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When filmmakers nudge a child into viewing savagery as slapstick, are we not allowing them to do what we condemn in the pornographer -- that is, to coarsen and inflame?

April 19, 2010 Full Review Source: New Yorker | Comments (86)
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Doug St.John

To compare this movie to kiddie porn in any way is silly. But I gusses if your addicted to porn you will relate everything you see to it.

Apr 19 - 06:04 AM


Doug St.John

So is Tom and Jerry the kiddie porn of violence too? Becasue kids actually watch that and Tom takes more punishment than all the mobsters put together in this movie.

Apr 19 - 06:18 AM


Rob Alicea

I guess my enthusiastic cinematic bloodlust clouded all of these apparent allusions to kiddie porn. So it seems violence really IS the answer!

The review seems to expound a little too heavily on Hit Girl, but as awesome as her character was in the movie, and how satisfying it was to see fictional scumbags get their much deserved comeuppance, I can certainly see why.

Apr 19 - 08:03 AM


DB Fairbanks

This is not only a bad review,it's also an example of reviewing everything BUT the film and judgeing the viewers taste against your own. It's just wrong. I'm curious how you felt about Jodie Foster Taxi Driver,Linda Blair Exorcist,Natalie Portman Leon,The Tin Drum, Benny's Video, Leolo, Them(Ils)? What about The Sixth Sense rated PG-13,? Your responsibility as a movie reviewer is to review the movie. If you compare this to kiddie porn GOOD LUCK TO YOU...If you got turned on and feel guilty it's not my fault and the MPAA rated it R for a reason...I assume it was so youth couldn't be "nudged" into mistaking this for "slapstick". Can't wait for your review of the sequel. P.S. Should I see Lord of the Flies, I heard it was good!

Apr 19 - 09:03 AM


DB Fairbanks

This is not only a bad review,it's also an example of reviewing everything BUT the film and judgeing the viewers taste against your own. It's just wrong. I'm curious how you felt about Jodie Foster Taxi Driver,Linda Blair Exorcist,Natalie Portman Leon,The Tin Drum, Benny's Video, Leolo, Them(Ils)? What about The Sixth Sense rated PG-13,? Your responsibility as a movie reviewer is to review the movie. If you compare this to kiddie porn GOOD LUCK TO YOU...If you got turned on and feel guilty it's not my fault and the MPAA rated it R for a reason...I assume it was so youth couldn't be "nudged" into mistaking this for "slapstick". Can't wait for your review of the sequel. P.S. Should I see Lord of the Flies, I heard it was good!

Apr 19 - 09:05 AM


Mario Laborem

Poor, poor little square-mind's man!

Apr 19 - 10:02 AM


Tyler Yaeger

I could be mistaken, oh great pontificater of grandious words pertaining to much baser subject matter, but is not the rating of the film in question designated to dissuade a younger viewing audience, one upon which its various vulgarities might affect?
While in the past, the oeuvre of the child actor has led to a series of wide ranging discretions,it has typically dealt with those who have dealt in lighter fare, and not so upon those who've been forced to mature more quickly to suit a role such as this.

(Ya see what I did there, with the New Yorker talkin?)

Apr 19 - 11:07 AM


Tyler Yaeger


Apr 23 - 08:04 AM

Benjamin F.

Benjamin Froehlich

Calling the use of a child doing violent acts pornography ignores a large element of child pornography, namely the helplessness of the child. In the case of Kick-Ass, the child is given strength and skill beyond that of her aggressors, making it an inverse relationship to the one that the weasel Anthony Lane describes. And I thought it was kind of cool to have a kid running around killing bad guys. It was disturbing, but distinctly different from child pornography or any other spurious claim. If you were turned on by a little girl cutting people apart and not just excited or weirded out, then you probably are a pedophile.

Apr 19 - 11:11 AM


Brandon Thomas

Because you retards don't seem to understand what this kind of film and child role brings out in your fellow fanboys I have taken the liberty to post some random youtube quotes posted on Hit-girl videos. Enjoy and see why smart people understand the danger and sickness of this "entertainment."

PS These are only the comments that hadn't been flagged and removed yet. There were certainly hundreds more that youtube removed.


"I love how she curses, and uses profound language.%uFEFF That's hot"

"damn, I want to hit Hit-girl...."

"I%uFEFF solmenly vow to save myself for her"

"when she said come on you c**ts lets see what you can do..i kinda thought%uFEFF that was hot"

"I'd bang it%uFEFF hard!"

