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½ June 9, 2006
Broken down, washed up alcoholic police detective Jack Mosley is given the mundane task of escorting a witness 16 blocks from the precinct to the courthouse, and is given about 118 minutes to complete the job. Things don't go as planned, and prove far from easy however, as a legion of crooked cops want the witness dead, and will not stop until that happens.

Essentially this is just a contemporary update of the Eastwood film The Gauntlet, and, despite it being rather generic, formulaic, and predictable, I still enjoyed it, had a good time, and found enough stuff to like to give it a recommendation. I'm giving it an extra half star (basically a barely made it B-) because I dug the character interactions, and appreciated that this wasn't entirely an over-the-top action fest.

Willis is pretty decent as basically an older, more human, more vulnerable, less wisecrackin' John McClane and he conveys the feelings of regret, depression, and being burnt out very well. As the witness Eddie Bunker (named after real life criminal turned actor Edward Bunker) Mos Def is a mumbling motormouth, and he seriously spends almost all of his screentime talking nonstop, and, despite being rather annoying, he didn't come off as grating like the types of characters Chris Tucker plays, and he is also somewhat likeable. David Morse is less developed and fleshed out in his role as Mosley's former partner/the chief antagonist, but he does okay.

The movie is lacking a super strong plot (as far as the specifics and motivations go), but the performances and character interactions are good, the action is fine, and it's never boring. Give it a watch, like as a rainy day boredom sort of thing.
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October 3, 2006
A not-bad but not-good thriller somewhat spoiled by they ultra-annoying Mos Def. Who thought it was a good idea for him to spend the entire movie trying to do an Eric Cartman impression?
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January 29, 2010
I think this movie has been overlooked. Nobody talks about it, when they should be, because for whatever purpose this movie has going for it, it makes it's mark with flying colours!
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January 18, 2010
Decent thriller, Mos Def struggles as a mentally challenged witness. I would write more but I don't care and I need to take a dump.
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½ January 6, 2009
This is one of Bruce Willis' finest films yet. He plays a tired old cop who is handed the menial task of driving Mos Def, a criminal, who has to testify in court. Little does he know, he winds up running into very much trouble. Although one might think that this movie cannot be suspenseful because it takes place within the radius of 16 blocks, many twists and turns occur which make it very interesting.

Mos Def also delivers an outstanding performance through the use of his accent and his hilarious anecdotes throughout the movie. He adds a lot of depth to his character and to the movie as a whole. Thus, the audience is able to sympathize with him. Overall, this movie was excellent and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great fast paced thriller
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½ September 16, 2008
Jack Mosley: [tape recording] "This is Detective Jack Mosley, Shield number 227. I guess this will be my last will and testament. This is for Diane. Now, they're gonna come talk to you and they're gonna tell you things. But what they tell you isn't really what happen. So Diane, I think you should know what really happened. I was trying to do a good thing."

All he wanted to do was go home and get a drink.

But at 8:02 a.m., hungover NYPD detective Jack Mosley (Bruce Willis) is assigned a seemingly simple task. Petty criminal Eddie Bunker (Mos Def) is set to testify before a grand jury at 10:00 a.m. and needs to be taken from lock-up to the courthouse, 16 blocks away. It should take Jack 15 minutes to drop him off at the courthouse and get home.

But when assassins try to take Eddie out, Jack realizes there's more to this assignment than he'd anticipated and he calls for backup. Homicide detective Frank Nugent (David Morse) and his team are first to arrive at the scene. Eddie suddenly goes pale. One of the detectives on Nugent's team is the man he is supposed to testify against. In an instant, Jack's quick trip downtown turns into the nightmare of a lifetime: the criminals that want Eddie dead are actually cops.

16 Blocks is right up Richard Donner's alley, the helmer of the Lethal Weapon franchise so its no surprise that he nailed this film from the get-go. This time however, there's no buddy cops and psychopathic albino jack rabbits involved, its only a man and his prisoner against a hundred renegade NYPD cops. The man, Jack Mosely is portrayed by Bruce Willis, the everyman hero who is assigned a seemingly easy task that turns awry in a quick second, it is no doubt that Bruce has mastered the role of being a cop well with the success of the Die Hard saga and a couple of stand alone cop roles in some other films. The only thing that's different from his other cop roles is that he's not bald. Bald or not bald, he still kicks ass.

The prisoner, Eddie Bunker is portrayed by Mos Def, a surprising turn from the rapper but effective nonetheless. The plot is an amazing thrill ride with the perfect combination of action and suspense and a couple of mild comedy here and there. It is a tense ride from start to finish and you will not be disappointed.
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½ June 24, 2006
It's a pulse-pounding non-stop thrill-ride. A tremdendously entertining action-packed thriller. It packs suspense and excitment into one leathal dosage. Bruce Willis gives a great and sensational performance. Mos Def is teriffic. David Morse is brilliant. They definately have a chance to shed some light on their characters. An unstoppably tension-filled, fast-paced and excellently executed thriller. It's 24 meets The Gauntlet. A total knockout. An unforgettable adreniline-fulled chase. A unique, smart and slick action film thats complex, tense, thrilling, character-driven and exhilerating.
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April 8, 2007
Everything about this oozed with mediocracy. And while Bruce Willis gave the impression of playing a toned down and tired version of John McClane, Mos Def sure took the prize for one of the most annoying characters to ever hit the screen. His acting wasn't really bad or anything, he just talked in a way that was very hard on the ears. All in all it was an okay movie though, with enough action and gunfire to keep you somewhat awake.
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June 13, 2006
This action thriller starts out from a rather interesting premise, a cop having to take a witness through town against his own colleagues, but doesn't quite make as much from it as it could. The acting is fine and everything is well put together, there were no newbies working on this after all, and the movie is always entertaining, a few times even exciting. But somehow I just expected a little...more, and I fear this could be one of the movies you forget already the day after.
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February 17, 2007
Willis sleepwalks through a generic but immensely captivating action thriller. It works with Willis being less Hero and more Beer-o as an alcoholic cop who suddenly decides to prove he's worth something. Great to see David Morse who is quite simply one of the most underrated actors out there. Mos Def is also quite the acting talent though is pretty much dragged round this film. Don't expect anything new, just a second hand football good for one kick about before it deflates.
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½ May 10, 2007
An enjoyable watch of a forming relationship between Bruce Willis's character and Mos Def's, trapped in the middle of a corrup police court case. A good performance from Mos Def in this film.
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½ March 12, 2008
The Flixster blurb says it best -- "It's the story of how two men change each other during a tense 110-minute struggle between life and death." I am a fan of such "change" movies. In this movie, they even have a cake at the end that lists people that do change - including Jack and Eddie.

Don't you hate that we are getting older? Bruce Willis is meant to look like he is on the cusp of retirement, but he looks old!
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½ March 26, 2007
I love Bruce Willis! A fun little action movie.
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November 2, 2007
Another great movie from Willis about repentance in just about 16 blocks!
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½ April 23, 2007
A relatively simple and engaging actioner.
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½ September 10, 2007
really really good film if u enjoy shotting and action films
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½ July 4, 2007
A pretty good action/thriller if a little short. Bit hard to make out what Mos Def is saying at times though.
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½ March 12, 2007
Better than expected.
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½ January 18, 2007
i really enjoyed it, mos def was great in this flick
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March 29, 2006
Like fingernails on a chalkboard. Mos Def, please go with the music career. David Morse, it's spelled r-e-t-i-r-e.
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