Exclusive: Franklyn - Director's Sketchbook

We explore the art and science behind Gerald McMorrow?s film.

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Gerald McMorrow:
All of the heads of department and everyone concerned with the film was behind it, which was a really great thing. Everybody wanted the film to look good and be right, you know, and that was a fantastic thing. The great thing about Double Negative, our effects house, is that they do a 'charity case' every year, and take pity on a small film like ours! We were walking into rooms where they had Hellboy 2 on one screen and The Dark Knight on another, and when they have projects like those it's so great they'd make room for us. Meanwhile City was put together by them as 2D matte paintings with parallax perspective moves giving the impression of a 3D city -- we just didn't have the budget to model the entire city -- but it looks so good that you'd never tell the difference and the city is utterly believable.

Franklyn is released in the UK on 27th February. US and AU release dates are to be confirmed.