"i'd f#*k her brains out - i liked her potty mouth in the movie - she can swear%uFEFF at me while lick her p*#sy"

"i would f*#k the s#@t out of her tasty tight a#@#ole. damn she is so damn fine. my d#@k would explode if it even got near her sweet p#@y"

"3 more years , id f#*k her"
"mmmmm sexy"%uFEFF

"shes hot%uFEFF"

"She's very sexi%uFEFF and hot"

"she'll suck alot of c#@k when she grows up"%uFEFF

So, keep on saying how this movie doesen't incite child pornography. The proof is right there idiots.

Apr 19 - 01:28 PM

Michael H.

Michael House

Oh jeez, lets all go to the internet to be Serious. I would say that all these comments came from people trying to be funny. And fail at it completely. Any movie with a child in it, is gonna have the problem with people maybe liking it a bit too much.

Besides, youtube comments?!?! Have you seen how many people make those comments towards people who are 80 years old, to freakin 3 year olds! It's not just hit girl, its the sex-related-comment addicts out there. They can't help but say something about screwing someone. so yeah, real big fricken deal that people say these things.

Hit Girl, is FAR from pornography. I had no such thoughts through all of the scenes she was in.

Apr 19 - 02:13 PM


Brandon Thomas

Oh, all those comments were from people trying tobe funny huh? You are truly are blind if you believe that. Living in the cloud of denial to protect your right to enjoy perverse, sick and immature entertainment.

As for people making sexual comments about 80 year olds? Really? Ok, maybe a sick freak or two, here and there. It took me only 2 or 3 minutes to gather that full page of quotes from only 2 videos. Imagine if I had access to all the ones that were flagged (and there was a crapload) and what if I went to all the hit-girl videos or videos of the little girl who plays her. I'd probably have pages and pages of the same kind of comments. So your argument about 80 year olds is a very, very weak one.

And lastly, OF COURSE, you don't think it's a big deal that people say sexual things about a little girl. Of course you don't. That's why this movie is just for you. So swim in the filth with your eyes closed. In any case you lose.

Apr 19 - 02:56 PM


AJ Specia

No, he wins. People make unsavory humor like that all the time. Clearly you've never heard of /b/tards. Which is fitting, because you're a solid step below even them.

Aug 31 - 09:06 PM

Rick R.

Rick R

Hey prism, don't waste your time here...go down to some big box stores and see if you can get them to stop carrying songs with questionable lyrics. You want to call someone an idiot...look in a mirror.

Apr 19 - 02:20 PM


Brandon Thomas

Wow, another brilliant slam from Rick R. You are still drying the tears from these bad reviews. If I want to call someone an idiot, I don't think looking in the mirror will do the trick. It's much easier to point out how unbelieveably pathetic and moronic you are. I mean, do you not realize that your comments only paint the very vivid picture that you are a fricking retard.

One day, you may find a girlfriend and move out of your parents house. Ok, maybe not but there's always hope.

Apr 19 - 02:48 PM

Carreau Of Many Eyes

Jim E

I find it ridiculous that you stand on your moral high-horse while demeaning others. Internet bullying has been linked to suicides. Watching of film violence has been linked only to increases in aggression, and there is no significant link with real-life violence. So one might reason that it is YOU and not unrealistic images of violence that are truly damaging to society. Your demeaning words are more of a threat than such a simply image. Just because you inwardly hate yourself doesn't mean you need to take it out on others.

Apr 19 - 03:25 PM

shawn s.

Kar-El Yastrzemski

Excellent post! Prismcrap has riddled these boards with his expounding on how this film will ultimately cause the end of the world and turn everyone into Kiddie diddlers along the way. Thank God for this man and his just and fair vendetta!

Apr 19 - 03:34 PM


Brandon Thomas

You know something. We ARE on a negative review aren't we? I seem to remember only posting on the negative reviews because I agree with them. You guys are all mad at me yet you're the losers SEEKING OUT the bad reviews so you can cry and stomp your feet cause they didn't like Kick-Ass. Awww poor babies. If I critic doesen't like Kick-Ass you all go off like fanboy timebomb. So sad and pathetic really. I mean go to the positive reviews and comments about how awesome the movie is. NO, you have to seek out those who don't like it and then you tell me to shut up. Like I'm a horrible person for agreeing with the critic. I'll just say it again. Pathetic.

Apr 19 - 03:42 PM


Brandon Thomas

Wow, there's a shrink in the house! So now my words are going to make somebody commit suicide? Because I stand against this vile trash? You're a joke and I only hate the evil that is allowed to dwell in this world and embraced by truly sick people like yourself. Your arrogance will follow you into blacker places than my words will. Trust me on that.

