Five Favourite Films with Nick Love

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Nick Love

Nick Love isn't known for heart. The film which earned him his "From the director of..." title card, The Football Factory, is nothing if not violent, loud and not particularly critically well-loved. His follow-up, The Business, recasts Danny Dyer and sets itself in the Costa Del Crime world of 80s Spain and had a similarly rocky reception with reviewers. And yet he's one of Britain's better-known directors, suggesting he talks to an active audience of cinemagoers.

With The Firm, Love revisits themes present in both films -- the 80s and football-fan violence -- but has more in common with his lesser-seen debut feature, coming-of-age comedy Goodbye Charlie Bright. Early notices have been warmer than Love tends to receive from critics, with Empire declaring the film, "intense, exciting and impressive."

RT caught up with Love to rundown his favourite films and chat about the flick.