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I can't say if this nicely crafted nonsense will sell as a franchise, but I know that I miss the unpretentiousness of the Bourne movies.

July 26, 2010 Full Review Source: New Yorker | Comments (10)
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Jul 27 - 09:10 AM

Tom G.

Tom Gordon

This should be a fresh review. Please check Metacritic - it is a (70%) positive review.

Jul 28 - 09:22 PM

Tom G.

Tom Gordon

Please someone explain to me how this works - this review is positive in Metacritic (70% positive) but rotten here ?!?!?!

Jul 31 - 04:46 PM


Cj James

This was a garbage movie all around. I don't know how it even gets a 58 Percent here.

Aug 2 - 08:05 PM

Chuck G.

Chuck Guthrie

Nothing against you personally, but if I was a critic of critics, your review sucks. SALT delivers on many levels from start to finish. Actually it was fresher than the Borne movies where we were constantly forced to look at Damon's perfect gleeming white teeth as if they would be like that in real life. Jolie took the role by force and made it believable without using her assets to seduce anyone into coming to see the oicture for that. She earned every bit of why this movie was awesome and captivating. The audience was engaged and on edge to see what was next even in the end. Apparently critics are supposed to say it was predictable and obvious so you'll seem brilliant, but guess what - us common stupi movie goers actual don't have all figured out like you rocket scientist rotten tomato throwers. Maybe you need to take hot bath, have a nice meal or have sex once in a while before you go see one of these top notch incredible movies so you can loosen up and enjoy them and see how great they really are. Hope you do better next time. Too bad you're just nowhere near right on this one. Sorry,

Aug 3 - 12:36 AM


Adam Leonard

"us common stupi movie goers"

LOL, irony.

This particular comment of his shows a little difference from the others at least. Maybe he really is just a diehard fanboy and not a paid shill after all.

Still, he must've been seeing a different movie than me. The audience I went to see it with was laughing because it was so ludicrous.

Sep 8 - 02:36 AM

Jason Lees

Jason Lees

Haha I kinda wonder what ppl's experiences were like in the theater when I watch a SHIT movie on DVD/cable. I cant contain myself when a movie that intends to be serious or hardcore ends up just being ridiculous. I would have been the dude laughing at some of the dumb scenarios/outcomes and predictable and stupid plotlines.

Glad to hear the folks around u, as well as urself, got a good giggle out of this, even if it wasn't supposed to be FUNNY >:)

Sep 16 - 08:02 PM


Nick Boyd

I agree with Tom G. that this should be a fresh, as Denby remarks that the movie is ?well-directed.?

Aug 5 - 06:35 PM


Nick Boyd

Well-directed should be in quotes. That feature doesn't seem to be working.

Aug 5 - 06:37 PM

James D.

James Dean

What I mainly got out of this review is: 1) Denby is in advanced stages of senility; 2) Denby s pissed off because Hunt Block turned down his sexual advances. Shame on Denby for writing such a pretentious piece of garbage, shame on the New Yorker's editors for not reading better.

Aug 15 - 10:53 AM

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