Apr 19 - 03:37 PM

shawn s.

Kar-El Yastrzemski

Judge not lest ye be judged...

Apr 19 - 03:45 PM


Brandon Thomas

And the internet prophet was a wise but useless man.

Apr 19 - 03:54 PM

shawn s.

Kar-El Yastrzemski

Point prove by that post! Thank You!

Apr 19 - 03:59 PM

shawn s.

Kar-El Yastrzemski

Point proven by that post! Thank You!

Apr 19 - 03:59 PM


Brandon Thomas

And you proved yours by posting two. LMFAO

Apr 19 - 04:07 PM

Carreau Of Many Eyes

Jim E

The irony is that you said one comment before that my words will carry me to black places. That I should trust you on that. Internet prophets indeed...

Apr 19 - 04:40 PM

Michael H.

Michael House

Umm... Prism, it's called debate, we arent being "fanboy timebombs". In this world of free speech, debate is a very accepted practice.

On another note... you sit here and call this vile trash, because a little girl swears, and portrays violent actions on film. If you look at reviews with Chloe Moretz, she says that if she were to use any of the words she used in the film at home, she would be grounded until she is 20. She calls the movie "Kick-Butt" at home, she doesn't even use swear words. She IS an actress. She knows what she is doing.

Oh, prism, you just want to go against the grain so badly. But your smarts fail you when you get someone who debates, back, so you resort to insulting people's intelligence, you resort to calling them nerd fanboys, that they don't have girlfriends. That they still live at home, and won't achieve anything in life. Oh how you want to make people feel bad about seeing this movie... You just fail at it so badly, you need to learn the basics of proper debate, of proper social interaction. And maybe one day, you can convince us all that this movie too filthy to exist. But until then, you just need to calm down, and think about what you are saying. It's only when people lose their cool, that people end up losing.

In other words, YOU LOSE, GOOD DAY SIR!!!

Apr 19 - 05:59 PM

Jason B.

Jason Branco

Are there really people so obsessed with "Hit-Girl" that they would resort to pedophilia to satisfy their urges?

"...I went to all the hit-girl videos or videos of the little girl who plays her." -prismgap

Hmm, I guess so.

Apr 19 - 10:50 PM

Michael H.

Michael House


Apr 19 - 11:43 PM

Shawn K.

Shawn Knowles

I had to come on here and register just because your conversations have intrigued me, to say the best, to finally reply to an internet post. I came on here to see what people thought of this highly rated movie to try and conjecture a feeling about this movie, so naturally when there is a bad review, I want to read it to see what was so horrible about a movie. Guess what I found? People trying to act like experts and spread their gospel. Until I see a diploma stating that you are truly knowledgeable about this subject then I don't believe you know enough about this field to spread your gospel.
But I don't ask that of everyone, just for people that make huge jumps in their logic. To say that video games promote violence was a huge jump in logic for me during the years of school shooting panics. To relate this to child porn, I would have to see (or have the perception of) sexual interactions of younger kids. I remember seeing a website that counted down to Emma Watson's 18th birthday, yet was she portrayed sexually in the Potter series? For the most part she was in robes for the majority of here role. In fact, look at several child stars (not now) that have had trouble in the past.

A stalker of Jodi Foster's attempted to kill President Reagan. Alyssa Milano was idolized in Who's the Boss. Would you say that these young actresses may impose child predators into society? If so, then we would have a constantly raising population of sexual predators. The fact that their are several mentally ill (or perverse) people that may act on wrought ideas, does not mean that the movie was the reasoning behind it. Child molesters do not get the idea from movies, but instead their foundations are cracked and therefore any interaction or observation of children (even in entertainment) is potentially a trigger. That does not mean that our entertainment should be regulated to a degree to lose the wants of society, but rather that the individuals that do get sexual stimulation (and act on it) be handled correctly with proper treatment.

Check out the movie Lolita. I would call that partly kiddie-porn, but to say a girl that acts mature (foul language and graphic fighting) makes a movie resemble kiddie-porn is not enough ground for me. Though I have not seen this movie, the general response (Ya know, that army you are fighting by yourself) is that she doesn't get naked, she does not have sex with anyone, making it unrelatable to child porn (which is a serious crime that you are imploring). In fact, if you are seriously concerned about our society, go look at the statistics for child molestation before and after this movie, if you see a large increase in the percentage (doubtful) then there is your answer.

