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Bad Biology Reviews

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_kelly .

Super Reviewer

September 11, 2010
Laughably bad production and acting but the concept is delightfully absurd and campy. Fun to watch, with some memorable moments. Some of my Flixster friends may be surprised that I don't have this on my "That's Fucked Up" list, but when it's more comedy than darkness like this one, it's no longer fucked up and just pure cartoonish parody of such situations.

Super Reviewer

July 21, 2009
I am a fan of most of Henenlotter's films (my favorite being Basket Case) but this is crap even on his level. There's a few brief glimmers of Henenlotter's trademark insanity otherwise this is bottom of the barrel rubbish. Ugh.
Luke B

Super Reviewer

April 21, 2009
It isn't often I watch a film and think to myself "What the fuck am I doing?". Bad Biology is grotesque and disgusting, but worst of all immature and amateurish. I'm all for pushing the boundaries, but this film is basically a porno with (presumably) simulated sex. It starts off good. A decent enough lead actress introducing us to a warped world. She addresses the camera and has a mutant baby and it's fine to accept this as a cheesy shock for shock sake film. Then all the other actor's come in. It's like being awoken from a dream, their shoddy and forced performances destroying the twisted illusion. Suddenly nothing makes sense and it just gets worse.
Patrick D

Super Reviewer

April 16, 2009
If you've seen some Frank Hennenlotter films, you should not be surprised, it's just an evolution (or should I say de-evolution) of themes he's established in the Basket Cases and Brain Damage. But still: What the fuck?!
December 12, 2012
Other than an extended segment toward the end and some decent rap music this was very disappointing after experiencing the coolness of Basket Case.
June 10, 2010
My first experience with Henenlotter is not for the faint of heart, but has some truly ridiculous and amusing moments as it tries to push the limits of bad taste that the viewer is willing to sit through.

Worth a look, but be advised, it's got mutated genitalia, so proceed with caution.
April 1, 2010
Disturbing, disgusting, and dull. This was one ignorant movie, which makes me ignorant for watching this.
January 22, 2010
Rap music, insane sex scenes, evil dicks.... This reminds me of a Cronenberg movie but still has the Henenlotter flare from movies like Brain Damage and Basketcase. I loved it.
January 22, 2010
Henenlotter takes a drastic turn from his body of work with this. It looks, feels and sounds like something not by him. I surely do miss Henenlotter's old colorful cinematography and his usual display of fantastic practical effects are a bit sloppy this time considering Gabe Vartalos is once again involved but still it's nice to see him do something different...and also make a sorta comeback.
December 8, 2009
Intriguing concept, deep metaphors, shocking imagery, but is it a watchable movie?

Story: The story follows Charlee Danielson (that's the allegedly actress' name, not the character's name, fyi) and Anthony Sneed, a guy and girl who are sexually enhanced at the biological level. The story follows their attempts to fit into society with their physical problems and their search for sexually compatible partners that don't die immediately after the experience.

I have to give Henelotter, who wrote and directed this movie, props for coming up with an intriguing story. The statements made through this movie about how sex is treated in society are fairly valid, and the humor is extremely morbid and over the top. This movie is in a similar vein to Teeth, but goes much, much further, which is also its dividing point. I know many people who couldn't sit through Teeth, and they don't have a chance with this movie. B

Acting: The acting isn't bad, as I've certainly seen much, much worse in the B-horror scene. It should be noted that this movie employs several porn actors and actresses, probably because of the sheer quantity of sex in this movie, and none of it is implied: We see everything. But, the two main players get the job done well. Props to both. B

Direction: I understand that Frank Henenlotter has a very close following and that his movies are typically strange, but this is the first movie of his that I've seen. I spent of the movie laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of what I was seeing, and I hope that's what I was supposed to be doing. If so, then he accomplished his job. Additionally, the movie made me feel damn uncomfortable watching it, and I would never, ever watch this with my mother. Again, he was probably going for shock value, and I can't fault him for that, but I do think it will be too much for most mainstream movie fans and probably even most casual horror fans. C

