 80's sunshine but sadly they need to go. The one gem as everything that this lil dude stars in is Ken Jeong, who portrays the president of the construction company that is sent to demo a small woodland area. Well the animals hear of this and decide to take matters in their own hand. Brendan tries miserably at comedy but he really needs to stick to action or something along those lines. The story is very week here as is the dialogue. I shouldnt be surprised as in my opinion director Roger Kumble hasnt really made a good film since '99's Cruel Intentions. Once again one for the kiddies however the parents should stay far far away.
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½ May 14, 2010
Cinema full of kids laughing hysterically at a bee stung man's bulging belly/butt in woman's clothing. Its sad how low some will stoop for a laugh. If there was a eco-friendly message, it was lost under the un(owl)riginal painful (punch)lines, and un(bear)able jokes.
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April 24, 2010
It was OK, yeah it's a kids movie but I felt it pushed things too far into the ridiculous. animals hot-wiring a car... come on.
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