As for my opinion about you, you have completely discredited yourself by not only lacking a clear path of logic, but by your unprofessional conduct to the rest of the community on here. In fact, the least useful and most ignorant posts I have read, have been yours on this page.

Reasons why:

"You can go ahead and think it's harmless but no-one can deny it's pushing the envelope and it's certainly not what I want to sit down and enjoy for kicks."

I can deny that "it's pushing the envelope." Know why? Cause this envelope has been pushed much further. Though animated, South Park has gotten spotlights for their constant poking fun at societies sensitive areas. If you consider the envelope as towards pedophilia, then consider the movie Lolita.

"Some guy sat down at his drawing pad and thought it was a great idea to have murderous, foul mouthed little girl super hero. It's just propaganda and I don't but into it"

Yes, there is some guy that thinks outside the box (we don't watch movies inside the box often because that would be our lives". Yes, since her character sounds unique, she sold a lot of comics (or propaganda), but their was no clear distinction of promoting child pornography, so therefore it is propaganda, just not in your sense. Plus why does her murderous and foul mouth make her sexy? I wouldn't consider that sexy in a mature women less a child actor.

"I never brought up Miley Cyrus and that is not even a reasonable comparison. Does Miley Cyrus go around in her movies spewing sexual profanity and hacking off limbs?"

She is more related to child pornography than Hit-Girl for the controversial "artistic" picture. If anyone finds hacking off limbs sexy, then they need to look at themselves a little bit closely (because I am sure no one on here is going to say "She is sexy cause she cut that guys arm off with a grin")

" I posted a page of real comments from real people."

I am a statistician and there is heavy heavy manipulation among your post that tries to build a castle on mud. First off, the group that you took from is considered a cesspool of comments, it IS an unreliable source, making the mud for your foundation. The fact that you pulled several

Apr 20 - 03:28 PM

Michael H.

Michael House

Dude, you got it down, haha. Good job

Apr 20 - 03:51 PM

Rick R.

Rick R

"...I went to all the hit-girl videos or videos of the little girl who plays her." -prismgap


Apr 20 - 02:43 PM

robert r.

robert ryan

One: you're using youtube to back your arguments, not only that youtube COMMENTS, you have already lost all credibility.
Two: I bet you any amount of money that if disney and nick didn't censor their comment section on youtube Miley Cyrus and iCarly would be getting the same comments that you see on that page. Also I'd say that nowadays disney and nick sexualize children much much much more in this film and frankly in my opinion hit girl didnt even try to be sexy, she wanted to be scary and violent and powerful I didn't see her grinding on the villains the whole way thru.

To come back to your nonsensical argument as to whether this "incites childporn"...what do you mean? It will spawn more childporn? Because frankly this film is nothing new and is in fact tame compared to things we let our children watch at home without being accompanied by a parent all the time. Also I am sick of people overlooking the fact that this film is rated "R" do you know how hard it is for a minor to see an R rated film nowadays....very because they can't, if the dumbass parent takes their kid to see a film with an expletive in the name then they are missing some chromosomes, and god help the child. To /rant I will say that I loved the film I think it had great art direction and great cinematography even though the story was a bit hit or miss...their I'm going to shut up now.

Apr 20 - 12:49 AM

robert r.

robert ryan

btw I meant to say "than in this film"

Apr 20 - 01:13 AM


Brandon Thomas


"One: you're using youtube to back your arguments, not only that youtube COMMENTS, you have already lost all credibility."

You want to give a reason why or are you just making some blanket statement because YOU have no argument or defense yourself? I posted a page of real comments from real people. How is that not credible when trying to prove the kind of sickness a film like this can evoke? I think it speaks volumes.

Two: I bet you any amount of money that if disney and nick didn't censor their comment section on youtube Miley Cyrus and iCarly would be getting the same comments that you see on that page."

I never brought up Miley Cyrus and that is not even a reasonable comparison. Does Miley Cyrus go around in her movies spewing sexual profanity and hacking off limbs? No, she doesen't. So the comparison makes no sense. They're two different things.

"To come back to your nonsensical argument as to whether this "incites childporn"...what do you mean? It will spawn more childporn?"