Visuals: I've seen pornographic movies with just about the same quantity of sex and nudity as can be found in this movie. There are nude males and nude females. And, [SPOILER ALERT] there's also a giant monster penis in this movie. It's stop animated. We get to see lots of it. Close ups, wide shots, point of view shots, all different views of of the giant penis monster. If you're not okay with that, then you shouldn't watch this movie. If you're okay with it or intrigued by it, then this movie is for you. [SPOILERS OVER, YOU MAY OPEN YOUR EYES]


Overall: Based on the grades I'm giving each segment of this movie, you'd probably think that I liked it, right? Well, not really. It did what it set out to do, and I commend it for that. The sheer audacity of making a movie like this has earned this writer/director my respect, and even though I like the idea of this movie, when viewed. . . it's not what I'd really call enjoyable experience. I definitely like the concept better than the viewable product. So, should you watch it? Maybe. I saw it once. I doubt I'll ever watch it again. If you're at that weird cross section of wanting to see sexual liberation in movies, deep metaphors in movies, and lots and lots of gross out disgusting things in movies, then see it. If the concept intrigues you but you're concerned about how it plays out, I'd say watch it if you can find it for less than three dollars, or if they happened to be playing it at the horror movie convention that you're at, like I was when I saw it. C

Tacmovies: We're not failed film students who bitterly criticize successful movies... really... sniffle... so, um... yeah, ahem: Follow our reviews on blogspot, myspace, flixter, amazon, imdb, yahoo movies, and youtube.
Shane D

Super Reviewer

March 20, 2009
"I was born with seven clits."
If that opening line doesn't hook you then I don't know what else to tell ya. The king of sleazey horror has returned with a sweet tale of a woman born with a slight, sexual paculiarity, and the monstorous man-thing she loves. It's offensive, it's perverted, and it's fantastic. Welcome back Mr. Henenlotter (it took you long enough).
February 19, 2014
100% on the Tomatometer? Really? I used to take the ratings on this site seriously, until now. This is an atrocious and outrageous insult.
October 28, 2013
This film is totally sick! Love it! Only brainless spectators can't understand the genius behind this nonsense, sex packed circus!
August 28, 2013
Well...uh...hmm. This movie was certainly something else. Henenlotter has made some of the best horror comedies ever, so I thought I knew what to expect. But this...this was way over the top and downright disgusting. I really enjoyed it, but I did not feel like it was on par with his earlier movies. In my opinion, Brain Damage and Frankenhooker were masterpieces. This one is my least favorite of his movies, right below Basketcase 3. I am in no way saying I did not like it, though. It definitely delivered on the gross out and disturbing (and!!!). I have a theory about this movie. I think it's a prequel to the Basketcase movies. Spoilers might start here, so beware. The babies that Jennifer has are clearly deformed, same as the mutants in the Basketcase movies. So...maybe I'm reaching, but that's what I believe :)
September 13, 2009
The plot consists of a murderous penis and a woman with an unnatural obsession with sex. This tongue-in-cheek film isn't ever good or bad enough to be an effective B movie.
March 11, 2013
Perfectly hilarious...., A content mixture of Adult, Weirdness, and Fun..., had a good laugh at this movie
November 6, 2012
Jennifer goes through life from one sexual encounter to another, but having a mutated bodily part does make finding love difficult. But when she discovers a young man named Batz, who has a similar problem, she thinks she can finally be happy.

Directed by the same twisted genius that created the 'Basket Case' trilogy, 'Brain Damage' and 'Frankenhooker', this is Frank Henlotter's first movie in over 15 years, and it is nice to see that he has not lost his flare for the bizarre and grotesque. This love story defies a full explanation, and the only way to do it justice is to actually see it. The cast all seem to get into the spirit of things, and one wonders if they actually knew what they were letting themselves in for when they signed up for the project. The special effects only really come into their own towards the end of the movie, and as there is no cgi to be seen, everything has an oddly retro look that fits the tone of the movie perfectly. Compared to his earlier works, 'Bad Biology' is not as raw, and is a little slow to get going, but it rapidly loses it's sanity as things progress. This is definitely not a movie for everyone to watch, but if you have seen any of Frank's previous movies, you will definitely know what kind of thing you are letting yourself in for.
October 23, 2012
This is one of the weirdest and unusual films I have ever watched and I loved it lmao. The story is so bizarre, but it still managed to make sense in a sci fi way if that makes any sense. So many hilarious and crazy moments as well just causing you to say wtf.
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