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For all its noise and distractions and CG decal, this Wonderland is a zone void of imagination; it proves how relatively mind-blowing Avatar's Pandora actually was.

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Mirna G.

m G

what is so mind-blowing about Pandora? At least Alice's wonderland was more original. Pandora was a copy of earth. Underland was strange and twisted, and this only comes out of great imagination.

Jun 7 - 05:22 AM


Colin Wulff

Though I don't disagree with the brunt of what your review had to say, I think the compliment to Avatar's Pandora is misplaced. The visual representation of "Underland" I thought was much more engaging and interesting than that of Pandora, which basically just took marine life and hybridized it with pre-existing land life to make it passably terrestrial. For everything else it just slapped on a third pair of legs as it's tricky way of concealing the zebras and panthers and whatever else have you. As for the surrounding environment, it was just a regular jungle but with jumbo plants made bioluminescent. All the living things in Pandora were simply things that already existed, tweaked with a glow or some hastily added appendages.

I saw Avatar in 3D IMAX and Alice on a small screen on DVD, and was still more impressed with the variety of colors, and the architectural detail in the castles, and the multitudinous landscapes each lit differently. I think you are right in that the rest of the film was mediocre, but I think that if you are going to compare the creativity of the visual worlds, you should reexamine your assessment. Alice did a good job of converting the old characters to a 3D format and created a truly eclectic and vibrant fantasy world. Pandora was a fairly recognizable world, but spray-painted and mutated slightly. And it stuck to the same environment throughout.

Also, Alice in Wonderland though not totally innocent of attempting motifs without real depth or follow-through, was anyway a good deal less pretentious than Avatar with regards to its other aspects as a film. The bizarre quirkiness throughout made me feel like it was a little more excusable that the moralistic and emotional themes didn't quite play out. But Avatar had no excuse to fall so short in those categories after the way it paraded its oh-so-poignant messages, which ended up making even people who have no issue with things like environmentalism feel uncomfortable, or poorly spoken for.

Sorry, I know I was a bit long-winded on that. Otherwise I felt like your review was pretty spot-on.

Jun 23 - 11:39 PM


Nicholas Erwin

i hate reviews like this. comparing movies with each other. it makes absolutely no sense. it's almost like me thinking "Ok, i'm going to sit down and watch Alice in Wonderland and i hope it's exactly like Beetlejuice." it's a stupid review that has no point.

Jul 26 - 02:28 PM


Jevon Williams

I agree. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland seemed very over-done and simplistic in design in comparison to even the original Disney cartoon. The reason the comparison to Avatar is being made is because both films portray a 3D alternate reality and both films also were released months apart from each other. I don't understand the hate Avatar has received. It seems to be the new trend to hate on movies that are critically acclaimed and popular. Avatar's 3D world was much more mesmerizing in my eyes.

Jul 28 - 02:44 PM

Paulo H.

Paulo Henrique

even remotely comes close to classic cheeky original Tim Burton film that represents merely with their images because the spirit must have died with Carroll

Mar 14 - 06:06 AM

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