Yes, I believe that. It was originally pointed out by some of the other critics on RT and I happen to agree with them. Don't you see what happens when placing a young child in such a role? Where profanity and violence is the key to the character. When a litle girl eating ice cream says "I'm just f#*king with you daddy" or "Let's see what you got you c*#ts." The critics are saying that's a character that's fodder for the perverts and pedos and I happen to agree. I posted that page of comments to prove the point. You can go ahead and think it's harmless but no-one can deny it's pushing the envelope and it's certainly not what I want to sit down and enjoy for kicks. I have limits and there are still things I find offensive. Hit-girl is one of them. Not only that, it's really just a stupid concept. Some guy sat down at his drawing pad and thought it was a great idea to have murderous, foul mouthed little girl super hero. It's just propaganda and I don't but into it. I know I'm in the minority in here but I could care less. You all can rip me all you want.

Apr 20 - 05:26 AM

Michael H.

Michael House

Page of comments....

Page of comments...

Page of comments...


Seriously you have already been denied because of the page of comments. Stop bringing it up. Do you wanna know why its not a credible source? It's the internet, it's full of people who say things that they don't mean. It's full of people who think they are funny. ITS THE INTERNET!!! Go to forums where people post problems about their lives, and people's answer to the problem is always "try anal." Go look at ANY comments on youtube, about half of them are serious. The rest are talking about how stupid something is, just to start flame. (which i am actually wondering if that is what you are doing) Some are explicitly sexual, because of the fact that there are a lot of pervs in society. They think it's funny, i can tell you from experience, i used to think it was funny to comment stuff like "dude, your mom is so freakin hot, i would tap that" Some of my friends used to think it was funny to tell me that my little sister is hot, when she was 10. and they were 18. It's all jokes, don't take comments on youtube so seriously.

It's been said, all the stuff that Chloe Moretz had in her role, isn't new. She isn't going to be turned into some molester's paradise, because of the role. You are kinda the one who has "goggled" vision right now. You see a 12 year old girl in an 'R' movie, and you wanna find the bad in it.

Plus, i have to agree Robert R. I mean, look at the stuff the girls on Nick and Disney wear. If anything is sexualizing kids, it's those two channels all the way. I dare you to go looking through the internet to find all the sick stuff pertaining to those Nick/Disney girls. I have yet to see anything other than arguements from critics that Hit Girl is a pedophile's dream. And i think that the fact that Hit Girl spews profanities and hacks off limbs DOESNT add to the problem. Why would it?

Dude, you just gotta see that people are gonna find something bad to say about anything. When it comes to a female of any age, there will be an idiot out there who thinks he is funny to leave a comment.

Now if you say "I posted a WHOLE page of comments" one more time, ima go rape someone. (get it, its a joke! XD, i made a funny)

Apr 20 - 03:29 PM

robert r.

robert ryan

You people are absolutely ridiculous, I mean it's pure kafka how backwards you people are when it comes to whats more morally upsetting. People see this little girl killing and inflicting horrendous ammounts of pain and violence on people with various guns and knives and you don't go "oh that's so awful that a film is having a little girl shooting and maiming and killing people" NO you say..."DERP DERP SHE SAYS 7 WORDS THAT CAN BE USED IN A SEXUAL MANNER (note how I say can be used in a sexual manner because she doesn't say the words in a sexual manner) AND WALKING AROUND IN A SCHOOL UNIFORM FOR 1 1/2 MINUTES" that is all I'm hearing, NOT THAT I'M SAYING THAT YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MORAL QUANDRIES ABOUT HITGIRL BEING VIOLENT, but all I'm hearing is the sexuality of hit girl...which is absent, if hit girl's character was 10 years older you wouldn't think oh SEX SEX SEX you would think wow she's doing a lot of violent things. If you grew a pair and decided to actually see the film to gain some knowledge about the film instead of just reading reviews about it and making unformulated opinions about films you haven't even seen than maybe you would KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. But the fact is is that people who have seen the film unanimously accept that IF ANYTHING the film portrays a little girl too violently.

Michael H. pretty much summed up my meanings behind your constant talk about youtube comments, like he said the internet is a cesspool of disgusting pictures and words and any yahoo from the /b/ culture can post a comment on youtube if he has a youtube account.

Im sorry if my rebuttal to yours is a little scattered but I have a headache and I feel pretty bad about giving in to your attention-whoring.

Apr 20 - 10:21 PM

robert r.

robert ryan

BTW please disregard how i said unanimously accept" I realize that was stupid because I forgot to include people like Mr. Anthony Lane and you that I don't give any credence to.

Apr 20 - 10:25 PM

Brian W.

Brian Wells

If you honestly can't tell that most of the quotes you put up are people just trying to be funny, then you cannot even tell someone else that they are in "denial". I'm not saying all of them are people trying to be funny but most of them. Also you chose comments where people are quoting the movie, which shows you completely fail at providing evidence. Last, the movie doesn't promote any of this ****. It was based off the action comic and shows exactly what her character is. She is a badass mofo just like Big Daddy. She has no sexual action in the movie what so ever, so don't review or defend someone if you haven't seen the damn movie, and don't say you have otherwise you wouldn't have chosen some of those quotes....

Apr 20 - 07:27 PM

Jackson Levay

Jackson Levay

You need to relax and realise the film is just one silly action film. It's not trying to be profound, and the last thing it would want to do would is incite child pornography. And stop being an arsehole to people who disagree with you. Treat them with some damn respect. Someone called you an 'internet bully' and I think I agree with them.
And this is directed at The New Yorker: it's so typical these guys would say shit like this. They are completely outdated with the times, and these are the sort of people that would protest about Slayer or Sabbath being 'satanic,' or about video games turning kids into serial killers.

Nov 23 - 05:43 PM

Brian Harris

Brian Harris

Not only do most of those sound like they were meant as a joke, I also think you made some of them up.

Also, what video were you watching? Seems pretty suspicious if you ask me.

Aug 27 - 06:11 PM

D J.


Seriously dude, these creeps are in society. They'll get kicks out of watching White Horses and all other kids TV programmes, FFS!
Using that as a reason for not making films like Kick Ass and characters like Hit Girl is just plain ridiculous.
If you think Hit Girl is somehow a sexualised image, I'd check yourself into see a Doctor right now.

Sep 10 - 05:16 AM

Carreau Of Many Eyes

Jim E

Leave it to the New Yorker to be so out of touch with everyday Americans that it writes a review stating that anyone enjoying this film likewise enjoys child pornography. If you're going to find error with the film, why not focus on concrete things like the bad cinematography during the jetpack scene, or the lack of style in the portrayal of the city? But in regard to this particular review (which is not so much a review of the film as much as a statement of the reviewers view on morality), there was a certain tinge of feeling bad for Hit Girl thrust into a life of violence. However, the aggression is placed toward the "enemy", and the one chance she does have to subvert her standards (revenge on Kick-Ass himself), she chooses not to. And as for adults taking their children to see violent films, that is the responsibility of the parent. The movie is rated R, meaning that it should only be adults who can understand the context of the violence and its satirical nature watching it.

Apr 19 - 05:02 PM

Ciaran W.

Ciaran Winter

What kind of thinking lives inside you're head that would make you think that any contents of this movie could be seen as pornographic?

I would be best advised to keep my children well clear of you.

Apr 19 - 08:52 PM

Zack T.

Zack Tucker

I feel as though the reviews by negative critics of this movie all revolve around the fact that a 13 year old girl was cursing and killing people in a movie. I feel dumb telling this to movie critics, but please bear in mind that this is just a movie, nothing more. To compare this to real life scenarios, or even worse, to portray it as one is somewhat disturbing to me.

The morons and perverts in the world are there regardless of what they see in a movie (yes these types people did exist before movies). I just find it possible that either critics have begun taking movies too seriously, or that they are simply out of touch with today's modern society.

However, comparing the young star of this movie to a victim of child pornography seems slightly extreme to me. While I do realize that it is possible that this particular critic did not intend his review to come across as such, I found this article more offensive than anything I saw in the actual film. I witnessed no attempts by any filmmakers to exploit anyone.

I have found recently that critics seem to be growing more and more out of touch with the general public. For example here we have "top critics" giving a film roughly a 7/10 in favor, all critics a 3/4, and the general public in overwhelming support of this film with more than 9/10 in favor.

Critics need to learn how to review movies with relevance to the public who supports them, and who use their reviews to decide whether to attend a film or not. Otherwise, I personally feel that they are contributing nothing more than a blog about their subjected opinions, morals, and beliefs.

Apr 19 - 10:08 PM

Jason B.

Jason Branco

I completely agree. I might be wrong, but I remember coming to RT a few years ago, and the scores here were spot-on. I'm not sure if they were completely user-based reviews or not, but it seems that over the years there has been a push to fill RT with professional critics. As this took place, the scores have been really 'off'. It's ridiculous.

The people making the most money for reviewing have seriously lost touch with society. A lot of the unpaid members here have far more sense when reviewing a movie than a 'professional' ever would.

Apr 19 - 11:00 PM

Michael H.

Michael House

Well, being new to the whole RT thing, i love looking at the RT community more than the professional reviews, and critics. I think hearing it from another regular guy is a lot better.

Not that i disrespect the critics, but i agree, they haven't really been on with my opinion in a long time.

Apr 19 - 11:46 PM


Brandon Thomas

Yeah, I went on youtube and looked up Hit-girl videos. To prove a point. Placing a child actor in such adult situations saying sexual dialogue can bring out the pedophiles. Many defenders of the film were in denial so I decided to post some proof. Truth hurts I guess.

Apr 20 - 05:04 AM

robert r.

robert ryan

Implying the dialogue was sexual...I will cease replying to you now that you are confirmed for attention-whoring and obvious-trolling.

Apr 20 - 05:18 AM


Brandon Thomas

Using the word "c#@ts" is not sexual in nature? Using the word "F#&k?" Do you know what those words mean? They are sexually explict words. The very basis and definition of the words are sexual. I mean, do I really have to expain this to you? If you ever have a daughter, God forbid, I wonder how you'd like to see her talk that way in front of adult men. I bet you'd be feeling a little different then.

Apr 20 - 05:33 AM


Doug St.John

Your right prism a movie like this does bring out the pedophiles. Instead of complaining about the movie how about we complain about the sick f-ing pedophiles and do something about them.

Its like blaming a woman for dressing to nice and bringing out the rapists.

Apr 20 - 07:05 AM

Michael H.

Michael House

dude, i love that

"Its like blaming a woman for dressing too nice and bringing out the rapists."

It's like blaming a child for being a child and bringing out the pedophiles.

In my opinion, this movie doesn't bring out pedophiles any more than Slumdog Millionaire would have. Name a movie with a cute kid in it, and i am sure there were pedophiles swamping the place. (ugh... everyone thinks that these movies TURN people into pedophiles. Pedos gonna be pedos, no matta what!)

Apr 20 - 03:36 PM


Cory B

Seriously, are you trying to convince me that Hit-Girl was using profanity to express sexual meaning? If you've actually watched the movie and put her dialogue in context, you know this is not the case.

Sure, the original meanings of the c-word and the f-word are sexually explicit, but they have evolved over time to have many potential different meanings depending on how they are used. It's the same with various gay slurs. These words are now often just schoolyard taunts. Look at the same Youtube comment sections you cite, and you'll find hundreds of people posting things like "GAY!" under a video. I'd guess that at least 90% of them aren't trying to convey that word's original meaning. (The actual number is probably even higher.)

If I ever have an 11 year old daughter I wouldn't allow her to say the things Hit-Girl says. However, to jump on a friggin' movie for portraying it is missing the real problem. The problem isn't a movie; the problem is parents. I grew up on The Three Stooges, but I never ran a saw across a bald guy's head. Wonder why that might be? It's because I had parents who actually took the time to teach me what was right and what was wrong.

Apr 21 - 12:11 AM


navaneetharan kamaraj

nobody is using f&ck nd c&nt to try to be sexual nowadays...they are just swear wordsand people use it all the time though they dont mean it...

Apr 23 - 06:56 AM

Rene D.

Rene De La Cruz

The filmmakers aren't nudging anyone into anything. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THAT'S WHAT KIDS SOUND LIKE THESE DAYS. And as far as the violence goes, at that age all I wanted to do was fight crime. At least they aren't being portrayed in a more real sense like they did in KIDS (1995).

Apr 20 - 09:13 AM


First Last

Shes a 13 year old girl. Shes probably already giving blowjobs to boys behind school. Shes acting, who gives a ****?

Apr 20 - 12:05 PM

Michael H.

Michael House

did you all know that in Germany, you are the strange one if you are 13 and still a virgin?!?

think about it, we americans are so against sexuality, when europeans are so against violence. It's like it flip-flopped

I saw a guy come out of a shop with a brown bagged DVD box shaped object, and i immediately thought "porn". But to my surprise, he peeked into it and it was counter strike.

Apr 20 - 03:39 PM


Doug St.John

In Germany your also strange unles you use your partner as a toilet.

13 year olds haveing sex is wrong
11 year olds killing bad guys in creative ways is AWESOME

My moral code may not be the best...but its mine

Apr 20 - 04:35 PM

Michael H.

Michael House

haha, just pointing it out. But i agree, i wouldn't be wantin' 13 year olds to be havin sexz. But it happens, that's the world.

When the violence isn't like the Saw torture-porn that so many people are in love with these days, i am fine with it. I don't hate the saw movies, but i just don't respect them for what they do.

Apr 20 - 04:49 PM


Doug St.John

Uggg I love horror movies but Saw and Hostle are just BAD
If I say there is too much gore you KNOW its bad

Apr 20 - 06:37 PM

kent c.

kent carattini

yea true i new a lot of girls back in the day, even for can of coke they do it lol

Aug 15 - 02:38 PM


john jones

this movie doesnt know how to demograph itself wich is its flaw. many are critizing saying well its made for R rated audiences but it features teens and is made to target 17-24 year olds obviously just like watchmen was.

so you guys want superheros to be chronic teen pathetic monkeyspankers?

kickass's problem is it has nothing to say, kickass doesnt have any growth as a person. if your inept and repressed, fighting crime isnt something you need to go and do, growing as a person is.

the main thing your all missing is that this is suppose to be a comedy (obviously unless you wanna tell me red mist hockeypuk mask is the coolest thing youve ever seen). kickass doesnt know whether to be a comedy superhero parody film or a superhero movie or an action film and winds up being neither of the three.

hitgirl gets way too much screentime, this is badly paced, thier should have been bonding and nurturing with nic cage and kickass rather than treating him like he's inept, kickass has no alter ego. when an 11 year old girl is the star of a superhero show, thats bad writing.

voilence in comics (parker, robin, teen titans etc) with teens has been done before, and done better (the professional is realms above this).

stop smoking pot gang, clue in and get in touch with your humanity. this is a product movie and nothing more, stop trying to overglamourise it.

Apr 20 - 07:49 PM

Shawn K.

Shawn Knowles

Now here is a decent "bad review" (take notes Prism), but after just coming back from the theater, I felt that it wasn't trying to be anything more than the comic. I would place into a new genre, in my opinion, which is the "Real World Hero" genre. I feel that most comic films that were initially coming out with the new CGI (Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Superman, etc) bumped up this unrelatable genre by giving more depth and vulnerability to the superheroes (and supervillains). This seems like another path that takes a different approach. Instead of taking these superheroes and making them vulnerable, instead they take vulnerable people and make them into superheroes (as it would be in real life). The characters seemed to have "flaws" that led them to the superhero business (such as Big Daddy's frame, or Kick-Ass' many juvenile and naive traits, Red Mist's urge to get into the family business, and Hit-Girl's childhood upbringing). Having said that, I believe that more and more movies are blending the lines of genres. I felt that KickAss was no exception, I laughed at lots of moments, but also enjoyed the action and fight sequences that did not have bad guys shooting a ton of bullets just to constantly miss.

I felt that there was growth with Kick-Ass' mentality, and I felt that there was break-through moments during his narration where he sees that he was naive.

I will agree that this movie is no more than enjoying quality entertainment. There is nothing that makes you sit back and think nor anything that makes you question our society, which is exactly what movies started out as; a way to transport you to all the what-if worlds and situations.

As for hitgirl, she was my favorite character for other reasons than her fighting, so I enjoyed that she had the screen for a decent amount. Kick-Ass was also enjoyable, but the drive, intensity, and expertise of Hitgirl surpassed KickAss in my opinion.

PI Guy

Apr 20 - 08:59 PM

Nicholas I.

Nicholas Inzalaco

I would rather teach my daughter to be a killer, than let her be raised by the television, stuff her face full of cheeseburger, and let her get pregnant by the age of 16 to a guy who doesn't care about her. Like you know, the outcome for so many REAL young women these days. I think you may have missed the social comment in your moral outrage haze. Girls can kick-ass too, and they don't have to be dainty flowers that follow men.

Apr 21 - 06:28 AM


Doug St.John

Peter Parker was a 'chronic teen pathetic monkeyspankers' so what?

And "An 11 year old girl cant be the star of a superhero show"???? So do you have a problem with females or children...or both? Clearly an 11 year old girl can be the star of the show cause she is and she is AWESOME

And I agree with you nicholas 100 percent

Apr 21 - 07:12 AM


Patrick O'Loughlin

To compare this film to porn in any way is just *****ing ridiculous beyond belief

Apr 21 - 08:28 AM

John Arthur Beaman

john b

I could only make it through half of Lois's nonsense. He only mananged one paragraph before sounding stupid. I expect people in the lower twenty percent to sound stupid, so I gave her that. But his ranting about pedophilia in the middle was enough to make me gag. Who is Lois "kidding". I'm sorry if he felt aroused. I really am. But if that's the case, she needs to do something about it before "dreaming about it just isn't anough."

Apr 21 - 05:43 PM

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